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  • “lose your mind and come to your senses” — Fritz Perls


  • not germane to this thread, but came up in the post call.

    chad, and anyone else from the States.

    please tell me i haven’t lost my mind…and confirm that Ed McMahon was in fact a prominent spokesperson years ago for that company Publishers Clearing House.



      • thanks. Chad. i’d come across this when first exposed to the Ed McMahon ‘ME’.

        reading it again more closely, the ‘woman’ penning it is a Forbes Contributor. To be sure, that she is an independent ‘journalist’ does not disqualify her from accurate reporting / analysis. Likewise, were she a full time staff columnist, such a position would not necessarily qualify her to give this matter a comprehensive examination. Forbes is a mainstream publication who would never put its ‘reputation’ on the line delving seriously into online ‘conspiracies’.

        Larissa essentially swallows the official statement from a PCH spokesperson as though this confirms everyone is misremembering.

        not unlike the million and one ‘debunking’ articles one can find around the web when it comes to 9/11, moon landings et al… where they list all the reasons the official narrative is correct and the crazy people who don’t believe it are just that…crazy.

        Buildings don’t turn into powder. Curtain rods and cardboard don’t land on and launch from the moon. And Ed McMahon was a signature spokesperson / actor / endorsers — for Publisher’s Clearing House.

        If that means I’m crazy…so be it!

        You recalled it. I’ve asked strangers. I’ve asked friends from childhood. I’ve asked a couple of long time clients. All said PCH. Every single one. I didn’t bother continuing these conversations with any speculation or mention of the ‘phenomena’ because I know that’s a waste of time with normies.

        It’s also not the case of ‘with the’ versus ‘with a’ that sound the same and could easily be mistaken.

        I don’t anticipate investing a tremendous amount of time on this topic, but i also can no longer ignore / dismiss it / remain on the fence about it.

        PCH – for lack of a better term – feels like an ‘initiation’ into Mandela 😛

    • watermanchris

      I remember Ed MacMahon as the spokesperson for PCH. Who is claiming otherwise?

      When my grandfather passed away, he had been jumping through their hoops for years and we thought that any day, Ed was going to knock on our door with one of those big ass checks. Needless to say, it never happened.

      I was 9 or 10 at the time but my parents were in their 40s and they fully thought it was possible for “normal” people to win that stuff.

          • thanks. i suppose this could be categorized as ‘residue’ though i’m sure people will claim they simply got it wrong too.

            but it makes no difference to me what the new official narrative or how unreliable our memories are.

            ed mcmahon was associated with publishers clearinghouse… as peanut butter is to jelly : )

        • watermanchris

          Great song. Maybe Ghetto Boyz were preparing us for the Mandela effect.

          My wife, who pays absolutely no attention to media whatsoever, even remembers Ed Macmahon and the article posted by bmSeattle tells me that this is just TPWRTS trolling us.

          JLB asked the question and now I’m answering in the affirmative. TPWRTS are epic trolls!

  • excellent point from JLB i’m pondering now from the post call.

    vividly reinforces what i and many of us instinctually sense.

    if the producers of Wizard of Oz and even these ‘initiation’ events like 9/11 can’t ‘wake’ the masses to whatever it is they’re trying to awaken ‘us’ to ….with all their resources — well…it’s quite foolish for anyone in this act scene to think there’s any hope of waking up our fellow profane humans, let alone fomenting a ‘truth movement.’

    and wouldn’t one need the ‘truth’ to have a ‘truth movement’?

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