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Skeptic DESTROYS 9/11 ‘Inside Job’ Conspiracy Theories

In this video, the internet’s leading skeptic, John le Bon, explains why the ‘inside job’ conspiracy theory pushed by people like Alex Jones is neither sensible nor logical. Irrefutable proof based on empirical evidence is used to make the case.


Impromptu Chat #10 (24-Jan-2017): Link
CBS plane speed article: Link
September Clues: Link
Vicsim Report: Link

Post updated 2-Oct-2019 with reuploaded video. Again 2-aug-2021


One thought on “Skeptic DESTROYS 9/11 ‘Inside Job’ Conspiracy Theories

  • peter.sp1

    What tipped me off was the fact that explosions are hard to make. Stoichiometry, or air/fuel ratios are VERY important to get an explosion instead of just a combustion. There is no way in hell that a mere collision produces an explosion. Lots of planes have crashed. None of them blew up. Because that’s no how things work. And jets don’t even use/have that much fuel to begin with. Those explosions were obviously hollywood style explosions.

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