JLB Chats w/ Yossarion + Farcevalue (22-Dec-2017)

Are the people who run the show ‘evil’? Do ‘paid shills’ really exist? What evidence is there to prove it? How much responsibility ought we take for our own lives? Is the system as bad as some people believe and, if so, why do we continue to play our roles in the system?

On Wednesday, 20-Dec-2017 I made another appearance in the Fakeologist audichat Discord server. I was accompanied first by Yossarion from Queensland, Australia, and later by Farcevalue from the United States.

This podcast features that discussion (unedited, save for some sound level adjustments) along with introductory and closing thoughts recorded on Friday, 22-Dec-2017.

Music track: ‘Chill Wave’ by Kevin MacLeod of incompetech.com

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