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‘Flat Earth’ Debate | Antonio vs JLB | Aftershow (29-May-2016)

An aftershow for the Antonio vs JLB ‘Flat Earth’ debate. Includes an overview of the debate itself as well as a range of related topics. Lucas from Bitcoin Brisbane makes an appearance later in the show.

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One thought on “‘Flat Earth’ Debate | Antonio vs JLB | Aftershow (29-May-2016)

  • i am in full alignment with the proposition that everyone who rejects the heliocentric, spinning ball model should not so quickly adhere to FE theory, but fail to see how many of the points JLB brings up rejects a flat earth – let alone supports a motionless ball hypothesis.

    for example, who cares if the map is inaccurate? none of us are mapmakers and most of us cant circumnavigate the earth by ship or by aircraft to properly outline the boundaries of terra firma. so by failing to have an accurate map – does that then mean the earth is not flat? i dont think you can declare that. one can only declare there are flaws with that particular map.

    and how would oceans of seemingly level water adhere to a stationary ball? if one cannot explain that with a model – does that falsify the stationary ball theory? perhaps…perhaps not.

    as for the south celestial pole, i do not think this has been proven, but regardless of whether their movements are in a different direction than those in the north – i still fail to see how this proves or disproves a flat plane. sure there are mountains and canyons – but i was just in a plane across the atlantic ocean and saw no curvature – and just the flat horizon. could we be on a flat tip to a diamond? sure. i have no idea…but it seems like JLB is going overboard in his attacks on FE community. sure there are some who aren’t taking into account all the evidence – but so what? as he states many times, the numbers are so few and far between – it doesnt amount to a row of beans.

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