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Impromptu Chat #3 | ‘Space Fakery’ (14-July-2015)

Another Impromptu Chat between Matrix Decode and John le Bon. Topics this time include the ‘New Horizon’ passage of Pluto, moon mirror laser reflections, more problems with ‘gravity’ and the ISS.


1) ‘New Horizon’ ‘spacecraft’ ‘passage of Pluto’ – 2:50
2) Moon mirror laser reflections – 43:45
3) More problems with ‘gravity’ and the ISS – 1:29:30
4) Invitation to an old friend who still believes in NASA – 2:22:50
5) General discussion – 2:28:40

The Oz:
Sky News:
‘Lunar ranging at observatory’:
‘Inside ISS’:
‘Tour the ISS’:
‘Geostationary orbit’:
‘Waking up… in zero G’:
‘Iran Space Agency’:
‘Iran satellite’:

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  • Clorox32oz

    Hello JLB!
    Can you re-upload this video pls ?

    Thank you very much ūüôā

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