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JLB vs The World Gone Mad

What in the hell is going on out there?

Who the fook is Elon Musk really?

When did JLB successfully play Cupid?

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Livestreamed 17-Nov-2020. Published with mp3 21-Nov-2020. Exported at 96kbps with some minor editing (first minute cut out, higher frequencies lowered to remove background noise).




One thought on “JLB vs The World Gone Mad

  • Overheard: “Under the coming Harris administration I sincerely believe that all conspiracy theorists should be sent to reeducation camps. The camps should be run by local Antifa activists. Those selected for reeducation will be those who believe any of the following:
    1) Those who in any way question the sanctity of the official left-right political paradigm, including all non-voters, all 3rd party and write in voters, and most importantly all who believe that the System is controlled, fixed, rigged by nebulous and not proven “Powers That Be.”
    2) Those who in any way question the sanctity, authority, and moral inerrancy of money as the philosophical reason to be, including all homeless or underemployed derelicts with special emphasis on college degree holders who make less money than they should.
    3) Those who in any way question the authority of experts, including all who question official science, official medicine, the right of official government as a benevolent system to govern our lives in any way the system deems necessary for the common good.
    4) Those who in any way question the majority, which is a questioning of democracy itself. Free thinking and free speech are dangerous ideas from a bygone age whose time has come and gone. We need every human being to stay on the same official, conformist page.
    5) Those who in any way question the Mainstream Media, including anyone who seeks news from alternative sources, and anyone who questions any part of any official story as presented by the Mainstream Media.
    6) Taking the above correct directives as a template for detecting the defiant, the divergent, the maliciously abnormal the following beliefs and speculations will be targeted for reeducation and eradication from the collective:
    a) all questioning of official history narratives, ancient or modern.
    b) all questioning of official human/ cosmic origin narratives,
    meaning all who question Darwinism, Big Bang, human
    c) all questioning of official Social Justice Warrior wisdom and
    Cancel Culture wisdom.
    d) all questioning of the official narratives of 911, JFK, Covid 19,
    school shootings, terrorism, wars, climate change,
    transhumanism, the goodness of technocracy, the need to
    eradicate all spiritual thinking and inner quests for greatness.
    In conclusion, the time has come to reeducate these dangerous miscreants. Oh, almost forgot: Intellectual poets will be the first to go. Fuck them! Fuck them to Hell!”

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