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Member Skype #26 Warmup – Gematria & Language

This is the Warmup thread for Member Skype Call #26, which is focused on gematria & language.

Perhaps I will extend an olive branch to my old buddy Zachary K Hubbard…

In the meantime, here is are a couple of videos which are pertinent to the discussion (on both the micro and macro level).

Sync Quick News 16

Sync Quick News 17


3 thoughts on “Member Skype #26 Warmup – Gematria & Language

  • watermanchris

    I like the sync guys but they really need to lay off the pot. I signed up for a membership to their site but something didn’t work when I went to register. I emailed them twice and it’s been crickets.

    If I cancel, I’m sure they will send me an email asking why or at least saying they’re sorry to see me go. WTF?!?

    All that said, these videos are GREAT, especially when viewed through our media fakery glasses.

    I guess I might spend all my time high as a kite if I was convinced that all these people were getting killed in these rituals.

  • i had a little synch two days ago.

    a few different people over the years say i reminded them of this character ‘House’ on a tv show. i knew it was probably not an endearing comparison, but haven’t had cable in years.

    since then had seen some snippets on YT, never a show, but i never really saw the relation other than him being somewhat of a dick to people who dared challenge him despite being wrong.

    recently i’d signed up for Amazon Prime when ordering some books and beanies (b.s. cus they don’t give free or even reduced shipping on most stuff i wanted). but it does have some free videos / movies.

    tired after a long day at beach, i looked through some things on Sunday to watch and it was one of the only things that looked remotely interesting. aside from his snarky assholery, one of the themes and central tenets (at least in a few episodes i watched) was that “Everybody Lies.”

    given the popular concept of duality.. 1s / 0s, Good / Evil / Dark / Light etc… what if all this deception is purposefully put out there in order to disclose ‘the truth’?

    i still don’t think this whole ‘manufactured reality’ is necessarily good for me… or anyone. i understand why people may see it this way (through rose colored glasses imo…i’d rather not have blatant lies taught to children as truth, regardless of the authority – or contrived terror events ) —

    but if Light needs Darkness. what if discovering ‘The Truth’ necessarily requires leaving Falsehood / Lies / Deception?

    idk…but this has been running through my mind the last few days.

    like dating a bunch of broken / borderline women…to ultimately find one you may want to settle down with : P

    *I think Z Hub is a waste of time, but maybe Marty Leeds? or Dave J? !!!

  • Im going to a cookout today at 5pm cst. I might show up for the call today, if I do I will be a little bit late.

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