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Climbing Mount Fakeology

How does a man find himself in a foreign land proclaiming that nobody died, nobody got hurt? If ‘outer space’ is a hoax, how can you explain the so-called ‘ISS’? Who is really behind the ‘internet archive’ and why is nobody else talking about this?

On Wednesday, 30-Oct-2019, I decided to do an impromptu livestream on my YouTube channel. During the presentation I tried to answer all of these questions and so much more.



This mp3 file is a slightly-edited rip of the video, with some dead air at the beginning removed, and audio balance / noise removal functions applied, for the benefit of the listener.


Coming soon.

Production notes. Livestreamed late Wednesday / early Thursday, 30/31 Oct 2019. mp3 file released 31-Oct-2019. Manual audio balancing, auto compression @ 5:1, noise removal applied, some dead air removed.


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