JLB Chats #17 ‘Crypto Swindle’ (13-Mar-2021)

Is it possible for intelligent men to be hoodwinked by crypto schemers?

Does the crypto economy have its own version of the Federal Reserve?

When everybody appears to be crypto-greedy, is it time to be crypto-fearful?


Original FAC 859 call – here.

My video explaining Tether



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Production notes JLB Chats #17. Streamed/recorded Saturday 13-Mar-2021 from Bansko, Bulgaria. Released as Chats 17 on 15-Mar-2021. Minor editing performed to remove part of call before Uncle Odd arrived in stream. Exported at 64 kbps.

2 thoughts on “JLB Chats #17 ‘Crypto Swindle’ (13-Mar-2021)

  • They could easily collapse BTC with a double spend as a way to introduce the central bank digital currency (CBDC)… or keep BTC as digital gold.

    Cash won’t exist, banks won’t exist, credit cards won’t exist. Everything will be in the CBDC’s ledger. Kind of like how China uses WeChat to pay for everything.

    NFTs are also gonna be huge, glad Todd touched on that. Ready Player One is how NFTs will work if/when we get hyper-realistic VR. People always talk about how bad the future will be, but this stuff looks dope albeit a little gay judging by the social engineering.

  • SunsOutBunsOut

    I’m a nobody, but my research shows 99% of the crypto coins will eventually fail, but a few of them are programmed into the next financial system, the quantum financial system (whatever that means). It seems bitcoin could be the store of value token, with no functionality besides a store of value, similar to how gold is treated. BTC is not eco-friendly, its slow, etc. It seems Ripple may be the “Amazon” of the new financial system and they will help all the governments set up their private government ledger.

    Ripple’s flagship coin, XRP (eco-friendly, lightning-fast, etc.), may become the bridge currency, connecting all the central bank currencies. It seems a few other coins are programmed into the script, including XLM, LINK, ETH, ADA, and few more. Right now I’m all in on crypto, especially XRP. It’s price could jump big time, this year. Right now the SEC has sued Ripple over XRP. Once this lawsuit passes, that could be their green light for Ripple to start making their move.

    Anyways, Waters Above Crypto, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2r1oKJFKGNw5THNPNHwBtQ
    understands and explains how the “elites” control crypto and the financial markets via astrology and Gematria, just like everything else. He is super awake and I recommend you all check out his research.

    I’ve found a couple of other great YouTubers who dive deep into the scripted programming of XRP specifically. Let me know if you’d like their channel links.

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