Two Special Calls This Weekend

Quick note about some Member Calls this weekend.

Call 1 — Markus Allen Returns AGAIN!

The great man himself is back and he wants to pick up where we left off on our most recent Call.

Can’t make it? Leave your comments here and I will do my best to ask them, one by one, to Markus during the Call.

If you can make it to the Call, you are most welcome to join in, either as a panelist on the call, or in the live chat on discord.

EDIT: We will try to get Discord to work, but if Markus has the same problems as last time, we’ll be using skype.

You’ll still be welcome to join us, just as fuhng did last time. You’ll need a skype account, though.

Call 2 – Waking Life


If you can’t make it to the above time, I’m also happy to set aside either of the following:

Option 1

Hanoi: 9am Sunday morning
Melbourne: 1pm Sunday afternoon
New York: 9pm Saturday night
London: 2am Sunday morning

Option 2

Hanoi: 9am Monday morning
Melbourne: 1pm Monday afternoon
New York: 9pm Sunday night
London: 2am Monday morning

If you are joining the Call, suggest a scene for analysis

So far, TNG has indicated he will be on the Call, and recommended the following two scenes:

Bridge Scene

Ukelele scene

The plan is to focus on and discuss 4-6 scenes, which should be plenty for a two-hour Call.

If you haven’t scene Waking Life before, do yourself a favour and check it out.

There’s a reason I have the boat captain front and square in the banner.

What I didn’t know when I made that banner, back in 2016, was that the boat is a 42424 boat.

Nor did I have any idea why that might be important…

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3 thoughts on “Two Special Calls This Weekend

  • 21-December-2019 at 10:16 am

    i’d like to select from the questions i’d hustled together prior to the last call, which hopefully can get a few of the allocated minutes on Round 3, but the article is no longer visible on front or back end.

    *i looked for it in the article section, and they are indeed listed, but not linked. if the latest article(s) could hyperlink, that’d be a easier to retrieve than the search function:

    if the intent of the call is to pick up where it left off, i assume it’ll be focused on methods for attracting attention. the combination + overlap of advertising and marketing to acquire new opportunities to achieve certain outcomes is definitely interesting to me, despite personally being incognito for the most part (outside of this website). and i know obscurity is not a good strategy for increasing income, especially in today’s world.

    but with a sweet tooth for conspiracy candy, i come to the well here thirsty for sugar water, more so than commercial content. and Markus being a giant Swedish fish in this small little pond of hokum, it’d be great if we could taste some treats that are exclusive to his confectionary shop… a shop whose hours of operation have thankfully opened up for the holidays, but have been and may be closed again (for one reason or another : )

    *when you do your research, is it first a hunch in your head? Or is it a snowball effect of pattern recognition / connection that makes these searches so fruitful. In essence, what is (or was) the process you go through when finding all those little golden nuggets of info? Could you reverse engineer an example of one of your past queries…where you discovered x or y? Is it just a matter of: ‘thought > google > source? ‘msm news article > check the sources > derive inference(s)?

    -do you use any ‘private/paid databases from your business? or perhaps know advanced ‘technical’ search tactics?

    i did try one day to get explanations from people on the Fak discord server as to why they didn’t like you (and jlb). With jlb, I can more easily see why some might get ‘turned off’ / triggered by his more confrontational / in your face style. or think ‘crazy’ takes like space is a hoax are ‘poisoning the well’ (a fetid well to begin with) … but there were flat out accusations of ‘disingenuous’ ‘shill’ ‘disinformation agent’ levied against you.

    So it’d be cool if you could identify and address some of the main issues you know people over there have, and just air out your counter position to their claims. Something about using multiple accounts and disguising it? Unreal even accused me of being you and then retracted when running my voice file through a software program. But still runs his mouth on everyone being a shill, likely down to his local laundromat. or maybe it’s just a matter of the J question? as per Neg’s recent comment?

    -has any of JLB’s work / inferences influenced you in any way?

    -do you have any q & a for JLB? Not necessarily in an interrogative fashion, but things you haven’t yet asked him offline? or perhaps you have discussed things offline that – assuming permission – would be worthy of public disclosure?

    -Any new nuggets to look at or even think about since your last chat here?

    -any new hoaxes / deceptions you suspect that aren’t inside the common boundaries of conspiracy culture? can be ‘baby’ or ‘daddy’ in scope.

    -do you have any metaphysical beliefs? suspicions of who or what seeded this truman show? And for what purpose? Do TPWRTS have motives beyond moving a bunch of physical matter around and playing tricks on the population to sate and stabilize them? how do you suppose they rose to power? were they always just ‘kings of the jungle’, not unlike lions, if this whole show just turned on a few hundred years ago? (i’m not saying it did, but just following what seems like a loose jlb framework for human history and the power hierarchy driving the hoaxes)

    i’d definitely like (both of you) to expand upon and / or deconstruct the ‘demolition and relocation’ component to the war hoax.

    for example, one line of thought regarding the history hoax is that everything popped into existence a few hundred years ago. was certain infrastructure in place that TPWRTS decided was inefficient to best operate earth realm? and there was no other way to persuade humans to vacate an area than to scare everyone with foreign enemies?

    i’ve been staying in a very poorly planned city. water, sewage, transportation….substandard for an otherwise promising area. so hypothetically in the future, using the logic above, and assuming it was important enough, you think they’d stage a conflict so as to fix the infrastructure problems? or to get the inhabitants to migrate because another area needs the influx of humans?

    or perhaps there wasn’t anything in the beginning, but they screwed up on the first go around(s), and wars are staged to fix the problems. i know you don’t have answers but if there is an interest in chronology of players in this act scene, perhaps some color could be explored on the chronology of the show, if only suspicions / hunches.

    tangential, at a local level, governments use eminent domain and eventually boot people out of their homes in order to run a highway through a town or something. why all the ‘blood sweat and tears’ if they already have massive construction projects underway and can build without arming everyone with machine guns and scaring the proles with impending battles.

    it’s one thing to fall off a building. for example, this was a real construction based tragedy:

    but there was no need to lie about the work. he probably could’ve taken better precautions, but he wasn’t duped into a war.

    the story of what happened below may or may not be actual, but this was a real person who is no longer around, huge ceremony in the hometown, parents still live there, etc…

    if just a construction job, why not just go over there and bang nails? and if you die in a jeep accident transporting plywood, so be it.

    we all go someday, someway.

    that’s the general thrust of my question. because i don’t think there’s enough evidence to show that the masses need war and their 2 minutes of hate to maintain societal stability…hence the war hoax.

    seems a tad specious to me.

  • 22-December-2019 at 9:52 am

    Might I suggest that we go through the scenes in the order they appear in the film? The scenes tend to get weirder, esoteric, and more obscure as the film progresses.

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