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  • i really enjoyed this – nice presentation and messaging.

    have you found the responses changing as your focus has changed?

    • Thanks, Fuhng.

      To be frank, the biggest change in the comments on YouTube followed my implementation of the auto-moderation function, whereby YouTube holds every comment in ‘moderation’ and I have to manually approve each one before it appears.

      I used to leave the comments completely open, and even allowed serial pests to constantly post negative crap about myself and my work. Looking back, I don’t really know why I let it go on for so long. I suppose I figured that eventually the cretins might come to appreciate that I was giving them an open platform to say whatever they wanted to say, free from censorship. Nope. No improvement, on the micro or macro levels, even after several years.

      So I implemented to the auto-filter and since then the comments have become much less vitriolic/negative.

      Have the comments become more positive as my own focus has shifted? Difficult to say. Certainly it has not been met with as much resistance as I might have expected here on this site, but on YouTube it can be more difficult to gauge. When I say that many in the ACT realm want to believe that they have enemies, want to believe in boogeymen, want to believe in an ‘evil’ elite, I am not joking. It is easy to see why my shift in focus might upset such people. I am challenging the very notion which keeps them coming back to YouTube ‘truth’, day after day.

      You have been a member of the site since November, have you noticed much of a change in that time?

      • i believe i have seen changes here, in that the membership has grown since i first joined and that new members (non-lurker division) seem to display less cognitive dissonance with regards to the discourse du jour going on in the moment on the site. i do find it enjoyable, in that implications beyond the surface are more often reached. it’s also nice to get first-hand experience from these members (and all members, really).

        something interesting i’ve noticed sorta goes to what Nate’s commented in this week’s MSC Warmup thread – it does seem that as new arrivals acclimate to the member materials here, they find themselves going through a further “self-selection” process. so it’s like getting up to speed with the ongoing discourse involves a bending of time, or an indirect approach to the matter at hand via an individual’s travels through the archives. ego-burning can get quite uncomfortable – too hot to handle for some, apparently – but mebbe there’s summat like a timeless “discourse prime” we’re all approaching together. that’d be wicked cool…or mebbe it’s already an aspect of apocalyspe

        finally, i would like to say that i believe there’s been a change in myself since joining, albeit one that’s more evident in “real” life than in any online comments. here’s something i wrote in an email to a friend:

        all in all i find myself believing in less and less, expecting less and less out of people/things, yet ultimately more cheerful and
        positive from moment to moment.

        • There is so much content in the back-catalogue now that for many new members it may seem a little bit overwhelming. Where to begin? What to focus upon? I do wonder how many people have signed up with the intention of remaining longer-term but then disappeared after one month, and how many people have signed up with the intention of leaving after the first month but then stuck around after seeing what is here. Naturally I try to ascertain what leads people to leave with a ‘thanks, goodbye and good luck’ email, which most people respond to, but this is a rudimentary data collection process at best.

          With all of that said, it is true that a further self-selection process will take place once somebody arrives here; you are quite right. Originally the Exordium page (with its Welcome video) was intended to serve as another filter of sorts, but in the 18 months since that was produced, the back-catalogue has grown into something much more likely filter n00bies than a one-off video/page.

          It is truly pleasing to read/hear people speak about a newfound calmness or tranquility in their lives, as a result — direct or indirect — of consuming and thinking about some of the content on this site. Recently I was speaking with a sibling of mine who reminded me about much of a conspiratard I used to be, back in the first half of 2014. At the time I was into ZeroHedge, Storm Clouds Gathering, God Like Productions, etc etc, and I still believed in nuclear bombs and ‘geopolitics’, to the point where I was convinced that a nuclear war could break out at any minute. LOL! I have come a long way since then, and I would like to think that the perspectives I am offering via this operation may encourage other people to shed some of their own anxieties and concerns about the world (and, perhaps, about themselves).

          If we are living in a time of the great unveiling, then those of us who value truth ought to be rejoicing, not worrying. WATTBA.

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