Another ‘Super Saturday’ coming soon, PLUS other news

In terms of audio content, it has been a productive start to the year here at johnlebon dot com

Five separate Member Calls have already been published, as well as the standalone podcast featuring Tim Ozman and Ab the Fakeologist.

Last weekend we had another two Member Calls; both were pleasant and enjoyable for those in attendance.

However, I did not record either of those calls, therefore S3 E9 and S3 E10 remain open.

This is important because it means we can schedule another Super Saturday and not mess with the plan.

What plan am I referring to?

A ‘Grand Spectacular’ S3 E11 (311) to be recorded on March 11 (311) with an emphasis on 3/11 (i.e. the scamdemic and everything which has happened over the past couple of years).

By ‘Grand Spectacular’, I mean something similar to the 9/11 Anniversary Special from 2018.

That episode featured ten guests, across three separate calls, totaling almost seven hours.

I’m hoping to do something similar for the 3/11 Grand Spectacular in a few weeks.

We can sort out the specific details for the 3/11 call when the date approaches.

For now, we still have to arrange S3 E9 and S3 E10.

Here’s what I’m proposing…

S3 E9 (early call, suits Australasia)

S3 E10 (later call, suits America)

More info

As usual, we will have an off-the-record aftercall chat for both the early and the later call.

Then I will edit and release the official parts of both calls over the following days.

And about two weeks later it will be time for the mega S3 E11 episode.

The year is moving quickly.

My original plan was to record both calls last weekend and then have a gap of about four weeks until the 3/11 special.

In the end, I didn’t feel like recording either of the calls last weekend, I was happy just have a casual off-the-record chat.

Those of you who have attended one of these Member Calls will know that the off-the-record parts of the calls tend to be more relaxed and leisurely.

For the upcoming Super Saturday, I will be sure to record E9 and E10, in no small part because we need two more episodes to reach the all-important S3 E11 in time for 3/11.

By the way, if you are new here, you might not realise why 3/11 is so important.

All is explained in this thread on the Member Forum, and also touched on in the second half of my recent chat with Tim Ozman.

What happens after 3/11?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this. What does the next phase look like?

My personal life has taken something of a twist of late.

Recently I signed a 12-month lease for an apartment here in Plovdiv.

Just today the local high-speed internet company visited to install a new cable.

This company literally runs a fibre optic cable into your home, it is surprisingly advanced considering the relative lack of wealth in this country.

No ongoing contract, no installation fee, no download limit, 25 lev ($15 USD) per month. Lol.

Anyway the point is that I now have two things which will allow me to be far more productive going forward:

1) My own apartment

2) Excellent internet

And perhaps more important than either of the above is that I now have some ongoing stability in my life.

It was never meant to be this way

The original plan was to bounce around from city to city, country to country.

Then of course 3/11 happened and everything changed. I found myself stuck in Kuala Lumpur.

After about nine months slowly but surely losing my mind in KL, I fled to the refuge of Bulgaria.

For a long time I refused to truly ‘settle’ here because I was holding out hope that I might be able to fly to some other country eventually.

A few months ago I accepted that I’m probably here in Bulgaria for the long haul, and began searching for long-term accommodation.

In Bulgaria, this process is not as straight-forward as one might like.

Eventually, by the good grace of Kek, I found a perfect little place, right on the river, top floor, nice part of town.

It was a strange feeling to sign a lease on an apartment, I haven’t done that since 2014.

It was never meant to be this way. But this is how it is.

For now at least, my nomad dreams are officially over.

They have been replaced with expat reality.

I’m looking at the bright side of it.

For one thing it means I can now set my mind to being as productive as possible for the next 12 months.

No traveling. No moving. No booking airBNBs or looking for new places to stay.

No unwanted noise from rowdy neighbors or chef-aspiring housemates.

No internet issues caused by relying on phone hotspots or dodgy routers.

I suspect this may well be the most productive 12 months of my life.

Getting back to the earlier question…

What next?

How am I going to use this time?

Around a year ago I trialed the weekly liveshow concept by way of the ApostaSee Show.

The trial went well, imho.

I told Tim Ozman (whose network hosted the show) that I would restart the series once I had secured a long-term base.

Well, I have now, finally, done just that.

Perhaps it is time to return to weekly liveshows.

They were a lot of fun, both the public first hours, and the Member-only aftershows.

Is this something you would like to see return?

Let me know in the comments section below.

I have also been playing around with the idea of a weekly podcast, separate from the Member Calls and the Bonversations.

These things aren’t mutually exclusive, perhaps I will launch (relaunch) both the weekly podcast and the liveshows, and see which format generates more interest.

Separately, the Bonversations will return soon, I have several guests lined up for the next batch of episodes.

Of course, this is a multimedia website, and I have countless ideas and visions for upcoming Member videos and articles.

I know I need to do something about the Member forum, because Clownspiracy — god love it, god bless it — is simply not aesthetically pleasing or user friendly enough to do the job it was intended to do, nor the job it will be needed for if / when the Member discord is kyboshed by you know who.

So I have a lot of work to do, I’m sure the next few weeks and indeed the next twelve months will fly by.

What do you want to see more of here at johnlebon dot com?

Please let me know in the comments section below ūüôŹ


1) We had two Member Calls last weekend, as planned, but neither were recorded

2) Therefore we have space for another Super Saturday i.e. two Member Calls in one day

3) I’m setting aside Saturday Feb 26 (see times listed earlier in this piece)

4) Those calls will result in S3 E9 and S3 E10

5) Then two weeks later we will have the 3/11 Grand Spectacular mega-call

6) I recently signed a 12-month lease here in Plovdiv, I’m officially an expat

7) This means I have some stability in my life and plenty of time to get things done

8) I would love to hear from you, either publicly or privately, letting me know what you want to see more of on this site

Bear in mind

Ultimately this website and its content only exist because of you.

There’s about 100 Members around the world who make this place what it is.

Whatever constitutes the next phase for johnlebon dot com, you’ll get to play a large role in the direction it takes — if you want to.

You’re also most welcome to sit back and see where this thing goes.

It has been a wild ride so far, who knows what might lay just over the horizon?

From my view on the balcony, looking across the river, the future looks rather bright to me.

Cheers ūüćł

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5 thoughts on “Another ‘Super Saturday’ coming soon, PLUS other news

  • 19-February-2022 at 4:39 am

    I am very excited and very happy that you have great internet, and a nice new apartment (your own space) that is so important. I would love to see your appartment, just like you use to do when you were travelling. I don’t have any preference as to what I like you doing, its all good value to me.

  • 19-February-2022 at 1:32 pm

    Congrats on the lovely sounding apartment! Enjoy the newfound stability. Agree It’s fun to see you in your surrounding area, the apartment and walks around town while you talk on video. Makes things intimate with more connection.

    As far as topics, it seems there is a never ending stream of craziness these days. To me the whole Canada situation looks like a WEF-led stress test: they will take things quite far, and then will suddenly relax, just like they are doing with mandates everywhere. Tally up the lessons learned and incorporate into the plans for the next cycle. What if these last two years have merely been a test? That’s my personal fear, and they strike hard and fast, with Canada-style bank seizures, Australia-style lockdowns, US style social media censorship, Full fledged propaganda for the wish-it-was-just-covid pandemic. Hopefully not, hopefully we are onto something different as this story is getting old, I’m ready for the Alien invasion!

    I live in FL now and it has been largely normal where I am for the past year, even Disney just dropped their indoor mask mandate.

    Loved the podcast with you and Ab and Tim Ozman, would be nice to hear you guys together more often I really respect all three of you so much.

    Personally I got deep into the crypto topic from an investment perspective over the past year, in addition to moving to FL, and have halfway unplugged from things with covid fatigue. Never really got into Mud Flood before but somehow came upon related topics a few months ago (more of the idea of an inherited past, YouTube videos by Jon Levi as an example), and found that more of a fun topic to listen to and watch videos about and ponder, something different and new to me, without the in-your-face seriousness of vaccines and mandates and tyranny. I can see through all of that, and did immediately (called the CDC and NY Department of health in March 2020 and they couldn’t answer simple questions and kept asking if I was with the press, wish I would have recorded it) but just got tired of it all. I’m lucky I have the luxury of being largely unaffected personally, very thankful for that.

    Wish you the best and looking forward to how you continue to grow the site and listen to interesting conversations!

  • 20-February-2022 at 4:54 am

    Thanks for the update the new apartment situation sounds nice.

    I have really liked the Bonversations series. I really enjoy your long form videos either the really produced ones or even the informal ones with a mind map and some tabs, I have been missing that general format. I love your really long form works on sync and deeper topics (ego trip framework, the nature of reality etc.) and also film criticism and analysis. The missing sync series was amazing.

    I realize though that you can only make what you’re inspired to especially with things like this. Your interviews are great especially when you take a style which allows the interviewee to really come out and I think the Bonversations series has broad appeal in the podcast scene I think it would be good to promote that content more and put the first hour on rumble and podcast RSS feeds.

    Thanks for the work you do, a new forum with a decent mobile interface would be nice for sure.

  • 21-February-2022 at 1:34 pm

    Thats good news whilst sad news at the same time. Sounds like you found a place worth signing for and your reasonably happy. Great to hear more work is in progress, anything you touch has its gold. Enjoyed the mentioned shows, bring on the revival!

    As mezzie mentioned, share some more snaps of the bulgarian dream.

  • 23-February-2022 at 10:50 am

    Hey John,

    I enjoy the weekly show, and particularly the Live Show format… I’d also love to hear how far you think this Ukraine/Russia hoax will go.

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