Omicron Job (Too Hot for Youtube)

Today I received another strike on my youtube channel.

Only an hour earlier, I had uploaded a video about the new Omicron variant wreaking havoc on the world.

By the standards of my niche ‘conspiracy’ channel, the video was trending well before youtube pulled it:

31 likes and 0 dislikes in the first hour is generally an indication that a video is going to do well.

In this case, it wasn’t to be. I must have said some naughty words caught by the youtube censor algo.

So I decided to upload the video to my paid hosting service, Vimeo.

It costs a little bit every year to maintain my Vimeo account but it is worth it, they’ve never given me any problems.

That’s one of the major benefits of running a Membership-based website like johnlebon dot com:

The revenues from Memberships can be used to pay for censor-free (or censor-resistant) hosting AWAY from the alphabet agencies.

(Youtube’s parent company is literally called Alphabet)

Youtube offer their site for free, and have no reason to allow ‘controversial’ content to remain if it isn’t generating ad revenue.

Other companies, who charge a fee for their hosting services, have a good incentive to allow accounts like mine to remain:

We pay them money. It really is that simple.

And this is why I place all of my detailed and ‘controversial’ material behind the paywall.

My most important videos and podcasts are hosted on paid services, well away from Alphabet and their agendas.

This system has worked well for five years now and I plan to continue with it for the foreseeable future.

As always, I’d like to thank the JLB Members around the world for their ongoing support of this site.

It is thanks to you that I’m able to spend four days researching and writing an article like Utopia Reflections.

And it is thanks to you that I’m able to create and share an info-dense presentation like Can They Really Do That?

Can they really do that?

Are the jibby jabs going to render the majority of the population infertile, as part of a Janus-style mass sterilisation program?

I can’t pretend to know the answer for sure, but in those two pieces (among others) you’ll see how I arrived at my own conclusions.

The evidence is out there, it just takes a lot of time and effort to put it all together.

If a relatively innocent video like ‘Omicron Job’ can be deleted within an hour of uploading, how long do you think the serious stuff would last?

It wouldn’t last long. Nor would my channel, which has been deleted before.

Speaking of previous deletions, here’s my first ever video on the Corona hoax, from January of 2020.

‘Why Coronavirus Has Me VERY Scared’

This video reached thousands of views before it, too, was pulled by youtube.

Do you remember how you felt about the coronavirus ‘pandemic’ in Jan / Feb / March of last year?

I called it a hoax from the outset and this is something I’m proud of to this day.

When other folks were getting pulled into the fear and panic of the hivemind, I stood firm with my autohoax principles.

This is another reason why having one’s own website, independent of youtube, is so important:

It allows somebody like me to document and archive what I was saying and when I was saying it.

I’ve got plenty of things wrong over the journey, and I’m sure I’ll get a few more things wrong before it’s all said and done.

But I was right about the coronavirus, already the biggest scam and hoax in recorded human history.

And I’d be willing to bet that we’re still in the early days of the plandemic, there’s plenty more nonsense to come.

All the more reason for you to familiarise yourself with the PZP theory concerning the jibby jabs.

Is it possible that humans are currently being sterilised in much the same way as wild horses are sterilised?

Sounds crazy until you realise that the PZP anti-fertility treatment for horses involves:

Two shots in the beginning, spaced 2-6 weeks apart, and then

Seasonal boosters

This, and so much more, is all explained in:

Can They Really Do That? [one-hour video / podcast]

Utopia Reflections [9,000 words article]

Utopian Visions [40-minute video / podcast]

If you’re not yet a Member of johnlebon dot com, perhaps today is the day to treat yourself.

You’ll get instant access to hundreds of hours of exclusive content, your name in the credits of new material, and an invite to the exclusive JLB Discord server.

It’s on that server where you’ll find some of the brightest and most thoughtful people you could ever hope to meet.

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To those of you who are already Members, thank you once again.

There’s plenty more fresh content coming soon so stay tuned ūüėé

Posted 27-Nov-2021.


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