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Impromptu Chat #6 | ‘Eccentric Views’ (20-Mar-2016)

Introducing Gino for his first appearance on Impromptu Chats. Topics include the now-defunct ‘hoaxbusting community’; the Flat Earth scene; what we know about death and this existence; are craters caused by space; the Donald Trump story; and much more.


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One thought on “Impromptu Chat #6 | ‘Eccentric Views’ (20-Mar-2016)

  • Great show, working through all of them! Ideas on craters to suit the ball and flat…
    If the meteor was ice coming from ball earth ‘space’ then it would hit pretty hard, and then melt.
    Or if you prefer a dome, there are some good theories on water needing a surface for condensation (dome), and then fall as rain. Perhaps for some reason ice could form on part of a dome (a la your freezer), large enough to cause an impact crater when falling and hitting Earth.
    Theories theories everywhere!

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