JLB Responds to IPS regarding Mandela Effect

Who is Tim Ozman (a.k.a. IPS) and why should anybody listen to him?

What is the problem with ‘Mandela Effect’ and how did the meme get so popular?

Is there a greater purpose behind space fakery, and if so, what are they trying to tell us?

Early Saturday morning, 14-Dec-2019, I decided to do an impromptu livestream on my YouTube channel.

During the presentation I tried to answer all of these questions and so much more.


I swear a lot more in this stream than is normal for my content.

Usually when recording I try to tone down the language, because in ‘real life’ I swear quite a lot.

On this occasion it was late, I had been drinking, and I was not as careful with my words as usual.

If you have sensitive ears, probably best to skip this one.




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Production notes. Streamed on JLB channel 14-Dec-2019. Released as mp3 later same day. Minor editing to remove dead air and noise, balance some audio. Exported at 96kpbs.


27 thoughts on “JLB Responds to IPS regarding Mandela Effect

  • 15-December-2019 at 3:10 am

    I really enjoyed this live stream, I am kicking myself that I could not watch it live as I was without wifi last night. Damn, you even offered for people to come and join in, I would have been straight on it given the chance. It seemed an effortless three hours for you, excellent work JLB.

  • 15-December-2019 at 11:28 pm


    You can talk about the holohoax? Not if you have over 150,000 subs like Crrow777. Crrow admitted on his Questions from Members podcast a while back (the question was how come he hasn’t done any shows on the holohoax or slavery) that the reason he doesn’t talk about the holohoax or the Jew role in slavery (owning most of the slave ships) is because they have literally threatened him on multiple occasions that if he talks about the holohoax “they are going to load up their shotguns and come after me.” And you have to go to HOUR TWO, the subscriber hour to hear that confession. He’s afraid to even put it in hour one, since it would get his whole channel banned again (he got banned once completely and then re-instated because so many people complained). He knows it’s a hoax, of course, and he told his audience to go look at all the news reports of “6 million dead” etc. from many years before, but “that’s all I can talk about. We have built a large audience here and it’s not worth losing it over this one issue,” blah blah blah.

    So, maybe you should first get to 150,000 subs on you tube, get banned and then re-instated before making sweeping generalizations about “no shills online” and “You can talk about the holohoax.” Bullshit. All of the internet is censored by Jews and JEWS ONLY and everyone knows this, most of all Markus Allen and John Adams. It’s the most obvious thing, the elephant in the room, which everyone knows and no one talks about because there are consequences to talking about it: big ones if you’re Crrow777, none if you’re JLB or Fakeologist (not allowed to name Jews on fakeologist either), but you saw that even your channel got banned and yet you still want to live in this fantasy world that Jews have your best interests at heart. Are you friggin kidding me?

    Seriously, dude, there’s a term called “Kraut-Rock” used to describe German rock of the 1970s, bands like CAN, Kraftwerk, La Dusseldorf, Neu!, Amon Duul II, etc.

    Try using “Kike-Rock” instead to describe KISS or a band like that comprised of Jews or even just Israeli rock bands. See how people react in horror. It’s all psychological brainwash.


    Try using “Jew trash” or “Black trash” or “Brown Trash” or even “Yellow trash” instead of the very commonly used “White Trash.” None of it is allowed except the last. There’s even a famous band called Edgar Winter’s “White Trash” from the 1970s that did that song “Frankenstein.” Coincidence? White Trash Frankenstein brainwash?

    How about the European Union being planned as far back as 1926 by Jews admitted in their own papers?


    Bbbbbbbbbbbbut . . . it’s just the “off chessboard entities” syncing our reality through mysterious subjectivity that creates the objective! What? lol The lengths some of you people will go through just to not have to name Jews! lol

    No dude, It’s the Jews and it doesn’t matter how many Markus Allens or John Adamses and so-called supposed, “exceptions to the rule” (really? then why did they both claim Jews, who flat out own 100% of media and banks had nothing to do with 9-11, an absurd statement), you talk to. It’s still Judaism and the Jews being the problem because they’re the ones whose whole religions commands them to make others “equal” and themselves UNEQUAL. Their supremacy and inequality demands and commands imposition of equality on the rest of us, including any lower level middle class Jew that’s not going along withe the program. To get the benefits, you have to go along with the rest of the sayanim.

    • 15-December-2019 at 11:52 pm

      Cmon Neg, it is not the Jews that are responsible?

      It is the Jews that are not Jews

      See New Testament- Revelation
      See Richie From Boston, his channel is way bigger than Crrow777 so it must be true lol

    • 16-December-2019 at 12:21 am

      Here’s what I don’t get: I’ve spoken about the Holohoax heaps of times, it is even in the middle of my patented, imfamous, ground-breaking Hoax Hierarchy. Nothing has ever happened to me as a result of that. However my 7,000-sub youtube channel got deleted for community guidelines strikes for videos in which I spoke about Sandy Hook, including a strike for a video in which I didn’t even directly say the event was fake. How does this fit in with the ‘you can’t speak about the holohoax’ notion?

      • 16-December-2019 at 5:50 pm

        At that level you can talk about it but not at Crrow777’s level. I didn’t say you CAN’T get deleted for talking about Sandy Hook or Boston or 9/11 and not the holohoax, but one or the other will eventually get you banned because they all point to the (((owners of media))). Hoaxing is their specialty. I just reported what Crrow777 said on his channel, a guy with more than 20 times the audience that you had on you tube.

        Either way, there is no denying that Jews are behind ALL internet censorship, every last bit of it and all “real world” censorship and anti-free-speech laws such as “hate speech” laws as well. Since they have the vastly disproportionate controlling stake, they can tell any non-Jews, usually freemason lackeys like Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk and some such thespian tools for fooling fools, to toe the line and not tow it, or else.

        The theory that the Jews are too stupid to know they’re being setup is certainly the dumbest one I’ve ever heard.

        If they’re too stupid to know when they’re being set up, then the rest of us are in 10 times the trouble that they would be in, since we’re ten times more gullible as proven by just the history of the past 100 years, the stuff you can verify personally. It may be that all of us “humans” are fucked and programmed by “off chessboard” aliens, but some of us humans can still recognize when we are BEING fucked in the “real world” and what psychological mechanisms have put us in that subservient position. Only then can the fuck be removed and discarded so as to “not give any more fucks.”

        P.S. I met Fuhng and we went hiking. On Thursday we’re gonna go see Brazil

      • 19-December-2019 at 6:53 pm

        Here’s the 2 minutes of audio that are relevant to the matter. It’s at the 2 hour 28 minute 45 second mark of episode 093:


        I guess, even on his own server, they’re going to come after him and ruin his reputation and call him a nutseed and all that and he’s shitting his diapers that he’ll lose his very comfortable livelihood and most of his well-fed audience, all of whom either work directly for a Jew boss or for a host of bosses that then go to the Jew boss, including all the freemasons (Judaism for Gentiles) at the Police stations and in the courts.

        Check Mate in Psychological Warfare = Full Media Ownership. This now includes the internet, unless (pre-hate-speech laws) you are on your own server like Kyle Hunt, Crrow777 and Abirato. After hate speech laws, they might all go to the clink.

        Sorry, but nothing can be done except on an atomised and individual level like you are currently doing in your own life and hopefully the rest of the members of this site.

        • 20-December-2019 at 1:24 am

          Thank you for taking the time to clip and upload that section of their call. Very interesting.

          So apparently Crrow wants his listeners to believe that ‘at least six people’ have threatened to kill him with shotguns if he speaks about the holohoax.


          Or does he mean ‘they told me they would come after me with shotguns’ figuratively?

          As in, we will try to take down your platform / channel?

          Crrow is unnecessarily ambiguous with his words here, perhaps intentionally so.

          I don’t blame him for not covering the holohoax if he genuinely believes it may jeopardise his income stream.

          I’m avoiding talking about the Connecticut shooting (especially by name) for the same reason.

          But I do not believe for one second that anybody has threatened him with shotguns. I mean, seriously, come on.

          This is almost worse than the ‘they send black helicopters to spy on me’ stuff he was peddling a few years ago.

          I can see why his regular audience might believe this stuff. But those of us who have openly spoken about the holohoax and know that nothing happened to us as a result, we now know better, we know this is all V For Vendetta type fear-based mind control programming.

          • 20-December-2019 at 4:30 pm

            It’s a form of expression. He doesn’t not mean literal shotguns but ruining his reputation and losing his audience by doing “hot button.” It’s just a macho way of expression for a guy like him who used to be a roadie and a marine.

    • 16-December-2019 at 6:03 am

      Firstly, I don’t find it as easy to name a group as you do. As an American do you feel a shared responsibility for the actions of your country? I’d say that you shouldn’t. You have to judge individuals. And are all Jews in the know? I suspect not.

      Are they subjected to a fairly hardcore brainwashing program, that holds they are hated and under attack? I think so. This is a group that defines themselves as under attack. I think that most Jews are pretty fearful. It would be good to see more Jews calling out the hoaxes, culture creation/degeneration, etc – but I see why they don’t.

      I do think there are groups that act against our interests. And when I say ‘our’ interests, I would include those white and non-white who are in the non-elite class (so white, black, yellow, brown, etc). I think all are under attack, and played against each other.

      I suspect those running those groups have ‘invested’ in Jews – it is surely useful to have a group like that to take flack on their behalf. They also use the perceived injustices against Jews as leverage to guilt-move society. I think it is a good strategy.

      I think to say ‘Jews’ is to fall for the mis-direction. If I put my ‘call to action’ hat on, I would call out hoaxes (911), lies (all media, education), agendas (2030) etc rather than Jews. These are tangible, provable things, that take the fear out of existence, rather than raise it.

      If you are trying to rouse the masses, most people are not capable of hearing the finer points of your argument once you blame Jews – they will turn against you. And even if they were roused and good to go, who would they get? I think you would break lots of eggs unnecessarily go make your omelette as I don’t think most Jews have anything to do with the changes under effect.

      For me Jews is like saying, rich or privileged. You may catch some fish that way, but are you really comfortable holding people to account for their circumstances rather than their choices?

      • 19-December-2019 at 5:45 pm

        I’m not trying to catch any fish “this way.” Everybody already knows it’s the Jews, including you, they just don’t know how to talk about it without losing their jobs and livelihoods, even now, prior to hate-speech laws, because they really live under a Jew dicatorship which pretends to be some other hilarious farce of circus act about “American Dreams” and all this bullshit. It’s as simple as that. You are living in a worldwide Jew dictatorship, exactly as Bobby Fischer said and that’s why EVERYTHING is fake. They are the experts in fakery and big lies. It’s as obvious as day everywhere you look but you want to look at aliens and “off chessboard entities” with superhuman powers. What the fuck dude?

        100% whenever I talk about Jews, some shills are going to come out here to their defense. Or is paying JLB 20 bucks a month or whatever it is you pay, automatic shill insurance since one of the holy gospels of JLB’s site seems to be that there are “no shills online” which I find hilarious, since his own site is full of infiltrators. As if 20 bucks a month would stop

        What are you even talking about? Do you really think I go out on the streets and try to talk to strangers about any of this stuff? You talk like you have somehow transcended “real world” problems created by a very real group of supremacist-believing people called Jews

        • 19-December-2019 at 6:57 pm

          “Everybody already knows it’s the Jews”
          I used to think this too. It’s possible. But then it could just be the rich, or the masons. Or off chess board entities – I don’t dismiss that. (I do dismiss aliens though.) I’m not shilling for the Jews.

          One thing that does make me question the Jews thing is ww2. I know you think that event was real as portrayed, but I’m not so sure. There are obvious strategic errors, eg Hitler not invading England. The fact that most people in England were in shelters when the air raids were on – how would the people know what was going on outside? The fact that the newspapers have lots of drawings and cartoons of fighting, but that the photos themselves look staged. So, I think there are big elements of that war that were staged and not as they appear. I think your position on that war though was that it is as portrayed, except that Hitler was fighting the good fight, but that as he lost a genuine war he has been blackwashed.

          Like I said, I think some Jews do play a part – perhaps a disproportionate. Perhaps they are TPTB troops on the ground. I don’t think most of them know much about it though. It also seems to me that they have had the biggest mind f*ckery played on them – they are not defined as a race or a religion as they themselves agree. Ultimately most of them define themselves as hated and perceive themselves to be under continuous attack, which allows them to justify acting against others first.

  • 16-December-2019 at 2:36 am

    The proof is in the pudding, like everything else the censorship jig is a complete hoax. It can be shown categorically that 6 million Jews did not get murdered during WW2, anyone thinking they will get banned for presenting this evidence is a retard. Crrow777 has indeed spoke on YT about the Jews, funny he is still talking about his censorship right now and will continue to do so as it is all a sympathy net to gather cash.
    With the baby hoaxes I would not be surprised that channels discussing this are took down on purpose to bring further attention to the fact that they are indeed hoaxes.

    • 19-December-2019 at 6:07 pm

      Since you’re such an expert on this, would you care to demonstrate it for us, once and for all, by going to Germany (where the laws are stiffest, so you can take the longest and cleanest prison vacation possible) and reading holohoax literature in public with a blowhorn like Alex Jones and prove us wrong. You have to do it even after they warn you and see what happens. Then do it again.

      Go ahead I triple dare you!

      And make sure you take another one of the “everything is fake but the turds in the toilet and even that doesn’t exist if we don’t dream it, we wouldn’t even have assholes and neither would the animals if we didn’t imagine it in consensus in our heads” dudes from this site with you to film it on his phone. That way we can actually see the proof that you didn’t chicken out.

      I’m betting a hundred bucks right now you will never do it.

      Are you saying my man Crrow777 is a phony and a shill? I thought you were on the JLB bandwagon that shills don’t exist?

      So which one is it? Or are you perfectly fine with contradicting yourself?

      Why would Crrow777 be a shill when “there are no shills online”? Or do you not agree with JLB?

      You know that your “Cutting Edge Conspiracy” “street cred” requires that you do not spread fear of shills, so why are you spreading fear of Crrow777 for charging a measly 7 dollars a month for a great friggin’ second hour and hundreds of hours of previous second hours? Every last topic you’ve talked about here, he has also talked about plus many more that you guys haven’t even remotely touched on. So are you saying you’re in the same boat as a shill? lol

      So did JLB also get banned from you tube to garner him sympathy or is his banning just for Sandy Hook stuff?

  • 16-December-2019 at 2:49 pm

    ‘anyone thinking they will get banned for presenting this evidence is a retard.’

    i know you’re talking about YT, but a show would get banned from public tv in nyc if one mentioned this…guaranteed : ) . i’d wager it would also get cancelled pretty much anywhere else in the country.

    ‘With the baby hoaxes I would not be surprised that channels discussing this are took down on purpose to bring further attention to the fact that they are indeed hoaxes.’

    can you elaborate a bit more on this, please? take JLB’s site getting shut down for SH. who would be getting further attention with channels like his being taken down? the producers of said channel? or the portion of the public who may be unaware of the hoax, but are brought to its attention by the gossip that channels discussing x or y are getting shut down? something else?

    • 16-December-2019 at 6:38 pm

      Hey Dante, to me it is not who but what is getting attention. Shutting down a channel reporting on a baby hoax brings the air of mystery to the hoax itself, a little piece of validation to the conspiritards. For all the whinging and crying about censorship all these people shut down are able to go and start another channel again and on the grand stage even a channel with 50,000 subs is a mere drop in the ocean in the land of YT creators. The thing you have to ask is do YT moderate for YT’s sake or do they moderate for their advertisers.

      In conspiritard land the enemy is always pointed at as a singular force, “the Jews”, “the illuminati” or just the state. There are clearly multiple agendas at play amongst many corporate entities going on here all for profit.

      As for shows getting banned on the telescreen, that is stage craft, on the telescreen there is only the show.

      • 19-December-2019 at 6:29 pm

        Deeds not words.

        You will have to personally demonstrate all this for us by putting your own ass on the line. You’ll have to write a Sandy Hook book like Fetzer and a holohoax book and then see if you can stay on Amazon or not, etc.

        So, let’s all imagine that censorship, brainwashing, property taxes and horrendous traffic don’t exist and maybe all will disappear, huh?

        It’s simple, but not that simple, especially if you still eat plants or drink any kind of alcohol. You cannot ascend to the higher carnivore Mahararishi state if those poisons are still in your system.

        • 19-December-2019 at 6:53 pm

          hey Neg – if you’ve ‘ascended’ “to the higher carnivore Mahararishi state,” then how come suchlike muh da jooze &/or “censorship” &/or “brainwashing” &/or “property taxes” &/or – especially in mutha-effin’ Los Angeles, amirite?“horrendous traffic” – all seem to get summat hella mega ‘rise’ outta yourself? i’m sure it must be summat ‘crazy wisdom’ training/practice that you’re developing, so i’d sincerely love to hear in exhaustive detail – step-by-step if possible – how it is you’ve achieved your present state of RELAX-ation, especially relative to the rest of us clowns. XP

          • 19-December-2019 at 10:35 pm

            If the information Fuhng gave me is correct, he is 8 years younger than me. He didn’t do any uphill sprints but smoked cigarettes instead. That’s after I gave him a ride from Koreatown which took me one hour to get to in yes, hellish L.A. traffic, and then another half hour because we missed our connecting street north and had to backtrack.

            He’s one of these positive thinkers that if you make any criticism of anything, even the weather, he’ll give you a 5 minute argument back as to why you’re wrong and everything is “wonderful” and “for the best.” He’s almost like a hippie in hip-hop fashions or at least Sports team fashions. He met a stranger from Chicago and their sports hats became a topic of conversation, kind of like how my “music-related” T-shirts sometimes become topics of conversations with random strangers.

            When you tell him to “relax” because he’s talking a bit too fast or about too many things at a time, he assumes you told him to “shut-up” which you didn’t. “OK, ok, I’ll shut up” is what he says, clearly implying that others have also told him to “relax and take it easy” as well for motor-mouthing a bit too much.

            I am a bit of a motormouth myself, especially in written posts, so I understand others of the type. They just have so much to express and wish that someone out there could understand all of it, but the problem is, we’re all unique individuals with limited “real time” processing ability and will never “mesh” together the way that more conformist “high school buddies” sometimes do. They are able to be closer because their roles and wishes and desires are more prescribed by standard narratives.

            Fuhng is a good hiker but had to stop some 4 or 5 times on the smaller hill of the hike (we never got to the larger hill because Fuhng had a previous engagement he had to get to, which I also drove him to in traffic and “on time” I might add) and catch his breath, proving that my conversation of energy, hence ‘ability to relax’ under pressure, is better, but he’s telling me to “relax” because I told him to “relax” and he took that as a slight to his ego? No! Can’t be! Love and flowers to us all! We’re back to egoless 1967 and Laurel Canyon.

            Fuhng also thinks that just because I cursed a couple of times in the car at other cars that I was “angry” and urelaxed. Nope. I am in full control of my emotions at all times, just acknowledging annoyance and not repressing it by giving some verbal though not “agitated” or emotional response to it. I have learned to EXPECT absurdity all the time, therefore I am not disappointed, ever. Fuhng seems to want a “beautiful” unabsurd world that makes “sense” which doesn’t exist outside of our narrated fantasies learned from media programming.

            P.S. Fuhng is now a disciple of cosmic choreography, my school of internal martial arts, but he doesn’t know it yet. Trauma and especially “drama” does not exist in that realm, only complete negation of the fake world “as it is.” In other words, a higher health that arises out of recognition of the absurdity of life, a sort of modern Camus-like existentialism.


            • 20-December-2019 at 2:21 am

              just so we’re clear here, yoi am not now, nor do i ever anticipate becoming any “disciple of cosmic choreography” (whatever that means) – especially if it is your “school of internal martial arts.”

              glad you got to get your version out there and off your chest, doe. mebbe one of these days (but prolly not, i’d rather go hiking w/ summat my irl jew-bu friends or summat, that’s for damn sure) i’ll sit down at the wrex&dex and blast off my own version of Negentropic & fuhng’s grand day outbut don’t effin’ hold your breath, either.

              • 20-December-2019 at 5:17 pm


                It’s obvious you have some kind of passive-aggressive problem with me and a need to create pointless dramas, so it’s better we don’t hang out in person at all.

                I’ve already gone hiking 3 times since Saturday in 3 different locations and just did the entire Runyon Canyon course again today, without stopping once. Am I tired? Nope. Raw Carnivore diet is king of Siam.

                And yo, yo yo, since when are you writing in negro ebonics? Thug Life nigga, we be the real niggaz.

              • 20-December-2019 at 6:03 pm

                Well, I’ve just taken ‘going for a hike with Negentropic’ of my bucket list. Sorry Neg.

                I’m not sure I could deal with all the retrospective deconstruction!

  • 19-December-2019 at 8:15 pm

    You are reading me wrong, I do not think Crrow777 is a shill at all. In fact I have great admiration for him. It is just the YT fear pushing that I find tiresome. Victim mentality is being displayed that for me is either a manifestation of his own fear or an act to pull more cash in.
    As for the Jews, how many have you sat down with and had a conversation?
    I have sat down with a few over the years and while I do not deny their stranglehold on the mainstream media or their displayed power over Western Governments to me this is part of the wheels within wheels stage craft that is going on to hide what is really going on. It is the Hive that is behind all this not the Jews. Some Jews, some Muslims, some Christians, some Hindus and many more part of the scientism cult all part of the same group with one goal to destroy man and change him into a shadow of his former glory. As for Israel itself now that’s a hive hub for sure.

    For me JLB got banned to bring validity to the baby hoaxes. Time spent breaking down baby hoaxes is exactly what the agenda requires, waste your time on them and ignore the bigger picture.

  • 20-December-2019 at 8:02 pm


    Who asked you?

    When I ask you then you can reject my offer, but not ahead of time. I didn’t even ask Fuhng to “meet-up.” He asked me!

    Also, Fuhng started that meet-up conversation above, not me. I was just responding to his request that I teach him how to relax.

    Aren’t you the vegan or vegetarian brainwash who called the carnivore diet a bunch of nonsense? I’m already laughing. Your body is literally cannibalizing your muscles and you have no idea do you?

    Why would I ask a vegan with no energy or strength or speed, none whatsoever, to slow me down to a crawl on a hike? At least Fuhng eats Korean BBQ and could somewhat keep up.

    Did you know that you can go 3 days without sleep on Wagyu grass-fed fat, just the fat by itself and never feel tired? I encourage you to keep eating those worthless cucumbers and kale.

    I’ll bet you’re at least 25 to 30 years younger than me and couldn’t do 4 maximum-velocity uphill sprints in a row to save your life without having a heart attack.

    Don’t worry, you and Fuhng can smoke cigarettes instead and pretend you’re “too cool for school” and get butthurt if anyone tells you to “relax and take it easy” when you’re yapping their ear off in the car.

    Remember: it’s not arrogance if you can back it up. You obviously can’t or you wouldn’t have to join Fuhng in playing the game called CRABS IN A BUCKET. Pull the other guy down instead of trying to reach his level.

    Isn’t that cute? lol

    • 20-December-2019 at 9:07 pm

      I didn’t call your diet nonsense. I only asked you questions. You responded ‘as if’ I had rubbished your diet. Totally different things.

      And that is a typical Neg interaction, as far as I can tell. Talking with you is one way – a diatribe. There is no conversation – you know it all already. But in your high castle do you show care or interest for another’s point of view? To help move understanding forward? You do not.

      My personal view is that you have a lot of admirers for certain lines of thought that you take. I am/have been interested to hear more. But you take alternative viewpoints as an affront, and resent any questioning. Apparently we should just lap up what you have to say. You are a narcissistic.

      And the fact you do this after meeting up with potential friends in real life that says a lot to me. A new low. I mean, how many people can you really talk about this stuff with? But when people reach out to you, and you get the chance to meet in real life what do you do? Well, it seems to me that you take a take a public sh*t on the interaction. No doubt it was solid.

  • 20-December-2019 at 8:10 pm

    Regarding some of the off-topic comments posted in this thread lately, I’ll make two quick points:

    1) Dale Carnegie is turning in his grave right about now.

    2) When people have met in real life, and one or more of them make online comments about the other(s) which can be perceived as personally insulting, nobody comes out looking better for it. Nobody.

    That is all.

  • 12-March-2020 at 11:14 am

    Off Chessboard Entities Nobody Can Name:

    Supercomputer? Find and replace digitally every instance of mention of the well-known 1970s musical group name Seals and Croft with Crofts on the entire internet, including digital pictures of the record album covers, including even the listing of their greatest hits album in the 3000-plus collection of that silly fringe internet character that calls himself Negentropic.

    Supercomputer: Why?

    OCE-NCN: Just to mess with their heads and turn them even more mad. We’ll just flood the internet with fake images of Crofts on the cover of their old record albums. We’ll even print new (especially distressed to look ‘used’ and original) old used records and pretend they’re originals from the 70s and spread them around to pull off the hoax in their heads. If nothing else, over 60% of the new generation of bozos, as soon as they hear the song “Summer Breeze” or other hits from this group will think the name is Crofts instead of Croft. With just one letter change, we’ll show our mastery of this realm and our ability to fuck with everybody’s heads and ‘reality’ itself. It has to be a band that’s not too popular but still well-known. If we started saying tomorrow that John Lenin was the singer of the Beatles and Lennon was the first communist puppet in Russia, there will be far more complaint from old farts still holding on to their pathetic ruined memories.

    Seals and Croft – Quantum of Conscience mentions this Mandela Effect:


    About 60% of their mentions on the internet now have the added ‘S’ (from Croft to Croft-S-), including digital pictures of their record album covers, but still plenty of sites have the old Croft which all of us old-timers who grew up in the 70s and 80s remember well. After all “Summer Breeze” was a quintessential 1970s mellow top 10 hit with all its hippie vibes. Yes, even the title of one of my own old uploads on you tube


    and my listing in my Excel file of all the discs I have in my collection (mostly CD-Rs that I recorded off albums I bought and sold from 2003 to about 2010) have been changed, while my memory, in line with that of many 1000s of other people knows 100% that it was Croft and not Crofts as surely as the rest of you know it’s the Beatles and not the Beatle or it’s Led Zeppelin and not Leds Zeppelin. I’m sure I have the original of one of their LPs somewhere in storage also. I guess I’ll have to check to see if the covers have been changed magically too. I seriously doubt they have been, since even on the internet it’s only about 60% Crofts and 40% still Croft, so how can these aliens repaint old record albums in people’s closets?! lol

    Reality is ‘fluid’? I doubt it, but if you can go from being someone who is easily hurt when physically active to one who is almost never hurt by aligning with certain inner principles, it certainly is quite moldable by will. And furthermore, something as silly as this, finding and replacing one letter and perverting it in the memory of people who may never even have heard of this group, certainly doesn’t prove fluidity but full digital control of every aspect of the internet, including stuff stored in memory on people’s hard drives, especially the hard-drives of those pesky ‘truthers’ wise to Media Fakery, whose every move is being watched closely, almost like in Dick’s “My Scanner Darkly.”

    Note: According to Wakopedia, Seals and Croft are both alive. Will Croft now come out and tell these motherfuckers that his real name is Croft and not CroftS? As if anybody but us truther losers care? lol

    It’s very likely, of course, that both of these guys are dead and are kept alive in name only or too out-of-it to clear their names, or in another dimension now and unable to access and assess their reputation here, etc.

    It’s also, of course, likely that these two musicians are playing along with the scam of the ‘elites’ and/or OCE-NCN, and will come out and say something as ridiculous as “No, your memories are wrong, 70s people, we were always Seals and Crofts.” After all did the guys in Supertramp, who I’m sure have already heard about the 911 predictive programming implications of their 20 million selling 1979 “Breakfast in America” album cover come out and say anything about it? Of course not! And it isn’t a coincidence either that the album itself was recorded in a Masonic temple, that A&M stands for Alpert and Moss both of the tribe, and the song “Breakfast in America” is based on a very Jewish sounding melody, very Hava Nagila like in its phrasing and rhythm. It’s literally the owners of the media, the Jews, celebrating 9-11 twenty-two years before their own media-faked event.

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