JLB Chats #14 ‘No More Realology’ (25-Dec-2019)

Why has the website Fakeologist.com seen an influx of realologists over the past couple of years? What is ‘elite gender inversion’ and when did Ab the Fakeologist appear on normie breakfast radio discussing transvestigations? How can somebody who sees through the hoaxery of 9/11 end up becoming a leading promoter of the ‘Mandela Effect’ trojan horse mind-mush meme?

On Wednesday, 25-Dec-2019, I made another appearance in the Fakeologist audiochat Discord server, to share my thoughts on all of these questions and much, much more.

This podcast features that discussion, mirrored from the Fakeologist audiochat. Some minor editing has been performed to improve audio and add a short clip at the end.

Original FAK 640 call here.

Production notes JLB Chats #14. Streamed/recorded Wednesday 25-Dec-2019 from Hanoi, Vietnam. Released as Chats 14 on 27-Dec-2019, but file and post timestamped for 25-Dec-2019. Minor editing performed to imrpove audio and add clip at the end. Exported at 64 kbps.


3 thoughts on “JLB Chats #14 ‘No More Realology’ (25-Dec-2019)

  • 31-December-2019 at 9:54 am

    when that guy said “maybe more time for hockey” at 41:39 I turned to my TV and a hockey ad was on. I think it’s been years since I’ve seen anything hockey-related on TV. Something is going on. What a time to be alive! #sync #wow #believe

  • 02-January-2020 at 7:56 am

    Jumped out of bed, ran to window, opened it:
    “hey you, boy! what day is it?”
    –It’s New Year’s Day, sir. 2020!”
    “Has it happened?
    “The paradigm shift in human intelligence! Are people smarter?”
    –“No, sir.”
    “Fuck it then. I’m going to bed.”

    what seemed particularly odd about the boy is that he was dressed in antique Victorian clothing, had a dead limp goose slung across his shoulders and talked just like Tiny Tim. maybe it was just a dream? like everything else. even this seeming conscious existence now. #honkpill2020

    ps: “mike g treasured his delusions,” the 10-yr-old says. “he so fiercely needed to believe that humans weren’t muddle-brained morons. thus this morning his last belief fell like a mighty ancient tree, and the only being who heard this fall was himself.”

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