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Meta Fe | Episode #000 – Why Do FE Promoters Censor Skepticism? (14-Nov-2016)

This is the third ‘pilot’ episode of Meta Fe, the latest podcast/vodcast hosted by JLB. The LobeBusters and Potatoheads claim to be here for truth, so why do they censor dissent in the livechat? If they have a ‘working FE model’, why do they get so upset when people ask where to find it? When did honest skepticism become so taboo? In this episode of Meta Fe, we look at these questions and more. Then to round out the show, a surprise cameo, with some thought-provoking questions…

Meta Fe is a sporadically-scheduled interview/roundtable vodcast/podcast focused on the meta aspects of the ‘Flat Earth renaissance’ which has taken the ‘alternative media’ scene by storm since early 2015. Rather than petty debates about the shape of the earth, Meta Fe focuses on questions regarding the sociology and psychology of the Flat Earth scene: who is leading/following this online ‘movement’, and why? How do these people interact with one another, and are these social dynamics predictable? Where is this ‘movement’ headed, and what can it teach us about the ‘truth movement’ in general?

Guest for Episode #000: Validation Boy.

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