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‘The Hospitals Are Empty’: Joe Rogan Guests

Millions of people have just been exposed to the obvious truth…


JLB 20079 | ‘The Hospitals Are Empty’: Joe Rogan Guests (17-May-2020)

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One thought on “‘The Hospitals Are Empty’: Joe Rogan Guests

  • Negentropic

    I wonder who schedules all those guests/shills for Rogan? It couldn’t possibly be he himself doing it. He’s basically just a ‘Martial Artist,’ which is like being a ‘goumet’ jock, a jock who adds a little philosophy to the mix, likes to get high with his friends and tell funny stories back and forth which then become comedy routines he might do on stage. He wouldn’t even know who half these people are.

    They’re definitely puppeteering his ass with guests that will influence and wash his audience’s already meager brains further, that’s for sure. His old producer and co-host was (((Brian Redban))) during his earlier days when he was more along the lines of Eddie Bravo in his beliefs. Rest assured that the slightest amount of research will lead you back to the tribe that owns all media and has orchestrated every last PsyOp that relied on media to psychically drive itself into the minds of hundreds of millions or more at once, with full co-operation of that same bought-and-paid for media, who are mostly nothing more than very well-paid talking heads given videos to show and stuff to read or printing heads, given stuff to print. The whole world can obviously be given the same stuff to show and read to everyone just like every McDonald’s franchise can be given Big Macs and Quarter-Pounders to sell. If they’re owned, they do what the owners say if they want to work there, sell whatever garbage they have to sell, and that’s that.

    The problem, of course, is that the same people own all of the media outlets and why would the ‘big bad patriotic military’ allow this if they also did not take orders from the same owners? Without those endless shekels flying in all directions in the billions and trillions, what military? Who even has the resources to play soldier or invent bombs and high-tech super weapons? And then who has the resources to fund full war-propaganda video-game massacres to hundreds of millions of gamers in such a way that they not only play them but become addicted to them?

    After all, the military is maybe the most hierarchically organized and compartmentalized place in the world and that makes military people on every level of compartmentalization subject to the same propaganda saturation as other people of the same rank (the same salary and power combined) within society. The media is what directs the military, not the other way around. It’s the media that fabricates the very drama of ‘heroic war’ through literally thousands upon thousands of war dramatizations/traumatizations. 99.9% of all movies use the dramatic form, the oldest, most psychically driven cliched form in the world. Everyone can see the end of a ‘drama’ coming from ten miles ahead, but they still sit through it. Why? Because they’ve been conditioned to it, just like they are conditioned to all things unnatural, by removing the alternatives or pretending the alternatives do not even exist.

    When you dramatize, you put, for one-and-a-half to two hours, those dramatized, under psychological distress. When this psychological distress is repeated in film after film, in TV show after TV show, it becomes trauma. So all of TV, and all of movies and all of the novelistic fiction form, all of this stuff is manufactured with the intent of damaging the public consuming it in drop-by-drop fashion so that nothing will be suspected at all and their own brain-washing and traumatizing even craved, like the rush of adrenaline received from the simulated fear of a scary movie.

    Callen and Schaub do a show together. Schaub has German roots and was a successful pro MMA fighter, Callen I think has Irish roots and got into martial arts through his friendship with Rogan which goes back to before Rogan started podcasting. Martial artists in general tend to have less fear and anxiety, and have to meditate and practice being more relaxed if they want to improve, so this less fearful state tends to lead to a higher ‘woke’ percentage than you get with regular folks. Just visit the Sherdog forums and browse a few of their threads there, they are very woke to a lot of hoaxes and conspiracies. In the less censored internet of past years, I used to always end up there when searching for conspiracy stuff because they will usually have threads on them. I haven’t been there for a while but they used to have a lot more free speech there than on the actual conspiracy sites. Stuff that would get you banned from Infowars you could freely discuss there or read others discussing it.

    Another case in point: Kron Gracie, son of the top-rated Gracie family fighter of all, actually went on a show Eric Dubay did with Eddie Bravo, who made his reputation by defeating one of the Gracies

    No handler worth his salt is really going to tell you he’s been sent to handle your ass for the intelligence services whose main job is programming and brainwashing the public through as many outlets as possible according to strategies and tactics given to them from higher ups they are compartmentalized from. It is their job and their career to learn these things and keep discretion and secrecy and pretend ignorance of any ulterior motive or ‘conspiracy.’ That is their job. They have to do that job well and be discrete or no more whatever high salary and perks they’re getting for their services to the tribe. Whether they’re useful idiots or knowing accomplices, they still have to do that particular job well or be replaced. On this level of sabotage operations, the agent has to be very well educated and intelligent but maybe brainwashed in just the areas that he needs to be washed like most people and compartmentalized out of the rest, so his intelligence has to guess to figure out what’s going on.

    I think Rogan’s handlers know that having these kinds of more woke friends of Mr. Shill on always gives him more street-cred with his audience who are young and conspiracy minded. If not, then how do you explain the super-popularity of the Alex Jones episodes of Rogan? So these guys and especially Bravo give him street cred and are tolerated to a degree. It remains to be seen how far they have to go before they don’t get called back.

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