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Trumpy Boy Supports Officer Greg Anderson of Seattle Police

An endorsement from Mr ‘I’ve never even heard of Pepe’ Trump is a glowing red flag…


JLB 20077 | Trumpy Boy Supports Officer Greg Anderson of Seattle Police (13-May-2020)

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13 thoughts on “Trumpy Boy Supports Officer Greg Anderson of Seattle Police

    • watermanchris

      The comments on that video were somewhat encouraging. Seems like some people at least know this has nothing to do with a “virus”.

  • Negentropic

    It’s called controlled opposition/ controlled dissent. They put their own guys in and make the video go viral, so that any real opposition, which always exists to various degrees, doesn’t get heard. They control the opposition by leading it themselves with clowns like this Anderson, which then block out anybody else who might be emerging. It’s not that ‘grass-roots’ movements do not exist. It’s that they are always blocked by bigger and louder ‘controlled’ infiltrators. Very easy to do.

    Actually, even at our own level of ‘woke,’ which we like to assume is very high to pat ourselves on the back, we had many suspicious events such as long-time-Chris-Kendall-Marcus-Allen-Hoax-Busters associate John Adams pushing an obvious fake PsyOp as real (the Annette Carrion, Busty Biker Babe death story) and then Chris Kendall himself ‘passing’ in odd and hard-to-verify circumstances recently, right after he seemed to be back better than ever and in good spirits and only a couple of shows after JLB called in to congratulate him on all the important work he did over the years with Marcus-Allen and others in the Media-Fakery realm of truther-research.

    So if John Adams was a fraud and Chris Kendall was also a fraud, what does that make Marcus Allen through association? And others who associated with Hoax Busters for almost 10 years, who listened to that outlet for years? I myself called into Chris Kendall’s show 3 or 4 times and talked to him off-the-air on skype. If we take associations far enough, we are all either ‘agents’ or useful idiots/egos, which in the end always tend to add up to the same thing: the spread of doubt and confusion and an ‘everything is believable and nothing is knowable’ mindset, which is the very definition of disinformation.

    Disinformation campaigns are designed to make the targets more and more confused and unable to verify things. Once that is done, they are demoralized and cannot determine the truth or falsity of any claim, no matter how intelligent otherwise, then they cannot make a rational and ‘true’ choice that gets them ‘thru’ that problem. They can be stuck there for years arguing this or that aspect of this or that belief, trying to say ‘No’ enough to ‘know,’ but unable to get there. While the pessimists and optimists among the ranks of the believers in disinformation argue about the glass of water being half-empty or half-full, the opportunists who planned the whole game, drink the water.

    So, if we can’t even verify the death of a person in our own circles, such as Chris Kendall, and therefore, in keeping with DaveJ’s principles we ‘do not bear false witness of death,’ how are any ‘truthers’ in the Media Fakery realm going to be able to verify that anybody ‘died’ at all outside of popping-open-the-casket ourselves or sending somebody over there to pop open the casket and even take a pulse? If nobody is willing to start a go-fund-me and form a team of ‘media-fakery-wise truther journalists’ whose only job would be to immediately, like firefighters, fly to all locations of every so-called ‘terror event’ reported in the media and verify any dead claimed personally and through examination of actual bodies only, then anything can be claimed in either direction: this many died and this many were faked, without any final verification to prove the case except proof of media fakery itself.

    Actually, if they allowed examination of ‘bodies’ on fake events to outside and independent parties, which, of course, they should, if they claim to be honest sources of news, then none of these PsyOps could be sold. Just that process would stop them dead in their tracks. It’s the removal of that due-process by simply claiming: ‘experts have determined that this many people died, here’s the coroner-actor-expert for more,’ and realizing that they will not be challenged by any journalistic class actually doing their jobs, that insures their PsyOps will run as scripts and ‘new normals’ in people’s media-saturated heads. It’s not because ‘reality is fluid’ but because reality has been faked-into ‘fluidity,’ because they have made sure, ahead of time, that those who want to find the ‘truth,’ the real journalists of our day-to-day realities, the real historians should they exist, will have no way of doing their jobs, no access to claimed ‘dead bodies’ to examine, no money to go examine any dead claimed even if they had access, and finally, of course, even if they persist and are able to verify certain things, no access to mass-media for disseminating their findings to enough people for it to matter.

    They always do it in every PsyOp. 9-11, as the most obvious example, had a whole bunch of these kind of built in shills from the beginning and already within the script being rolled out: the so-called victims’ parents, relatives and extended families who appeared as the alternate conspiracies were put out in opposition to the main conspiracy theory to set up the dialectic away from where it really needed to go to find the t-root: media fakery.

    A lot of these 9-11-victims-families dissenter/actors such as Bob McIllvaine, did not profess belief in the official story but agreed with other controlled opposition Bush-&-Cheney-probably-did-it semi-dissenters making the same rounds of ‘truther’ shows as them, such as Alex Jones and Jim Fetzer, the whole GCN network at the time which also included Kevin Barrett, the Moslem convert professor/dissenter from Wisconsin who appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s program on TV, as a dissenter, was yelled at by O’Reilly but ‘held his ground. This guy then immediately became the co-host of Jim Fetzer’s show at the time called Dynamic Duo, which was on the same network as Alex Jones (GCN). Judy Wood and Ace ‘fake suicide’ Baker and Richard ‘holograms’ Hall and every other shill that came later to confuse the growing No-Planer class of 9-11 dissenters that had been there from Day-one in the easy-to-discredit ‘crazy meth-head’ persona of the well-known but hard-to-comprehend German No-Planer-from-Day-One Nico Haupt (‘no-planers like that nut Paula Gloria who were on Howard Stern discrediting the whole movement’ as decried by Alex Jones and Loose Change at the time), they all got their first exposures to the wider ‘truth movement’ through Jim Fetzer.

    Jim Fetzer was even allowed on Fox Network at the time, just like his ‘truth jihadist’ Loose-Change-pushing co-host Barrett, with another No-Planer: Morgan Reynolds. They were given 5 minutes to talk and laughed at and ridiculed as nuts, of course, but it gave them a foothold in the alternative movements as people with enough clout to actually get on major networks. So both of these guys started leading factions of No-Planer truthers away form ‘total fakery’ and especially the victims being faked into ‘partial fakery’ theories that made no sense and were limited-hangout/gatekeeping deliberate disinformation designed to get people stuck in those gates wasting time. I was stuck in that ate myself for at least 5 years before I became a Clues Forum member back in 2012.

    All of these guys, including Jim Fetzer sold us the fake William Rodriguez ‘hero janitor’ nonsense which re-inforced the fake 3000-people-died-and-there were-planes-everywhere-except-maybe-the-Pentagon-until-they-release-another-fake-video alternative conspiracy narratives, the narrative that Loose Change also closely followed.

    (notice that almost all the originally linked you tube videos have now been systematically deleted. The entire David Icke website recently got hacked off the net and right before that the entire old Icke forum which had over 300,000 members and tens of thousands of posts and had been up for close to 20 years. Then the new forum also got hacked last week)

    Soon this Loose-Change-on-CNN-promoted narrative had spawned alternate versions of its it-was-all-real-but-a-false-flag-done-by-elites theory such as: Yes, of course there were planes, but they had been ‘taken over and redirected by Global Hawk remote control technology’ into the buildings, which then came down because of Nano-Thermite and then, of course, 3000 people (who by the way would have had plenty of time to escape at least the second collapse even if they had been trapped in there) got whacked and the Western militaries had to go do un-controlled demolitions and strategic relocations in Afghanistan and Iraq, or basically take over those regions overtly, as if they even needed to, with their puppets already in place for decades.

    • TheMerovingian

      I got stuck in conspiracies at times but when I finally accepted that most of it is fake (aside from maybe news about a cat getting stuck in a tree) then it all made much more sense to me.

      Where do you suppose we go from there? Do you think there is a solution to all the madness?

      • Negentropic

        They’re fake because people have accepted them as fake since the Moon Landings Hoax and before and going back to the holohoax and more-or-less all ‘wars’ where all sides of the conflict relied on central banks. I like to imagine that If all parents were woke to our level, the first three things they would teach all their children after basic reading, writing and math would be (without using such complicated words):

        1) Symbols are the Pavlovian bells of human interaction and are very easy to fake. How did rite come to be spelled riGht? Never trust the language you speak, including the language of mathematics or so-called science, as something that naturally and organically developed because it has not. Never take symbols for granted because before you know it your plate will be empty and you’ll still be salivating to the same symbolic hogwash.
        2) Never trust media of communication, without checking the evidence yourself. If you’re not willing to do that or form a group of truthers willing to do that, at all times, in all areas and for all ‘events,’ then you have nothing to argue anymore and should shut up, because you’re not serious about the truth and are only amusing yourself with conspiracy hobbyism.
        3) Without free choice, all other freedoms are meaningless and a fraud.

        1776 = 777 – Like Matt from Quantum of Conscience says: A Duke & Duke $1 bet (from the movie Trading Places with Eddie Murphy & Dan Aykroyd) that they could create the freest society in the world for 250 years and then just as easily bring the jackboot down to complete tyranny which is what we have now.

        • Negentropic

          Not really ‘250 years’ of course but for 90 years or so in the USA up until around 1900, the value of money stayed the same (whereas from 1913 until the 1970s the value of a dollar in terms of the amount of goods it could actually purchase dropped by over 90%), you paid no income tax and hardly any other taxes either and you did not need a license to be dentist or doctor or to go into any other of the thousands of businesses that all require a license. You just hung up a sign and if your customers were satisfied you had a going business and kept almost all of your money. If they were not, they would get together in a mob and complain and drive you out of business and if necessary straight out of town (Fly by Night operators, the term originated from there). They did not go and try to get ‘laws’ (walls backwards) passed to restrict others from doing the same, since others doing the same might be doing it right. And needless to add, you certainly did not require a ‘lie-sense’ or a ‘background check’ to buy firearms, that’s for sure.

          All that changed around the ‘civil’ war which was a charade organized by the usual suspects to get an income tax established and subvert the system. This is because even if the elite Jews and the freemasons were certainly ‘in on it’ from the 1776=777 so-called beginning, they still had to deal with all the problems for tyranny that a developing ‘free society’ creates. Healthy population habituated to freedom = lots of problems for tyrants who want to do no creative work but parasite off the creative work of others. In order to get others to do that creative work, they have to dangle a very big carrot in front of their noses for many decades while products are produced and co-opted to give them more power, at which point they bring back in the stick, a much bigger stick provided to them by their own programmed ‘free range’ cattle goyim. And Psychologically, with control of mass-media bought with fiat money, when that is established with central banking, they don’t need, in most cases, to actually use the stick, since it’s bad publicity for them, although if it comes down to it they certainly will, and that’s what all the prisons and jails are for.

          Psychologically fear substitutes for the stick and need and wants and desires sub for the carrot. So just the fear in the air or the suggestion of a possible stick coming down on you already keeps you shepherded and the possibility of new distractions and needs, often artificial needs created by the same media’s advertising departments, the constant and non-stop barraging of people with their own inadequacy when they are already adequate within themselves, these ‘carrot-led’ strategies and tactics also keep the sheep herded.

  • Hi Neg

    This is a great comment. Do we know the Chris K was bringing us his version of the truth? Is Mr Anderson a real person? And what about Marcus Allen? Misom, on fakeologist certainly does not trust him, and has said that he and Chris K started at the same time in suspicious circumstances. But can she be trusted?

    This for me is all about epistemology – ie how we know what we know. My answer would be that its all about trust. I’m on auto-distrust – I trust no one, I try anyway. Perhaps the idea of trusting no one seems hard, ie is nothing sacred in this world? But it was always so. One cannot trust anyone, one has to verify things for oneself. Or, more likely, live with huge levels of uncertainty as it is impossible to verify everything. And even if one thinks something has been verified, one has to bear in mind that we can be tricked or mislead. For me, the Mandela Effect is one of those examples where people are misleading themselves. Another possibility perhaps, is that one can pray for divine revelation, like Dave J – but I know you don’t like to consider the off-chessboard entities Neg.

    The characters I listen to have gained my time by bringing interesting ideas to the table. Ideas that interest me. I know (can be sure) of myself, that for myself at least, I act in truth and my intent is good. JLB has re-presented the fantastic tool of skepticism with which one can better understand and withstand events. Dave J also presents methodologies to understand events – breaking down the process of how we accept and choose to take in an idea. I don’t fully get his thinking but I’m prepared to consider that there could be something to it – he has brought a lot to the table.

    Whatever tools we have, knowledge is gained or better to say, fake knowledge is rejected, as one tries to ‘knock down’ ideas. One can only know lies, by the fact that there are incoherencies in the story. There is nothing incoherent in the truth of objective reality. Once one incoherent detail is confirmed, we can discard the whole. Whatever is left standing after parsing for incoherencies is still viable. What stands tallest is the best hypothesis – but this is not ‘the truth’. We can only know the lies. One must evaluate these ideas for oneself, no one can do this for others. Well, ideas can be told by many others but only you can decide what to accept. As Dave J might say, you choose what to put into your temple.

    • Negentropic

      Only real people can manipulate symbols and communicate through language, so the character is fake. T-rusting can rust your mind and trusting in cynicism is probably rustiest of all trusts. You can only trust yourself and the first 6 Black Sabbath albums is what Henry Rollins says. Human beings just being human are not hard to corrupt. Creative work, on the other hand, has to have a certain amount of truth in it in order for it to last. Heavy Metal music has a certain truth in it but what is it anyway? It’s got power but where does it come from? It’s not the lyrics or the loud instruments. It’s always about tone. The early Black Sabbath, for whatever reason, has the right tone to their heaviness, hence its lasting popularity. I’ve grown out of most of the ‘heavy’ albums I used to listen to when I was a teenager but not BS, and that’s why HR’s statement registers with me.

      Most people go through their entire lives without ever finding their real self underneath all the roles they have created for themselves to protect their ego. When I think of all the idiotic ways I have acted, all the roles I have played in the past, and the remnants of all the roles I still play unconsciously without realizing it, simply because, like most others, I was made to feel inadequate, I have to cringe. But that’s how you are forced to learn when the entire society has been farced. Force is what brings fear to your ear and creates a farcical charade. When free-choice does not exist, it is utter nonsense to talk of any other freedoms.

      Whether they’re direct agents or useful idiots/useful egos, the result is the same: disinformation and the degradation of life and the consensus reality that we are forced to deal with on top of the unchanging reality underneath which is always there in all dimensions of consensus. Whatever ‘reality downloads’ the masses take and whatever reality downloads we take, without knowing why, since we absorb symbolic language everywhere all the time as long as our senses are functioning, there is an unchanging ‘god’ reality underneath it all that always gets its way in the end. Since we know of nothing but different levels of human intelligence as expressed in symbolic language, then all powerful people within the same symbolic parameters are subject to the same rules.

      They can corrupt our symbols by removing what was supposed to be on the plate when that Pavlov’s bell rang wrong or w-rung. Notice that right now there’s still food on the plate but all other ‘foods of freedom’ such as freedom of movement and assembly have been removed. If they removed the food only people would notice. The bell is ringing, the plates still have food, but all other ‘foods’ have been removed without much notice or complaint. If you’re a good doggie and do what you’re told and get your ass vaccinated, you’ll be able to travel, go to sporting events and concerts, crowded places etc.. Otherwise, you will certainly have to be outcast into a leper colony. They fully intend to make people like us lepers. The ‘second wave’ PsyOp is likely to be fearmongering against carnivores riffing on the original bat-eating Chinese theme since coronavirus is an anagram for carnivorous.

  • LloydMiller

    Claiming “special knowledge” of anything is suspect for disinformation. The dis-informers “know” we want something concrete with major inferential consequences to believe. We crave certainty, a rare commodity, indeed.

    In the real world, with few exceptions, we have to accept that information on society is theoretical, a working hypothesis that we can analyze for consistency, compare to various circulating “claims,” and, if we are lucky, compare to some first hand data or perceptions.

  • LloydMiller

    In our personal, career and business life we have much more exposure to first hand data and perceptions, so, hopefully, we can achieve greater certainty and take appropriate action.

    Unfortunately, as far as social reality goes, we tend to be blind and, therefore, totally dependent on the media for a viewpoint.

    I haven’t been able to find the quote, but somewhere in Tragedy and Hope, Carroll Quigley said opponents of the coming world order, now being designed by the AngloAmerican Establishment, are helpless due to being “blind” as they are totally dependent on the Media of said Establishment. Only an independent global “intelligence” network might restore “sight.” Of course, Quigley was an operative of Jesuit Georgetown University. The Vatican through its networks does have (or had) independent “sight.”

    At the time I read that I thought Quigley was referring to the “spin” put on the news. After my introduction to John LeBon, Fakeology and Time Ozman, I think Quigley might have been saying something more profound.

    • I agree with that. That’s why I focus on developing and understanding what the best process or toolset is, given imperfect or intentionally misleading information. Skepticism, awareness of one’s flaws and limitations, consciousness, careful use of models and language, inner guidance and personal verification – all are good tools in my book.

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