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  • Negentropic

    How long does it take for the controlled opposition plane-hugging and victims-hugging alt-media suckers like malnourished vegan Eric Dubay (on whose main 9-11 page he posted a comment link to my 9-11 thread on DIF and then mysteriously removed it, but refused to change his own opinion, still calling 9-11 an “inside job” with quotes from Alex Jones added, lol, despite saying nukes are a hoax, satellites are a hoax and damn near everything else is a hoax) to realize that there was no “stand-down” and any of that ridiculous shit on 9-11 because there were no goddamn planes! lol There was no “investigation” because there was no “mass-murder” scene, only controlled demolition of hollow towers empty of people, a premanufactured cgi-enhanced movie sold as “live,” basically a gigantic and treasonous, media orchestrated lie that cannot be currently prosecuted by the death penalty as it should be in any civilized society


    A lie so gigantic that it screws every person alive for decades running and who knows how many more decades in the future, is TREASON. Treason should be punishable by the death penalty or multiple life imprisonment. All lies are indirect force because they get you to do things harmful to yourself that you would not do if you knew the truth and treason is indirectly but just as deliberately forcing millions of people to harm themselves and others following a falsified narrative taking them over the cliff.

    Treason is a gigantic moral wrong applied on a massive scale, a non-surgical mass lobotomization that sets the ground for endless physical wrongs that slowly kill people and confine them to a slave’s life and a malnourished slave’s lifespan of a pathetic 75 years, with far less experiences than that androids in Blade Runner that only lived “four years.”

    Anyone that thinks lying on such a gigantic scale and using it to pass repressive laws everywhere and as an excuse to go fuck with other people’s countries (despite all countries of the world being controlled by Judeo-Masonic central banks, on paper and in official narratives they’re supposed to be “sovereign,” therefore the need for the subterfuge and 24-hour-a-day worldwide media propaganda) is “not a big deal,” and does not do “damage,” and still further that people should be “happy” about it, is a straight up moron, a scoundrel and/or troll with no principles to speak of, or a shill, useful idiot/ego or direct agent, the results being exactly the same. There are no other possibilities.

    So which one of these character traits fit the people on this site? Useful egos or scoundrel/trolls is the only possibility I can think of. That includes me, since despite the fact that I criticize this site, I’m still a member. My own pretentiousness and ego can’t handle not being on the “cutting edge” in some way even if I end up cutting myself repeatedly on my own edginess.

    Ace Baker, Alex Jones, Judy Wood, Jim Fetzer and Joe Rogan, just to name the most obvious examples, have proven many times over that shilling online is a major industry. Small-time shills might be just useful idiots, but not these cunts named above. End of story.




    • I agree with you on this part:

      “…there was no “stand-down” and any of that ridiculous shit on 9-11 because there were no goddamn planes! lol There was no “investigation” because there was no “mass-murder” scene, only controlled demolition of hollow towers empty of people, a premanufactured cgi-enhanced movie sold as “live,”…”

      As for the idea that 9/11 was ‘treason’, treason against who or what? The nations are themselves HOAXES. There is no ‘America’. There is no ‘Australia’. There are landmasses or locations which we may refer to with these names, but that is all. Nations are an abstract concept based on nothing material whatsoever. How can a person commit ‘treason’ against a mental projection? That is all ‘America’ the concept is and will ever be. A mental projection. A person cannot commit a crime against a landmass, and it is absurd to believe that a person can commit a crime against a mental projection. Therefore the notion that treason was committed that day is, to me, quite silly.

      9/11 was a made-for-TV movie. This is neither good nor evil, at least inherently. We can project onto it whatever we like. Of course, the ACT realm is an echo chamber of people projecting ‘EVIL’ onto the movie, because that is their natural disposition. They are no different to religious fanatics in this sense. They see evil in the bushes. They see evil in the BUSHES (GW and GHW amirite?). Hopeless.

      As for 9/11 leading to ‘war’, the reality is that War is in fact a HOAX. Period. 9/11 did not lead to any War, because there are no real Wars. The ‘invasion of Afghanistan’ is of course a HOAX. As is the ‘War in Iraq’. This has been clear for a long time now. Even Jean Baudrillard was writing about this, and of course we see his work featured at the beginning of The Matrix. This is no accident. We have been given all of the clues we need to realise that War on the telescreen is one gigantic simulation.


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