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The Coronado

An actor shoots a colleague on set.

It makes world wide news for days on end.

Is there any benefit in attempting to work out why?

Post #111

The Coronado

Written and published: 25-Oct-2021

You’ve heard the news.

Alec Baldwin accidentally shot and killed the cinematographer on his latest, low-budget film.

[The film set of ‘Rust’ in New Mexico]

The story goes Alec was handed what he thought was a safe prop gun.

He went bang, she went down, and the next thing we know, it’s all over our monoliths.

I normally don’t care about these kinds of stories, but I saw a post on r/conspiracy which caught my eye.

In this brief piece I want to share a few connections I’ve noticed.

If nothing else, I hope this will be an entertaining read.

What I also want to do is touch once again on a question which I’m sure many of us have asked ourselves:

What do these connections mean? Am I (/we) looking too far into things?

I’ve got three hours before the cafe closes and I’m going to do my best to publish this before I walk home.

Otherwise it will be yet another unfinished draft, lost to time like tear drops in the rain.

So this will be a stream-of-consciousness type of post, rather than a structured, official Article.

The first thing which I noticed about this news story, before I even looked into it, was the prevalence of this image:

It doesn’t ‘mean’ or prove anything, but something about the ubiquity of this image seemed odd to me.

Let me know in the comments if you can relate to what I’m saying.

I’ve seen this image (or something very close to it) everywhere for the past few days.

Anyway, let’s get to the juicy bit.

The lady who supposedly died and / or got hurt was named Halyna Hutchins.

Ah yes, the old HH or 88, aye?

Proves absolutely nothing, of course. Some people do have the initials HH. It happens.

According to wikipedia, she grew up in Murmansk on a Soviet naval base.

In the 1984 Tom Clancy novel, ‘The Hunt for Red October’, the Soviet ship ‘Red October’ departs from Murmansk.

The book was then used as the basis for a 1990 film of the same name, starring Sean Connery.

Also in the cast was none other than Alec Baldwin.

Okay, so we now see our first major connections in this sync story:

Alec Baldwin shoots Halyna

Halyna is from a naval base in Murmansk

Murmansk is where the submarine Red October is from

Hunt for Red October stars Alec Baldwin

And there’s a few other obvious little connections there as well:

To ‘hunt’ can involve shooting; Baldwin ‘hunted’ Halyna (Red October).

The shooting occurred in the middle of October.

The film being shot is named ‘Rust’, evoking which colour in one’s mind?

The Hunt for Red October indeed. Halyna never stood a chance…

Now let’s look at the place where ‘Rust’ was being filmed.

A small ghost town now occasionally used as a film set, known as Bonanza City, near Sante Fe, New Mexico.

The wikipedia page for the town does not explicitly state which film was first shot there.

However it appears to be implied that the first film shot at Bonanza City was ‘The Man from Laramie’ (1955).

And I found a source which states explicitly that ‘The Man from Laramie’ was indeed the first film shot at Bonanza City:

Glenn Hughes, owner of the Bonanza Creek Movie Ranch just south of Santa Fe, remembers a visit by actor Jimmy Stewart for the 1955 filmThe Man From Laramie. That was the first film shot on Hughes’ 16,000-acre working ranch,long before his permanent set was built.

I don’t want to get sidetracked here, but 1955 might stand out for some of my more sync-obsessed amigos out there.

Getting back to ‘The Man from Laramie’, here is the plot as described by wikipedia:

Will Lockhart delivers supplies from Laramie to Coronado, an isolated western town.

Patriarch Alec Waggoman is haunted by dreams of a stranger who intends to kill his adult son, Dave.

He is also gradually losing his eyesight and cannot count on the immature and vicious Dave.

A few things stand out to me here.


Alec Waggoman.

Immature and vicious Dave.

The Corona-do part ought to speak for itself.

Ditto the patriarch Alec.

Now onto Dave.

According to the official story as of today, who handed Alec the gun which shot Halyna?

Here’s a screenshot of the wikipedia page:

The gun was given to Alec by Dave.

Dave — we can only infer — was, at best, immature to give Alec this gun and, at worst, vicious.

And Alec was foolish to trust Dave’s prop gun… perhaps Alec’s eyesight is getting bad.

Come on, man.

Go back and re-read that plotline for ‘The Man from Laramie’, and compare it with the official story of what happened on the set a few days ago.

You cannot make this shit up.

Now let’s consider the director of ‘Rust’, one Joel Souza.

His wikipedia page is pretty bare, as are his apparent directing credits.

Prior to ‘Rust’, his sole feature length credit is for a film named ‘Crown Vic’.

Crown Vic? Really?

The director of ‘Rust’ has one feature film to his name, released at the end of 2019, and it is named CROWN VIC?

We’re going ’round in circles here, Frank. There’s no way out.

You may recall that last year I became a little obsessed with the syncs surrounding my home city of Melbourne and muh coronas.

What we didn’t know then — although I could have guessed — is that by October of 2021, Melbourne would hold the record for the most locked down city in the world.

And let’s keep in mind: the term ‘corona’ can mean ‘crown’, according to the dictionary:

“a part of the body resembling or likened to a crown.”

Time prevents me from going over the myriad connections I made between Melbourne and muh coronas here, but the content I released at the time remains just as valid today as it was back then, if not more so.

Specifically, The Missing Sync (Part 5) from September 9, 2020.

Here’s just a few tidbits to help demonstrate the relevance here:

Melbourne is the largest and capital city of Victoria.

According to the history books, Melbourne was founded by John Batman

-> think ‘Some Guy Ate a Bat in China’

The city’s (and therefore Victoria’s) grand casino is named Crown.

Crown Casino was originally situated at the location of the Melbourne World Trade Centre.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I recommend you check out the Missing Sync (Part 5) when you get the chance.

One thing you’ll notice in that presentation is the number of connections I made between Melbourne’s casino and the Springfield casino in The Simpsons.

More on that in a moment.

Anyhow, let’s get back to ‘Crown Vic’ (2019), Souza’s only feature length film prior to ‘Rust’.

It does not appear to have made any box office money against its $3.6 million budget.

Let’s take a look at what the Roger Ebert website had to say about the film.

The following is literally the final passage in Roger Ebert dot com’s review:

“A policeman’s job is only easy in a police state,” Charlton Heston’s honest-cop character says in Orson Welles’ “Touch of Evil.” In the philosophy of this aspiring-to-fascist movie, a police state is not a bad idea. Come on. It’s a jungle out there! 

Hold on one second there, chief.

A ‘police state is not a bad idea’?

In a film released at the end of 2019.

With the name ‘Crown Vic’.

Directed by the same guy in charge of the now-infamous ‘Rust’?

In case it isn’t clear enough why this kind of thing fascinates me, befuddles me, amuses me, let’s consider the following images:

Until ther recent ‘Freedom Day’, Melburnians were not allowed to protest. At all.

If they tried, they would be met by old mates above (see this news story for more).

It is up to you, whether or not you view the banning of protest, with military-kitted coppers roaming the streets to arrest dissenters, as evidence of a ‘police state’.

Either way, you can see the connection being made here.

Let’s not forget that late 2019 is when muh coronas was supposedly released into the world:

Here’s what we know about the virus that was first detected in Wuhan, China, in late 2019 and has set off a global pandemic.

In late 2019, Souza released ‘Crown Vic’, which involved allusions to a police state.

And from early 2020 through to today, Melbourne Victoria, home of Crown, has devolved into what some may view as a police state.

‘Crown Vic’ was Souza’s only feature length film prior to ‘Rust’, which is what led me down this rabbit hole in the first place.

Are you ready for more?

In Missing Sync (Part 5) I consider the parallels between Springfield’s casino, and Melbourne’s Crown casino.

Springfield’s casino is built in Season 5, episode 10:

$pringfield (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalised Gambling)

The amount of syncs going on in that episode are through the roof; again, check out The Missing Sync (Part 5).

What I decided to do today was look into any possible connection between Alec Baldwin and The Simpsons.

It turns out he made a cameo appearance in Season 10, episode 5, ‘When You Dish Upon a Star’.

Read that again: Season 10, episode 5 — not to be confused with Season 5, episode 10 (Springfield casino).

In Baldwin’s appearance on The Simpsons, Homer befriends Baldwin after accidentally falling through his roof.

They later have a falling out, and Alec and his friends chase Homer down as he tries to escape in a van:


The joke here apparently being that Alec is afraid to do his own stunts, and surprised when he successfully performs one.

Although, even when he does indeed complete the stunt, it still ultimately fails, and he almost falls to his death.

Meanwhile, Alec’s failure to stop Homer leads Ron Howard to perform a stunt of his own, which ends in Ron’s apparent death.

Do you see what I see here?

Alec Baldwin’s failed stunt leads to somebody else’s apparent death.

In Season 10, episode 5 (not the corona sync-sational Season 5, episode 10).

Art imitating life? Or life imitating art?

Recall that in S5E10, the casino episode, Sigfried and Roy are attacked by their tigers.

That episode aired many years before Roy was supposedly attacked by his tigers ‘in real life’.

(This is also covered in The Missing Sync, Part 5)

Again, art imitating life, or life imitating life?

Where does one end and the other begin?

More on those questions in a moment.

A final thing I want to note here, as time is running out.

The Alec Baldwin appearance on the Simpsons, S10E5, aired on November 8, 1998.

‘Crown Vic’, Souza’s only feature film prior to ‘Rust’, premiered on November 8, 2019.

November 8 may be read as 8×11 or 88.

88 has long been an important number for sync-interested people like myself.

I wrote three pieces about ‘Paying for Truth’, all published on August 8, for the 88 connection.

8-8-2017: ‘Pay For Truth?

8-8-2018: ‘Pay For Truth: Revisited

8-8-2019: ‘Pay For Truth Revisited Again

The woman allegedly shot on the ‘Rust’ film set was named Halyna Hutchins, or 88.

I know that a lot of the sync stuff may be seen as ‘cherry-picking’, especially when it comes to the numbers.

But 88 has been significant to me, especially from a sync perspective, for as long as I’ve been exploring the topic.

Those ‘Pay for Truth’ pieces are worth checking out if you are new to the site, or still trying to get your head around sync.

They are also worth taking a look at if you’d like to see the progression of this site, and my thinking on the merits of the so-called ‘paywall’.

I never claimed to be selling truth.

I’m not even sure if I ever claimed to have the truth to sell in the first place.

What I do claim is that this site today is the best single place for sync discussion and analysis.

Perhaps in the comments section below, we’ll see more evidence of that.

I had a lot more I wanted to write today about sync and what it ‘means’, but time has gotten away from me.

It will have to wait for another day.

Huge thanks to all of you for your ongoing support of this site.

Without you, posts like the one you just read simply would not be written, at least not by me.

One final thing: Alec Baldwin was born on April 3, 1958.

April 3? My goodness gracious me.

See Monkey Synchronicity if April 3 presently means nothing to you.

In particular, the two videos embedded within:

What Does Coincidence Mean to You

9/11 in Sync: Introduction



It is early morning, a few hours after I published this piece.

Huge thanks for the lovely comments so far.

I decided to sit down and watch S10 E5 of The Simpsons, featuring special guest Alec Baldwin.

Here’s something I noticed:

You are invited to join us!

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Post #111. 2,000 words. Written and published 25-Oct-2021. Members only. Slight copy-editing on 27-Oct. Made available to public on 31-Oct-2021.

15 thoughts on “The Coronado

  • Apoc Shaker

    Excellent breakdown, JLB. The sync tapestry seems to be an infinite plane of its own. A couple things to add. First, Crown Vic was apparently criticized for its similarity to the film Training Day which was released in October of 2001. As you mentioned, Crown Vic with its police state theme was released in November of 2019. This was a month after the Event 201 simulation where a fake pandemic scenario was played out (with plenty of props) as a virtual global training exercise. Just thought that was interesting.

    Also, that shot of a crying Baldwin on the Rust set reminds me a lot of the ”What’s in the box?” scene at the end of the movie Seven. The Western sagebrush environment, the lighting, the tormented expression on Baldwin’s face all look very similar to me.

    Also, check out the headline of this article featuring that photo:

    Alec Baldwin spotted ‘in tears’ after ‘Rust’ movie set shooting leaves 1 dead, 1 wounded

    ‘In tears’ in quotes. You recently mentioned one of the top tunes on the coronavirus pandemic playlist. The Weeknd’s ”Save Your Tears” with its strange syncy music video that featured a gun…×321.png

    That turned out to be a prop.

    Now look at who weighed in on the incident. Baldwin’s niece Hailey.

    Who just happens to be married to none other than Justin ”The Weeknd” Bieber.

    IMO, Baldwin’s prop gun drama is symbolically expressing the same idea from the ”Save Your Tears” video. All these struggles and all this tragedy are just a grand performance on the darkened stage of life in this realm. In the end, it’s all just harmless props and the characters are all wearing costumes and makeup.

    Is the coronavirus pandemic the intense grand finale before the show is at last revealed? A ”What’s in the box?” scene where we’re forced to decide whether to rise to the occasion and leave the stage with a bow or dissolve into the set and celluloid with the rest of the supporting characters? Showdown in Coronado at high noon. Save your tears or become lost in time like tears in rain.

  • Humanvibration

    “Again, art imitating life, or life imitating life?”

    A reflection of the projection.

  • Mighty compelling syncs JLB,
    I also noticed that Halyna Hutchins was 42 years old
    And the armorer who gave out the gun was 24 years old: “Rookie armorer on Baldwin set said ‘best part’ of job proving ‘how safe’ guns are” lol

    “She switched course to being an armorer after she “tried it with Dad one time and realized I had a natural knack for it,” she said, calling it “a pretty sweet gig.””

    This whole event is very strange, why is Alec Baldwin even playing in a western? His voice just doesn’t suit the role and he never plays roles like that. Quite surreal and thus a lightening rod for syncs. The back to the future connection with that location and the 88s is astounding. What is this realm?

  • The thought that comes to my mind with this is a question, “What power is truly behind the bizarre connections?”
    Many times I have seen mention on this site and on the JLB Discord server the term,

    the COSMOS

    , but I see this as a get out of jail free replacement to some fictional entity as described in that not so crusty and ancient programming propaganda the “BABBLE”.

    So what is going on with the syncs in the media? I see memes, memes being proliferated then manifesting into reality. It is I think the only viable answer. Memes placed by monkey’s working directly or indirectly for TPWRTS and memes placed randomly by nobodies, yet all moving to coalesce if enough wind is given to the sails by the minds of man.

    Your sync work JLB gets ever stranger and more bamboozling as time goes by, but always the connections discovered are undeniably present and harder to put aside as some random reality indiscretion of no consequence.

    I have said many times your writing is my favourite part of the JLB experience, so thanks very much for yet another mind bending piece.

    • ¨I see memes, memes being proliferated then manifesting into reality.¨

      dare i try a neologism … Memergent Properties? : )

  • DarkMatterDigitalNetwork

    Directors birthday, 6/14, is trumps birthday, so Baldwin got a shoot somebody with His nemesis’s birthday. Also the hunter moon was October 20.

    Great breakdown. Like witnesses to a crime, you have to get all the facts down when it’s fresh in mind and before the peeps have time to cover it up.

  • I really enjoyed this piece JLB, great conspiratainment value.

  • Adiós Remez.

    “Perfect” = 73, 37, 116, 35 = (Total) 261.

    73 + 116 = 189. 37 + 35 = 72.

    “Connery” = 94, 40, 95, 32 = (Total) 261.

    94 + 95 = 189. 40 + 32 = 72.



    Stupid Flanders!

    Shot Halyna!!

  • Pray it doesn’t, hail.

    “Fleming” = 66, 39, 123, 33 = (Total) 261.

    66 + 123 = 189. 39 + 33 = 72.

    007 Author.

    Penicillin Discoverer.

    Sharpener of Pencils.

    “Baldwin” = 65, 29, 124, 43 = (Total) 261.

    65 + 124 = 189. 29 + 43 = 72.

    “Dr Seuss” = 105, 24, 84, 48 = (Total) 261.

    105 + 84 = 189. 24 + 48 = 72.

    “The Cat in the Hat” = 142, 61, 236, 74 = (Total) 513.

    142 + 236 = 378. 61 + 74 = 135.

    Baldwin played Lawrence Quinn, in the 2003 movie: “The Cat in the Hat”.

    (In 2021; the publishers of “The Cat in the Hat” stopped publication of this, and 5 other Dr Suess books.

    Stated Reason; offensive caricatures of Chinese, Eskimos and possibly Africans).

    “Halyna Hutchins” = 163, 64, 215, 71 = (Total) 513.

    163 + 215 = 378. 64 + 71 = 135.

    “Charles Dodgson” = 144, 63, 234, 72 = (Total) 513.

    144 + 234 = 378. 63 + 72 = 135.


    “Plovdiv” = 100, 37, 89, 35 = (Total) 261.

    100 + 89 = 189. 37 + 35 = 72.

    Perfect, one day.

    Halcyon, the next.

    • Apoc Shaker

      Very interesting. Looks like she also reported on that movie theater shooting in Corona, CA back in August. A popular TikTok star and his girlfriend were allegedly killed and the movie they were watching was The Forever Purge.

      That lady smiling during the half-hearted, off-tune rendition of “Amazing Grace“ was strange.

  • stephers

    The author (Adam Egypt Mortimer of the graphic novel, Ballistic (see a short video clip of the comic here, worked with Halyna Hutchins on his 2020 film, “ARCHENEMY” (

    In the 7-minute clip (linked above), note the flying cars with bat wings and the prominent mention of Pfizer. There is plenty to decode. The comic is about a futuristic talking gun that has been genetically engineered.

  • Why does Bender, from Futurama, drink beer?

    “Beer” = 30, 21, 78, 24 = 153

    30 + 78 = 108. 21 + 24 = 45

    108: A divine number.

    “Rust” = 78, 15, 30, 30 = (Total) = 153

    78 + 30 = 108. 15 + 30 = 45

    Without beer, Bender generates Rust around his mouth.

    Frustrating, huh.

    “Bender” = 48, 30, 114, 33 = 225

    48 + 114 = 162. 30 + 33 = 63

    Bender’s choice of beer is called: Lobrau.

    Lowbrow, huh.

    Lobrau” = 69, 24, 93, 39 = 225

    69 + 93 = 162. 24 + 39 = 63

    Bender & Lobrau are a natural fit.

    Lobrau Beer is promoted by Zapp Brannigan.

    “Zapp Brannigan” = 139, 67, 212, 68 = 486.

    139 + 212 = 351. 67 + 68 = 135

    Who promoted drinking Beer, during the Pandemic?

    “Get on the Beers!”

    The Victorian Premier; Daniel Andrews.

    “Daniel Andrews” = 129, 57, 222, 78 = 486

    129 + 222 = 351. (See my; Qwerty-coder comment for No: “351”). 57 + 78 = 135.

    In 2021, Daniel Andrews, sprained his Ankle, and I believed missed 111 days off work.

    “Sprained Ankle” = 129, 57, 222, 78.= 486

    Exact Match to “Daniel Andrews”!!

    In 2006; Daniel Andrews was promoted to the Ministry (State Politicians with Big Boy Pants).

    He became the Minister of Gaming.

    In 2006; their was, I believe, a one-off exhibition of Children’s Book author; Maurice Sendak.

    At 36 years old, I went and saw this exhibition.

    I believe it was in the Jewish suburb of Elsternwick.

    I believe Andrews and Sendak are/were both Jewish.

    Maurice Sendak wrote the children’s book: Where the Wild Things Are.

    “Maurice Sendak” = 124, 52, 227, 83 = 486.

    124 + 227 = 351. 52 + 83 = 135.

    Another famous children’s author is Dr Seuss.

    Aka: Theodor Geisel

    “Theodor Geisel” = 142, 70, 209, 65 = 486

    142 + 209 = 351. 70 + 65 = 135.

    Theodor Geisel wrote: The Cat in the Hat.

    The Cat in the Hat = 142, 61, 236, 74 = 513.

    (HALyna Hutchins = 163, 64, 215, 71 = 513).

    Smart Alec, Baldwin was the main antagonist in “The Cat in the Hat.”

    His character was called: Lawrence Quinn.

    “Lawrence Quinn” = 156, 66, 195, 69 = 486.

    156 + 195 = 351. 66 + 69 = 135.

    Would Milk be healthier, for Bender or Quinn?

    “Milk” = 45, 18, 63, 27 = 153

    45 + 63 = 108. 18 + 27 = 45.

    You tell me.

  • Bang, Bang!

    0ctobter 21; 2 Rust Shootings.

    There are 13 days difference, between the Russian Julian calendar, and the Gregorian calendar.

    The Russian church, still being, 13 days behind, the secular world.

    What if 0ctobter 21, was signalling, something else.

    Something, Red.

    Instead of going backwards, what if you go forward.

    And being liberal, you add 14 days, instead of 13 days.

    Then 0ctobter 21, becomes November 4.

    November 4 ; being the National Holiday in Russia,

    Unity Day.

    Which ended, in 1917.


    Think; Russian Revolution.

    Which started in November, 1917.

    But is referred to as the October Revolution.

    Again, old Russian calendar.

    Unity Day was reinstituted by the Russian Federation in 2005.

    The day is also the feast day of the Russian Orthodox icon of Our Lady of Kazan

    There is an actress called Zoe Kazan.

    Doesn’t Zoe, in Greek mean: LIFE.

    “In the Greek translation of the Bible, Eve became Zoe.”

    Zoe Kazan is hot!


    Zoe Kazan; was the adult daughter of Jake (Alec Baldwin), in the 2009 movie: ‘It’s Complicated.”

    I believe; after 10 being divorced,

    Jake (Alec Baldwin) with his new wife Agness, start researching Fertility Treatments.

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