The Sky is Falling (42 Code)

Have you heard the news about the sky falling?

Is there a relationship between what we think about and what manifests in the ‘real world’?

Why does the media (mainstream and social) seem to want us to focus on certain things at certain times?


Tim Ozman of the Infinite Plane Society appears to have predicted, well in advance, the news stories we are seeing today.

Some time ago he noticed a trend in television shows and other pop culture which pointed towards a ‘sky fall’.

For about a year now, we’ve been told to wear masks to protect us from the invisible body-possessing demon.

Tim predicted that eventually we would be told to wear helmets to protect us from things falling from the sky.

The number 42 has been seen as synchromystically significant for a long time.

What Tim noticed was a preponderance of 42 mentions in among all of the skyfall motifs and pointers.

Based on news stories doing the rounds as we speak, it would seem that Tim was on the money once again.

This leads to a number of questions, which I explore in this presentation.



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All ashore that’s going ashore. Toot-toot!

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