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9/11 17th Anniversary Grand Spectacular Discord Chat

As we approach the Sirius Anniversary of the 9/11 thing-event, what better way to mourn the loss of 3,000 innocent VicSims than with a dedicated Member Discord Call?


This call went ahead as planned and was a roaring success.

MDC | 9/11 Sirius Special (9-Sep-2018)


Hando recently suggested the idea of a Member Call specifically to discuss the thing-event we know as ‘9/11’.

I liked this suggestion so much I immediately penciled in a date for the call.

The official anniversary is, of course, on 11-Sep. This falls on a Tuesday (just like the infamous event itself).

However, our friends at Fakeologist have a long-running tradition of conducting an all-day marathon call every 9/11 anniversary, and I for one do not want to create a schedule conflict.

Moreover, I like to set aside time on weekends for this kind of thing. And the weekend-based Member Skype Call series seemed to work well.

So I am setting aside Sunday 9-Sep-2018 (Aus time) for the call. In order to accommodate as many members as possible from all around the world, I have penciled in two separate blocks of time.

Block A – starting time

Block B – starting time

Depending on how each of the two blocks’ calls go, I will either release the two chats as one single file, or as two separate files.

Either way, my hope is that by hosting two separate blocks on the same day, spaced so far apart, and by giving almost two weeks’ notice, this should make it easy for anybody who wants to participate to do so.

Note that one does not have to be there right on starting time. Late arrivals are welcome for these calls: the conversations will be more general, open, and even celebratory in nature than the MSC’s. Depending on how many people show up to each block, I for one will remain at my desk for a minimum of two hours from the starting time of each call.

And we have a lot to discuss, such as:

Did anybody die or get hurt?

Who did it?

What was the motivation of the people who did it?

Did ‘Osama bin Laden’ even exist?

Are groups like ‘Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth’ well-meaning fools or something more sinister?

Is there any validity to the ‘mass initiation’ theory? [See here]

Why is the ACT realm seemingly going around in circles about 9/11 to this day?

And of course I look forward to hearing peoples reflections on how and when they first ‘woke up’ to the fact that the 9/11 official story is simply not plausible.

My fellow Australians are welcome to partake in both Block A and Block B if they so desire, but our Seppo and Euro-based friends are probably best advised to go with Block A and Block B respectively. Sleep is very important for overall health and vitality ūüôā

Feel free to get the conversation going in the comments section below.

Remember to check out the Discord post for an explanation of Discord: how it works, and why it is sensible to remain self-aware of ones use of the platform.

Discord – It’s Time

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4 thoughts on “9/11 17th Anniversary Grand Spectacular Discord Chat

  • phillipbbg

    Can you update the discord link to a valid link .. I know its a pain to do every 24hrs but us newbies can’t get there without it..

    • Done.

      Check here:

      I’ll be online later tonight my time (say, two or three hours from now) if you are around for a chat.

      Been an epic few days. I can’t even keep up with the emails and comments on my own site anymore, even when I have entire days off work.

      Looking forward to sitting back and just chatting, either tonight or tomorrow.

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