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The War Hoax Explained (Two Hour Presentation)

If war is a hoax, then what happened to my [insert family member]?

Why do some ex-servicemen seem to have missing limbs, PTSD, and other ailments?

How can they get away with fake drone strikes and fake nuclear bombings and so forth,
and why don’t the fake enemies don’t spill the beans on the American war fakery?

On 7-Jan-2020 I streamed this presentation live via YouTube, to answer all of these questions and more.

Too Hot for YouTube

The video was deleted by YouTube a few hours later and my channel received a ‘community guidelines’ warning due to to its supposed ‘graphic or violent content’.

Now I have made the full presentation available via BitChute and also as an mp3 file.



See also

Tonnes of free material on the War Hoax page.

Production notes. Streamed late 7-Jan-2020 (and early 8-Jan) from Hanoi. Video reuploaded to BitChute and audio uploaded 9-Jan-2020. mp3 exported at 64kbps, some editing done to remove dead air and balance audio.



One thought on “The War Hoax Explained (Two Hour Presentation)

  • WinstonSmith

    Man I fucking love you JLB. This is fucking gold.

    ” all the world is indeed a stage, and we are merely players”ūüé∂

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