2 thoughts on “The World Explained in Three (Real) Quotes

  • Nate M

    I like that first one. I feel like printing that one out and putting it on the bulletin board at work for people to read after lunch, after they have had their in depth debates/analysies of the North Korea situation. (Lol, the same people talk shit about pro wrestling enthusiasts)

  • Negentropic

    Also, a lot of people think that reading is automatic thinking as long as you’re reading something “worthwhile” or written by someone considered “smart” and “knowledgeable” and therefore able to teach (to-each his-own is the only real way to teach) them something really valuable, something with real trade-off points in the “real” world where barters of emotional and mental energy are tabulated outside the so-called “material world.” This is a fallacy corrected long ago,


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