‘Pay’ for the ‘Truth’?

In the film series Back to the Future, Doc’s DeLorean transports through time when it reaches 88 mph.


For this and other reasons, 8-August seemed like a good date to finally make a change to this site I had been considering for some time. In a recent video update I flagged the change that was to come: Honorary Membership would be changing to Part Membership. Those who had been enjoying access to Full Membership material, without financially supporting the site, would no longer have access behind the paywall. In this post I will briefly explain why I wanted to make this change, and discuss the broader topic of ‘paying for truth’.

Background Pt 1 – Brief Timeline

Circa 2013: I first learn that Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombings are a hoax.

Early 2014:
I start listening to podcasts like We’ll Do It Live, the Max Resistance Roundtable, and Kyle Hunt’s Solar Storm.
: I begin attending Meetups around Brisbane with the express intent of finding like-minded people to begin a podcast on this and similar topics.
October 2014: The ARP is launched with Ethan and Lindsay the Silverfox as my co-hosts. Shows broadcast live every Sunday for one year straight.

March 2015
: Sunday Sessions begins and we welcome dozens of people onto the show to discuss anything and everything ‘alternative’ each Sunday night.
June 2015: The Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable begins and runs for 12 consecutive episodes.
Late 2015: We wrap up all three weekly shows with a view to taking somewhat of a break to freshen up our minds and souls.

Early 2016
: I begin a full-time role at a new company and save money for long-awaited world travel (having not left Australia since 2010).
Mid-2016: I quit my full-time job and begin what turns into a 12-month, self-funded, itinerant-style ‘holiday’.
During this time I build this website and continue my independent research. Several live shows covering baby hoaxes go ‘semi viral’ and the YouTube channel grows.
Late 2016: Membership to this website is launched.

Early 2017
: The first attempt to reach Winton for the Dinoskeptic film is unsuccessful. A small group of supporters help fund second attempt.
April 2017: The second attempt to reach Winton is successful. Over two hours of material is released to Members while on the road.
May 2017: My first ever truly viral video proves a point I had been making for some time: there is no hope for these people. Conspiratards vs normies.
Mid-2017: I finally run out of money and go and get another job. An old boss has work for me and I go back to what I was doing years ago (basic admin work).

: I continue to work at a ‘real job’ two/three days per week and spend the rest of my time dedicated to genuine research and producing content.

Background Pt 2 – Honorary Memberships

There have been several different reasons why I have upgraded people to Honorary Membership over the past eight or nine months.

In one or two cases, people have signed up as Full Members and then sent me emails to express their dissatisfaction with what they found on this side of the paywall. I have then given them the option of a refund and/or temporary access without payment as a way of saying thanks for the feedback.

In one instance a gentleman was taking time to send through information about typos in my articles, almost like a voluntary copy editor; Honorary Membership was my way of saying thanks.

On more than one occasion I have offered Honorary Membership to individuals whose own work (on YouTube or elsewhere) I have appreciated over the journey.

‘Paying for truth’?

In 2013 a character named Markus Allen caused consternation in ‘media fakery’ circles (namely Hoaxbusters Call and Fakeologist) for his decision to implement a paywall on his site. You can listen to a fascinating exchange and discussion on the topic here. I highly recommend you take the time to listen to that call. It offers insights into a range of issues inherent to, and personalities involved in, this scene. In due season I will provide a deeper analysis of that call and the broader incident it encapsulated. It shall suffice for now to state that I am thankful for the insights Mr Allen has offered me both directly and indirectly, and I hope to one day record a show with him about his experiences in this scene.

It was in 2016 that I first listened to the aforementioned call, when I was still – to some extent – under the impression (or spell of hope) that the ‘truth community’ existed in the way I had initially been led to believe – or, at least, that some of the individuals associated with the scene had the same reasons for being here as I did. Shortly after listening to the call, I left a comment somewhere on fakeologist regarding it. Markus Allen contacted me directly and we corresponded for a brief period. He informed me that his own ‘pay for truth’ venture had not been as successful as he had initially hoped, and that he was no longer involved in producing any content whatsoever.

Again, a deeper analysis of all of this will be forthcoming. Suffice for now to say that when I first instituted the paywall I did not expect it to ever become a viable, primary source of ongoing income, and this remains my position to this day. In fact my main motivation for maintaining the paywall is not to make money but to keep the cretins out.

What effect does this have?

Take a look through the comments on some of my videos on YouTube. Only recently have I begun employing the ‘approve messages’ option. Prior to that, I would let almost every comment remain, as a way to let third parties see for themselves what kind of people are out there leaving comments. I say ‘leaving comments’ rather than ‘watching videos’ because many of them clearly leave their comments without actually watching the videos on which they are commenting.

The important point to note is that it is not merely the normies leaving stupid and negative comments. It is the ‘awake’ people too. Conspiratards and normies are two sides of the same coin. For a brief overview of my thesis, see this video.

Just last night I uploaded a video to my YouTube channel. It was inspired by a thread I saw earlier that day on /pol/concerning the blatant programming taking place via outlets like Time magazine and National Geographic. Somebody within that thread posted the following:


Upon seeing it my mind quickly turned to the song Everybody’s Happy Now by Aldous Huxley, whose work has been central to my own research and development over the past 12 months or so. Amazingly, there seems to only be one cover of the song currently available on YouTube:

As I had the night free, I had a decision to make: how to spend my time before bed? Would I watch one of the many films on my list of those to see and analyse? Would I make a Members Update for this site? No, the post and image in question had inspired me and so I decided I might as well put together a YouTube video. My production chronology was up to 1777 and this topic more than any other seemed worthy of that lucky number. So I spent several hours putting together the following:

A technical or contextual analysis of the piece is unnecessary to this post. What is important is the following:


I have seen well-known ‘truther’ channels reach 100 thumbs up before receiving a single thumbs down. I have seen countless videos on similar topics to my own reach hundreds of thumbs up without receiving 15 thumbs down. As usual, my own video received more thumbs down than up, and no comments from the dissenters as to why. Instead I received several nasty comments from people who I would be happy to bet would not utter such things to my face in person.

Of course, there is good reason to be critical of the video. For one thing, my singing in it is even poorer than usual – and my singing is poor at the best of times. Then there is the fact that in the video I suggest that stoner culture is as degenerate as alcohol abuse culture, which is a touchy subject for many people. The first of these points is technical, the second is to do with content, and many valid criticisms could be made about the video in either regard – but no such criticism is offered.

The reality is this: there are people subscribed to my YouTube channels who are there only to be negative. Not to be critical (and certainly not constructively critical) but to be negative. These people click on my uploads as soon as they appear in their subscription feeds, because they cannot wait for their next fix of Two Minutes of Hate. I am their Goldstein. It is no different to the brainwashed retards who, in a perverse way, enjoy having Trump as president, and enjoy listening to his speeches, because it gives them something to get angry about. Something to get passionate about. Something to vent at. Something to make them feel alive. Something to hate.

A few weeks ago I took the time edit (into smaller files) and reupload the Dustban episode concerning their departure from Fakeologist. I used their piece as an anchor for a post in which I asked the question: what effect does this have? It was intended to encourage you, the reader/listener, to ask yourself what effect your time in and around this online scene has had on you. It was my hope that some people would also ask themselves, in a serious way, what effect this has on others as well.

I will elaborate on this point in a followup piece to What Effect Does This Have but for now I will say this: being around negative people has a negative effect on me. Putting my time and effort into producing content for negative people is even more deleterious to my spiritual health. These people are cretins to me. On YouTube the audience is comprised of more negative people than positive people. Far more. This is the simple fact of the matter.

The paywall is a filter

Charge even a nickel per week and watch the cretins disappear. They were never here for good. It is genuinely doubtful that these people are even capable of articulating a logical explanation of what the concept of ‘good’ means to them. When I say that these people are probably damaged beyond potential for self-repair, I am not exaggerating or being rhetorical. That is all I will say on the matter for now. Just as your typical Trump hater would not actually pay to watch clips of Stephen Colbert and his laughter track, your typical JLB hater is not going to pay to watch my content either. There is plenty of free stuff on YouTube to get angry about, and they would rather spend their money on whatever it is that retards spend money on.

Sometimes a filter will keep out that which might otherwise be better off in. This is the nature of filtration. Until today I have tried to mediate this problem by way of the Honorary Membership. Now that about 20 people are financially supporting the site, it no longer seems fair to them that others should receive the same content for free.

I’ll go even further and say that I do not think it is fair to me. I don’t expect – and wouldn’t encourage – anybody to spend money they had saved to travel the world, on instead building a website and producing content for it for 12 months. Nor would I suggest they work less than full-time in order to allow more time for research and content production. I don’t really expect anybody to do anything; we all have our own paths to take and decisions to make.

If this existence ends, as so many people seem to think it does and/or must, in some kind of ‘judgement’, we will all have to face that judgement alone. How did we spend our time in this realm? Was it really worth it? Once upon a time I thought I had the right to answer that question on behalf of others, even if I did not express these judgements outside of my own mind. I was more judgemental back then. As I approach 30 years of age I can see now that this propensity to judgement was not helping my psyche or spirit in any way.

A passage in Matthew speaks about not judging others lest we allow ourselves to be judged. There is more to this passage than the superficial reading.  I know that I am being judged all the time. This line of work, content production on the so-called ‘internet’, is all about putting oneself out there to be judged. This is what art is. It comes with territory. Then there is my own judgement of myself, and not a day goes by where I don’t engage in some form of self-reflection. Is there something bigger than the audience, bigger than myself, judging me too? I don’t know.

What I do know is that the reason I try not to allow myself to judge others any more is because I know it has no good effect on me. I can analyse others, study others, learn from the mistakes of others, and I have benefited greatly from doing so. I will continue to do so and continue to benefit as a result. Rather than simply learn from my own mistakes, why not learn from the mistakes of others as well? But in terms of judging other people, saying ‘this is right, and you are not doing what is right, so you are bad’, this is a habit I have greatly diminished over the past year or so and will continue to try to eliminate (or at least nullify) from my mind going forward.

My point is that it makes no difference to me how you spend your time. Those who dedicate their lives to the system, that is up to them. There is every chance I may do likewise on the other side of 30. It also makes no difference to me how you spend your money. It will, however, make a difference to you. Those who do not value what I am doing here at $5/week will not be receiving access to the fruits of my work.

Those who want to resent or judge me for this are welcome to do so. For their own sake, I hope they can see the error of their ways sooner rather than later.

The ‘truth’ is ‘free’

There is nothing on this site which any sentient creature cannot find or discover for him or herself. I am a member of no secret societies or fraternities, I have been initiated into no elite clubs or groups, I have received no special training in the occult or esoteric schools. Any ‘truth’ I have to share here is available to all for free – if they are willing to put the time into doing the genuine research for themselves. I myself have put thousands of hours into genuine research and have, I suspect, much more time ahead of me to continue to do so.

If there is such thing as ‘truth’, and if I have any of it to share on this site, it is only because I have paid for it with my time. Has this been (or will this be) a wise investment? Only time will tell.


Lately I have spent more time focused on ‘synchromysiticism‘. Below is a video I saw for the first time yesterday. Make of it what you will.

Made available to the public on 22-Nov-2018.


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