One thought on “Turning Point: Missile Fakery & War Hoax

  • Hahahaha, I wrote a comment on this page a couple hours ago, but I deleted it instead of posting. The comment was about how back in school when I was a kid one of my science teachers told a story about how when he was a child he went on a cross country road trip with his family. He said they passed some military base in the desert, and when he looked out the car window he saw a missile, off in the distance, flying horizontally across the desert.

    But then I made a comment about how I don’t put much faith in stories from teachers, and I cited the example of how one teacher used to tell us he had a banana factory in his basement.

    Anyway, I thought the comment was boring and so I deleted it and went out to run some errands. Just before returning home I decided suddenly to detour and get some burgers. As I’m waiting for my food I notice Mr. Banana Factory is sitting at a table sipping coffee. I think this might be the first time I have seen him in 20 years. I thought that was a funny coincidence.

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