‘Breaking Raphael’ by Take No Gnosis

Just how old are the oldest 'classical' paintings still in existence today?

Does the official story of the 'renaissance' jive with what is now known about how long paint and canvass can survive sunlight without fading and rotting?

If the Vatican was built hundreds (even thousands) of years ago, why is the architecture so similar to structures built about only 100 years ago?

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JLB Chats #14 ‘No More Realology’ (25-Dec-2019)

Why has the website Fakeologist.com seen an influx of realologists over the past couple of years? What is ‘elite gender inversion’ and when did Ab the Fakeologist appear on normie breakfast radio discussing transvestigations? How can somebody who sees through the hoaxery of 9/11 end up becoming a leading promoter of the ‘Mandela Effect’ trojan horse mind-mush meme?

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