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Call In a Few Hours

Quick message. Myself and TNG will be recording the first ‘official’ episode of the Great Reset Podcast in a few hours. All Members are welcome to listen to the first hour live, and join in the conversation for the second hour as well if they like. I’ll probably go with this format for the first few episodes of the GRP and if it works, stick with it for the entire season: first hour myself and the special guest, second hour all Members can join in for a free flowing, open discussion.

Hour 1 begins around 8pm UK time, which is 10pm Bulgaria time, 3pm New York time, 7am Melbourne time.

Naturally, Hour 2 will begin about an hour after that.

If you do join us during the first hour, please make sure your mic is on mute before you enter the recording room.

Hope to see some of you there on Discord in a few hours.

2 thoughts on “Call In a Few Hours

  • The call was epic, as was the aftercall. You and TNG are magic together! Let’s stay positive throughout Miracle Optimism Year 2021! My personal resolution is to stop crying so much, especially while reminiscing about the good old before times. Can’t wait for the next call!

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