Upcoming Calls – July 2020

Two new episodes of Sometimes Record to be recorded over the next week.

Sometimes Record #30 with Lawrence Wright on Friday (Euro / Asia time)

Sometimes Record #31 with Martin Liedtke on Wednesday (Euro / Asia time)

#30 with Lawrence Wright

After his appearance on Sometimes Record #26 we have much, much more to discuss.

#31 with Martin Liedtke

After some scheduling issues last time, we’ve finally rebooked the man behind Flat Earth British.

But I don’t plan to spend too much time talking about FE; instead I’m hoping we can talk about Mud Flood.

Martin has built up a sizeable audience with his regular livestreams on topics like the Mud Flood and Tartaria.

Here is his youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClZhAJlC-oUFtsI6X1nUOiA/videos

Here is his Twitter: https://twitter.com/martinliedtke

You are welcome to join

You can come along and partake in the call, or just listen live.

If you are not yet on the JLB Discord and want to join, just send me an email and I’ll hook you up with an invite.

I should be able to get the Lawrence call edited and uploaded same-day i.e. tomorrow.

I’ll then stagger the releases of the other two calls so that each is given its rightful time in the spotlight at the top of the website.

This will take us through to Sometimes Record #33 which I’m expecting to be an extravaganza later this month.

Exciting times here at johnlebon.com ūüôā

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