The ‘Truth Movement’ is a Comical Hoax (22-Aug-2019)

Why do some people believe they are part of a ‘truth movement’? What is a ‘non player character’ and how can you tell if you are dealing with one? When did the average person become so hopelessly stupid and where can the ‘player characters’ hope to find some intelligent conversation?

Early Thursday morning, 22-Aug-2019, I wanted to test out my livestream setup and ended up broadcasting for almost three hours, covering a range of topics.



This mp3 file is a slightly-edited rip of the video, with some dead air removed for the benefit of the listener.

Production notes. Livestreamed very early 22-Aug-2019 (Thursday morning from shortly after midnight). mp3 released Thursday night. Minor editing to remove dead air. mp3 exported at 64kbps.


3 thoughts on “The ‘Truth Movement’ is a Comical Hoax (22-Aug-2019)

  • 26-August-2019 at 4:06 am

    What is the t-root-h or ‘root’ for us?

    Do we need languages (as in all sim-boled and sign-ed communications and not merely in the form of words) to be able to foretell and contemplate the ‘reality’ of languages? Or was the caveman already aware of that when developing his first grunts and noises of attempts at community-cation. If yes, if our languages have a-lien-i-d-ated us from ‘nature,’ then to that extent they must be ‘sick’ and inefficient and therefore degenerative languages. But then if without symbols we cannot even ‘know’ anything , not even the first combined metaphorical symbology of ‘mama,’ the first word an infant mumbles to identify patterns of warm light, what is ‘reality’ except the most imaginately , efficiently and creatively consensus weaved net of all symbolic languages that has currently hallucinated its way into the ‘brains’ and ‘minds’ of a a whole so called millioned or billioned bunches of ‘us.’ We are those ‘millions’ and ‘billions’ because we imagined them so well and it seems to the enlightened (unburdened and natural person in free contemplation) among us, the better we imagine them, the ‘better’ ‘reality becomes.

    In other words, “Don’t you realize you’re a ‘loser’? All those books on your shelf tell you you’re a ‘loser,’ don’t they? Then how come you do not subscribe to our ‘trauma’ and ‘drama’ and try to ‘win’ within our see-us-them.

    All you have to do is imagine the ‘caveman’ who had to (phonetically – spokenly with mouth-noised pokes only) go ‘walking’ with a cave-womb-man before they went to a more ffffired-up ‘walking together’ or horizontal and otherwise ‘cave’ f-uwalcking. Let’s go a ‘walking’ becomes after a short while a more enthusiastic and ‘fun’ (what makes ‘one,’ centers us into ‘oneness’) ‘fwalcking’ and re-producing and I guess finally, as in the current metaphorical ‘end-point’ being our communicative interpersonal reality, the word ‘fuck’ becomes distinguished and ‘vulgar’ form of the word walk, but few people not entangled in language will ever realize it.


    Alright, the weed is getting to my head now. Wait, how can the so-called vapors of a ‘plant’ be necessary for ‘better’ or more efficiently ‘re-laxed’ imagination ? And why does it interact so much better with a true and authentic ‘carnivore’ diet than it does anything else if we do not have to gobble up powerful-and-energy-laden other entities called anima-ls to properly sur-viva sure-vive or the all ‘meet and day-air-y and animal foods (‘woods’? The wood of an animal is metaphorized into your ‘food’) diet the mee-aat diet (or where all the parts of the animal’s physique seemed to the caveman to meet, or hungrily grunted let-me-eat part, the ‘meat’ part away from the legs and head and tail and towards the meeting or meat)

    You see, it’s endless, but without this end-less, no bee-queen-ning. Trapped in ‘images’ somehow spinning in my a-head far more than words or mouth-noises grunted.

    All Missed-Spell-ings and plasticity intentional soon to be forever corrected and erased from the hallucinated come-you-unity by machines.

  • 28-August-2019 at 12:50 pm

    Did the first store-y tailor collect a ‘fee’ or ‘we’ ‘give-it-to-we-I-say-our-hour-fee’ copy-rite-ual whenever the story was sim-bol-ated and telled (tailored, said fast becomes telled) by others (at-there’s, those others not us ahhhs or oz standing at exactly there said the wize-hard of us and the pink the be-ing the pee-ink or sperm from the penis or pee-in-us flowed or Pink Floyd Being Flowed Being Flowed like a river into the dark side of the man or ‘moon’ sim-boil-izing boiling the simulation of darkness or s-tarkness). When did the meet-i-yah (let’s go meet, yah? Hang-out yah? Yeah!) ever mediate if not re-store-y-tailor and sim-bull-ate?

    But what of the so-called ‘first’ story-tailor? Who did he then seem-ball-late and sim-boil-ate? His image-ination in a different warm worm of form is spoken so-poke-in and mouth-noise-poked form or the touch metaphor turned into sound imagined terms instanstly or in-stoned-ly in-stand-ly, the instant that stands like stone.

    Add-vice from a ‘wise’ (why’s, the person to go to ask the why’s, why this and why that why’s man?) person who has learned how to handle with his hand vices (why-ice-s, things thinked and thinks thinged that put WHY on ice or eyes, put it on watch, but you still do them without knowing why they are ‘vices.’ When you know Y, they become rooted like a Y tree in three pieces and turn into ‘wises,’ vices that no longer hurt much because the proper limit for them has been found within a moderated and individually known — no-owned, owned by the number of No’s conquered and concurred into Yays or Yay-ses — inner equilibrium.

    Thus the whirled world, through seem-balls of all kinds, simulations and hoaxes of various degrees and decrees, turns the vice-hard of us into the wise-herd of us, insuring that the wise-hardened of us are the so-called ‘wizard of oz,’ weighed and why-ed and why-dened in ounces of ‘us.’

  • 09-September-2019 at 9:34 am

    What does it mean when any one of us says “What do you mean?”

    Are you minted mean enough to mean your mean-ness? How can you be mean to people and mean something to people at the same time? Can you mean something without being mean and mean-o-taur, half man, half bullshit?

    Definition of Minotaur
    a monster shaped half like a man and half like a bull, confined in the labyrinth built by Daedalus for Minos, and given a periodic tribute of youths and maidens as food until slain by Theseus

    Say what (psy w-hat, the psy-what is the hat of your whys-dom)? The Meani-Thor? The meaned and divided and me-kneed, mini god or got, caught and cut out of the vast fabric of reality? The cheap cut of got to be godden and de-cleared good? The figure ate or ‘eiGht’ on its side ‘gOOd.’? The falling into the same trap or hole twice (OO), ‘gOOd’ rather than god? Have you gut enough (IN-of, off from what’s IN-side and in-sight) to have god? Or have you gut or god what you’ve got?

    When you say: I have got legs to walk with, you have both gut and god legs to walk with, and eventually g-oo-d or bat (blind) legs.

    Your f-oo-t brings you the figure 8 or endless l-oo-p on its side, the double-holes to fall in, repeating the same missed-take twice (to-vice or to-why’s or to-wise, you always have to do a think thinged twice and a thing thinked twice before you can NO one and yes to you-is the other so that you de-cide the side), before you earn your l-earn. Teachers to-each ‘teach,’ while learners have to L-ease-en and earn, lease some ease, the relaxed state being the optimum one for learning.

    Your Foot brings you your Food, since you have to use your feet to go hunt or ‘hand your foot.’ When you hunt your food, you automatically hand, or make handy your foot. Your feet bring you feed and your feed brings you feet or the energy (inner-chi) to do things.

    Words with the figure ate or ‘eiGht’ or double non-existent zero’s (see-rows, see-rose, c-rows, conceptualized-rows that do not row your boat into a roe or fish egg looking like an ‘o’ in re-all-lit-ee, all lit by ‘e’ or electricity, e-luck-trick-city) include the seem-ballic task of falling into the same falls-e w-holes twice (to-vice and why’s un-unsweared rather than why’s un-sweared, unsured and why-sed up to wis-dom with one ‘o’ or a dome covering your seem-ball-ic and mostly subconscious understanding) arrived at by acting on mouth-noises heard, uncritically accepted and unaware of the hidden things they sign-post (psy-on post, signpost by putting the psy or psyche on something rather than another), then repeated and tested (tasted) through consensus to succeed (sack-seed, store seed) in a virtual and man-you-f-r-ac-tured reality. A manufactured reality promotes non-wall-yous as wall-you’s or rather values as things that wall-you or restrict freedom, thus reversing, perverting and in-vert-ing (making green, the color of money and debt as well as death) values. What doesn’t ‘wall-you,’ cannot protect with the we-all-yous and we-all-use of our val-ues and will-you’s. Your walls and boundaries created by going to-vice and doing something twice, testing and tasting it, makes U into a double you or ‘W-ise.’ One-ly what will provide your values, walls, feels and wills and therefore the dicipline (d-see-p-lean) of freedom, rather than the non-wall-you of freedom can dome that free from its phonetic and originally suggestive, combined-sound-&-vision metaphored, mouth-noised figure-ate (vi-cure-ate, life-cure-eaten) or free-doom, the doom, the dam, the dum-b and t-oo-mb that you can free yourself into outside the wall of values.

    A root to-the-root or t-root has to go thru the figure-eight of the two holes before it becomes d-rood or druid, the druid tree, the third things arrived at after the two-holes, the Y of the Wh-y-se three or the wall-you-driven double-you-led wisdom of whole-ness.

    Crrow777 thinks that Ang-leash is a totally corrupted language and unless Greek and Latin are learned no real meanings or phonetic roots of mouth-noised images magiced in our heads can be No-Owned or known.

    I disagree. I don’t think you can create the spells (so-pales, su-pples) or the virtual s-pace-s of the tech-No-logy of a language as complicated as English without having the t-root truths or the real contacts of wall-yous with reality which originated the ‘drift’ of the phonetics of the language being coded for the getting, got, god or good that was originally intended. Occulting or hiding the positive codings of the language is a simple task of changing the spellings and pronunciations which fools the vast majority of people and keeps them in the rank of peons or pee-poles, poles either peeing (pissed, pee-eased) or being pee’d on (taking the piss) full of non-existent c-rows, crows, z-rows, final letter of the alphabet rows, zeros in their non-existent fiat money (man-E, man with units of energy or electricity added equals both the electrified man in e-motion and man-on-his-knees begging for the zeros and see-row-ed, zeroed and z-ranked rowing of the floated out-of-thin-fiat-air boat of your ma-need ma-knee, your mother’s knee where when in k-need you go cry as a child).

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