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  • 06-September-2019 at 11:10 am

    I was thinking of the phonetics of censorship yesterday before I even saw that you made a video about it. Here’s what I wrote when I woke up this morning. I find that the best time to ritualize the rite of w-riting is when you are mourning the nite or nay-it. But why mourn the saying of nay nayit or the -No-ing, the saying of nay or No without which k-now-ing and nowing with yeahs or yeses or unsures to quest-ions is not possible? Are we secretly led through psy-ons, sines, and siGns we don’t inner-stand to our herded destinations by those who do over-stand these things thinked and thinks thinged? I would say yeahs to that and when I say yes I realize that say-ing is yas-ing backwards phonetically and phonetically is where the original meaning and vibration of the signal and its variations is best under-stood to then be inner-stood. To s-tand = to so-tend, to so-tend that you s-tend by standing over where your tendencies as well as your at-tension and tensions make you satan-ed.

    When you ask a quest-ion, it sounds like go-west-ion said quickly (go-weakly, haste is waste), but when you think about what is thinged, it also is written though not pronounced like go-east-ion.

    Well, “Go-West-ion” obviously derives from the sun going down in the West and you going West to meet it, right, as in

    go west
    1. Of a person, to die. When I go west, I don’t want any elaborate funeral services in my honor, OK?
    2. Of a machine, to stop working. Can you get a new coffee pot whil

    Those are what the dictionary de-fine-ations more-or-less say about it in censored (sense-sored, how does it feel to have sore senses? Don’t worry sun, even though you are the sun, you have no awareness of it, so be sense-soared. Restriction, when deliberate, can get your senses soaring, such as in an isolation tank, which produces hallucinations. You were sense-sored but also you can be sense-soared; you were sign-sored, your signs, sense and science are feeling the lack of nutritious sines, sine waves of psy-on, only at sion or zion can your psy be ‘on,’ they give you no out but into their maze exit. You are a-maze-d when you are put into a maze until you can fee-cure – pay-to-cure – or vi-cure – vive-cure, life-cure – it out) cyber-space, psy-bore-space, cipher-s-pace, your pace always creating your space, which exists on the inner plane first before it is ex-press-ed in the outer as ‘my boundaries’ to be re-spec-ted, seen, and/or vio-late-d, to various degrees, or not, by others (ah-theres) like yourself, those who have the same equipment as you, such as a healthy body that functions, but that functioning ‘space’ paced might only be at a 4 cylinder 120 horsepower rate of possible velocities of motion compared to your 8 cylinder 500 horse Mercedes. If you’re running 500 horses and others 120, then you have to set your pace lower than it would be if all cars were 500 horses, and know the pace of others in order to have space. It’s obvious that when you’re driving, the more power your car has, the more space you can cover quickly, but also that tempts you to violations of slower paced vehicles going through their created spaces.

    So, yeah, you have your quest-ion, but you also have your answer or un-swear-ing of what you swore was ‘true’ before. Your answer is your un-swear and your un-sure and it is no co-incidence that it sounds the way it does and is spelled the way it is. I mean, if they spelled it un-sure and pronounced it answer instead of on-shur, who would complain or even say anything? Has anybody every said that ‘answer’ is wrong and ‘unsure’ is correct, which it obviously is the phonetic development of the word, since there are no un-sign-i-fic-ant co-incidences?

    Your un-sure is your answer because the answer, as we all know, is always unsure and sooner-or-later provisional.

    I am giving you my un-sure, my an-sure, only one-surety, but it is still unsure in its an-sureness.

    I’m willing to bet that not one of you, in your whole lives, ever looked at answer as being a phonetic obscurantist spelling of unsure because they also changed your pronounciations to fool you. Wool you over your eyes and I’s.

    But I’ve also heard of “Go West” being referred to as a homosexual term of some kind. I remember that the Celtic Rebel, the most popular host on Oracle broadcasting back in the day (Oracle at its most popular never being any more than number 300,000 rank on Alexa ratings), made a whole long documentary about ‘butt-codes’ or homosexual messages in mass-media entertainment, including and especially in children’s programming, called “Don’t Go West!”


    So when you ask a question, and it sounds like go-west-ion, the vibrations of the phonetics are taking you ‘west’ or towards a non-working machine or death, subtly, slyly and underhandedly, without you knowing. To make it congruent with reality, it would have to be go-east-ion. Going where the sun rises and your unsures (answers) and un-swears are not so unsure and unsworn as they would be in the West.

    In the book “The Code to the Matrix,” James Evans Bomaer III, whoever he is, real person or actor, direct agent of limited hangout disinformation bait to herd higher vibrating minds into a hole (rather than a whole), or useful idiot and/or useful ego, says:

    “In a time much too distant to consider, we as Humans splitting from the single Source entered Duality. Spiraling away from the Creator, some spun in the direction of 6 while others spun in the opposite direction of 9, this is the ‘Spiral Force.’ These two forms contain complete opposites, however, it is with their Union that something new can be born, this is the sequence of life. Our Solar System houses various Binary or Dual worlds and Earth called first Tiamat is one of them. Once entering this realm, the Spirit begins to develop its very narrow definitions of things, as in most cases, besides twins, they are lacking their other side. In extinct we create a ‘stand in’ which we call the ego.

    The ego is wholly constructed of astral energy in which we create and breathe life into everyday. At times not knowing ‘power,’ we birth a Monster which we love and care for since after all it is a part of us, our baby.

    At some point in incarnations or loops one realizes they must begin the quest of taming the Monster. They realize they must flip it over and ride it. At that moment they also see how strong it has become as it is stuck in its ways, rigid in form, brutish and ineloquent. In that condition we can take it nowhere just as you never take a street dog into a royal party. The work before us then was to take this rough cut stone and form it into a chariot of fire that could propel us through the center of the Universe, it is there we will meet our other half. In this realm that is the meaning to life.

    To help us through this whole process and all of its components, the Most High developed a system based upon the energies of the entire Universe. Seeing that Humans are smaller composites of the Celestial Spheres it became possible for one to know how to guide their particular life in the direction that would equal the greatest amount of potential for their unique design. In each person lies the pearl of the highest potential; if developed, it is a treasure to all existence visible and invisible.

    This wondrous Metamorphosis was possible of the Human creation. However, as you see in some parts of nature, not every creation has been given this ability. Thus there arose a challenge from lower forms of consciousness that maifested as jealousy and spirituality and religion had to be created as the ‘limits.’ Once again, at the close of this time segment, the masses will have an opportunity to discover their true form which is not a Word and comes before even thought: it is the highest, if you but knew.

    Entire Universes are known to be Binary. This gives the possiblity of balance and diverse continuation. The figure 8, which is the sign used for infinity, is actually the sign of the two worlds that one continues to reincarnate through, one after the other, in an infinite loop we call stasis. Our own parallel actually exists in this otherworld simultaneously until it is merged with. It also remains just as clueless as you are right now about its existence.

    Consider hot and cold, dark and light: is there not warm and grey which can easily fit between the two? Not to mention, in temperature, there is hot, cold, warm, vapor, freezing, and many more stages, each having a particular use, some being very beneficial for a certain moment, and useless for others.

    If someone came to your door, looking for a person that you loved, to do them harm, would you tell them they were inside or would you lie and say they were not around? If you lied to protect that person, is that good or bad? If you ask a Pastor of a Church, they will say it is evil to tell lies, period, but is it better to allow the loved one to be hurt?

    As you see, everything is a matter of perspective. So there can be no good and bad, only reason, and reason has so many parameters. If all things are not considered, a person could be left confused, not knowing what decision to make from time to time, thus being left and lost in time. Whatever you do in life, let it be endowed with meaning and purpose.”

  • 06-September-2019 at 11:00 pm

    Always interesting.

    Your Go West comment made me think of Polari, apparently a gay language used in the 50s and earlier in the UK:
    There’s no ‘go west’ on that list though – maybe thats in the U.S. version 🙂

    • 07-September-2019 at 2:12 pm

      lol Yeah> I thought of something disgusting it could mean if you psychedelicize the phonetics a little bit, but if you want to know how it ties in to homo-codes watch that Celtic Rebel video. He goes through a ton of TV shows and cartoons showing how the butt-codes are everywhere. For example, a movie directed by Russell Crowe in 2015 called “The Water Diviner” has this image


      in the film on many occasions. It looks like a man inside a butthole full of shit. I told you it was disgusting, but that’s just the beginning of it. These kinds of codes are also in children’s films.

      Does this mean that Russell Crowe put it there intentionally and that he’s a member of some kind of secret buttfucking league of homos in Hollywood? Not necessarily. But it does mean that somehow it got in there. Somehow, out of a seemingly infinite number of choices of images, the ones suggesting through images, homosexual activity or in a broader sense, unnatural and harmful ways of acting, end up being promoted.


      And through images, lots of other connections are made.

      “The image is more than an idea. It is a vortex or cluster of fused ideas and is endowed with energy.” ~ Ezra Pound

      To draw a parallel to secret and ‘nefarious’ media messages: Who put the reverse 911 image on the cover of Supertramp’s Breakfast in America? Was it the band? I doubt it. These things are usually suggested by other, more powerful people in the know, and considered harmless by those not in the know. I doubt that any of the band members even knew the 911 connections before the internet and the rest of us.

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