JLB Chats #21 ‘Seoul Crush’ (3-Nov-2022)

What’s the deal with the Halloween Seoul Crush incident?

Why don’t more ‘awake’ people care about the esoteric elements of 9/11?

Who recently stumbled on a whole new black pill regarding the medical industry?



Original FAC-1189 call – here.

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Production notes JLB Chats #21. Streamed/recorded 3-Nov-2022 (Plovdiv time). Released as Chats 21 later same day. Minor editing performed to remove first part of call (before JLB appearance). Exported at 64kbps.

6 thoughts on “JLB Chats #21 ‘Seoul Crush’ (3-Nov-2022)

    • Can you elaborate on that? How many floors do you believe were occupied / in use, and why do you believe this?

    • Alistair Caine

      I went to Pace University from 1999-2001, which is just across town from the WTC site. At the time I was living on West Street, just one block south of the towers. I used to walk through the lobby of the towers on hot and cold days alike, to escape either the heat or the blisteringly cold winds that sweep across the East and Hudson Rivers, notoriously tormenting the foot traffic in downtown Manhattan. I distinctly recall pondering how odd it was that the lobbies weren’t busier given the almost 100 floors of corporate capitalism that stood above me; one might suspect that the elevators would be teeming with workers eager to make it up to their offices, but alas, there was hardly ever a cue at any of the elevator banks. Of course, I’m speaking anecdotally, and from the experience of someone who only made a casual observation. I never once sat and counted the number of people entering and exiting the elevators. But as I recall, I do believe that I very well could have counted the people; that is to say there wasn’t a sea of corporate NPCs flooding the landscape a la The Matrix training program, certainly not to the extent that tallying them up would’ve been an insurmountable task.

      I‚Äôd love to hear what Dante has to say regarding the towers, i.e. which floors might‚Äôve been occupied, and if he knows anyone who worked there. I myself struggle with a bit of cognitive dissonance regarding 911, as I personally knew two people who ceased to exist in their previous capacities after the ‚Äúattacks‚ÄĚ. I can‚Äôt say they died, because I‚Äôm not sure anyone died, and I certainly didn‚Äôt witness their deaths, but they‚Äôre no longer living the lives they led prior to that pivotal event. As I‚Äôve shared with JLB in the past, I‚Äôve also listened to a close friend who was a sergeant with the NYPD at that time describe to me (rather graphically) how the building courtyards were littered with ‚Äúpuddles of people‚ÄĚ as a result of jumpers leaping from the towers in despair. Now, naturally I don‚Äôt believe him, but oftentimes I wonder who or what would compel him to lie.

      Love this topic; it hits a bit close to home for me (pun intended). Great episode.

      • @alistair caine, are you on discord? happy to discuss in detail – as i’ve done many many many times in this little enclave in the past (my anecdotes, thoughts, etc on 9/11, the towers). i had lived on Water Street in the fiscal year prior to 911.

      • bmseattle

        I can add a similar story to the mix.
        I was living in Newark in 1997-1998, and would take the PATH train into Manhattan often, to expore different parts of the city.

        I remember getting off at the WTC stop once, just to see what it was like…expecting bustling business men hurrying around, like it was Wall Street, or something.

        Like Alistair mentioned, it was strangely “unbusy” there… almost eerily so.
        There was absolutely nothing interesting to see or do there, from my perspective. So I just left, and went uptown.

        As an aside, I also remember that it wasn’t uncommon for the WTC stop to be closed altogether, fwiw.

  • Alistair Caine

    You had me hysterical with the shoe talk on YouTube, JLB. But this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this weird shoe thing, is it? And when I think back to the rituals I participated in when I joined a Masonic Lodge, there were a few that required one’s shoes be removed; sometimes only one shoe. Interesting to say the least…

    Let us not forget that Sirius the Hero Dog much like all police dogs are known as K-9s, and K just so happens to be the 11th letter of the alphabet, and so K-9 becomes 11-9 ūü§Ē Goodness gracious me

    Going to try to make tomorrow’s member call; not sure if my schedule will allow for it, but I certainly will try. Miss ya, old friend.

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