4 thoughts on “Sydney Boys High School Feminism Video Response #IWD

  • Stevo the noscoper

    Not many things trigger me, but that video was the worst piece of shit that has ever existed. Those boys were forced into doing that video, and it saddens me to see them forced by some dickhead to do it.

    • namdankthetank

      I’m from SBHS and NONE of those boys were forced into making that video by anyone. It was a 100% student run organisation aimed at raising awareness for feminism. Please get your facts right before you throw shit at people.

      • Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment. I didn’t say the students were ‘forced’ to do anything. Have you read through the comments underneath the video on YouTube? Somebody claiming to be a SBHS student states that there is a ‘points’ policy at the school whereby students do certain things for points which are then used for some kind of rewards system. Is this true?

    • I received a few comments/messages from individuals claiming to be pupils of SBHS, and the way they explained it to me, the boys would not have been so much ‘forced’ to take part in the video, as they would have felt compelled/obliged as part of their prefect status – which is coveted at the school. Apparently there is some sort of points system which runs across years (i.e. from Year 7 through to senior high school) whereby the students compete with each other for formal brownie points, which are then cashed in during Year 12 for prefect status and/or other rewards. This is what I was told second-hand, so take it with a grain of salt, but I for one would not be the least bit surprised if this is how it works at SBHS and other schools like it.

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