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  • Apoc Shaker

    So IPS has put the idea out there that the COVID-19 pandemic is essentially World War III. I noticed some curious wording in the above video which I pointed out in a comment:

    Did you catch that at 0:46? Suburban testing blitz. And what were people (allegedly) ordered to do during the Blitz in WWII? Take shelter and wear a mask. We also have the V for Victoria in the background when the Premier is speaking which recalls Churchill’s “V for victory.” For more eerie parallels, check out the “Blitz Spirit” section of the Blitz wiki entry which starts out “Although the intensity of the bombing was not as great as pre-war expectations…”


    Blitz spirit

    Stoicism and determination in a difficult or dangerous situation, especially as displayed by a group of people.

    I posted that comment four days ago and today I see this at the top of Yahoo.


    Here’s the linked article:


    There are a number of sections in the article that seem to sneakily refer to war and specifically WWII:

    From Trump promising that “the problem goes away in April” and predicting “packed churches all over our country” on Easter Sunday to Vice President Mike Pence’s claim that “by Memorial Day weekend we will have this coronavirus epidemic behind us”…

    The message then morphed to the idea that the virus would be swiftly crushed by a robust federal response. “WE WILL WIN THIS WAR,” Trump tweeted in March.

    “We have to get back to business. We have to get back to living our lives. Can’t do this any longer,” Trump said in an interview with Axios last month before his campaign rally in Tulsa, where almost no one socially distanced and few wore masks.

    That’s not the message senior administration officials said they’re preparing, and some of the president’s allies have cringed when he’s talked in the past about the virus disappearing, only to then see it further spread.

    Some of Trump’s allies had lamented that he was hurting himself politically by spending sometimes two hours at the podium sparring with reporters and often veering off topic, rather than conveying a specific message about the pandemic.

    Axios and allies???


    Hmmm… it appears so-called “blitz tests” are a thing now.

    =====BONUS SYNCS=====

    Searching the word “blitz” immediately led to this 2011 cop action movie starring Jason Statham:


    Released in the month of May, nine years and five days before the George Floyd incident. The plot involves a serial killer going around killing cops. From the synopsis:

    To his surprise he finds an unlikely ally in the hot-headed, gruff Detective Sergeant Tom Brant (Jason Statham), who has a history of violent incidents.

    Here’s the trailer:


    And a publicized still shot from the movie:


    Looks like someone was already thinking what I was thinking!


    • Negentropic

      Depends on how you define “war.”

      In its narrow definition of collective physical assault or its wider, proper definition of mass psychological assault (fraud or forms of indirect force such as hoaxes are all ways of initiating force indirectly to accomplish a goal that could not be accomplished by voluntary means if all the facts were known; therefore the need for the Trojan horse or verbal and even numerical-false-boundary-setting camouflage, all types of symbolic counterfeitings and fraud which enter through the brain computer and hide themselves through attachment to valid concepts by slightly and gradually perverting them over time rather than all at once or too quickly).


      Is the goal to kill or to maim? I think the goal is to maim 90% of the time. The goal is to kill only when maiming hasn’t worked. And it goes without saying that the psychological and the physical are closely related: assault someone psychologically through various PsyOps and you will maim them physically as well, you will get them to hurt themselves physically and consider it “just life,” or “that’s just the way it is, some things will never change” as the Bruce Hornsby song goes.

      We are all, every last one of us, even on this website and even after many number of combined years and experience from being “truthers,” still unable to do what we want to do: live in a certain way that we consider just. We were struggling before in a parody of “freedom” and “rights” which didn’t really exist, but which many assumed as given because the media continuously re-enforced the lie that we had them. Now we are struggling even more when the parody has turned into tragedy and farce, meaning there is not even a pretense at protecting anybody’s “rights” but a completely empty plate of “freedom,” no freedom at all on the plate, and yet 99% of the world’s billions of Pavlovian doggies still keep salivating when any ridiculously transparent symbol of “freedom” (Donald Trump, the T or the cross of Christianity up his Rump, just a coincidence that that’s the symbolism of his name, plus he’s the Trump card in the deck isn’t he, the final actor before the plate of “freedom,” or all the baits of freedom were completely removed and the hook set in) rings their mass-media bell for lunch. What? Your plate is empty? Wear this muzzle doggie and maybe we’ll throw you a few bones and keep you salivating a bit longer for the sake of your own necessary illusions.

      We are all maimed both psychologically and physically, two examples: circumcision and eating the wrong diet based on a false paradigm: standard junk food diets on one end vs the nutritionally worthless malnutrition of veganism promoted as “healthy” on the other with only the false option of weak vegetarianism in between, all hiding the fact that human beings are not just carnivores but RAW carnivores. Of course, they’ve also destroyed the main meat supply by factory farming and grain fed animals, so that those who actually care about their health get tricked into veganism and vegetarianism instead, confusing detoxing for health and nutrition, even as every passing year they get skinnier and weaker in front of their own mirror. They have no conceptual way out. They’ve been trapped into their own denial, so they just dismiss the evidence of their own eyes by saying: well, everybody gets “old.” Bullshit nobody should look like an old man in his 50s. If you become 50 years of age and you can’t do a 32 mile day hike over steep trails, then you’re weak, period, damaged and maimed period. It’s not “just the way it is.” Not even close.

      The ultimate proof of what diet is correct is how well it digests, not how much you can crap out per day. You are not what you eat, you are what you digest. When you eat nothing but raw goat liver or raw grass-fed beef liver or even raw pastured chicken liver for a day and then see how perfect your digestions is and how little comes out the other end the next day because your body used literally all of it, then you know. If you’re not able to eat animal organs raw or seared for around ten-to-twenty seconds only, which is mostly or 90% raw, then you will not be healthy or optimal in your functioning, period, because you will not be able to repair your own internal organs that have been damaged since birth by eating not just endless sugar and veggies and fruits and junk foods and cooked “healthy foods” but simply by never eating raw animal organs.


      Are you circumcised? If not consider yourself lucky since somewhere between 75 to 90% of American males have mutilated penises. That’s a physical assault on babies, but none of you here will call it a “war” because only millions of defenseless infants had their peckers chopped and that’s not people shooting bullets at each other in camouflage clothes, right? That’s the ultimate Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, right there, an entire society of males has been PTSD’d and partially gelded and will also probably geld their own sons on the altar of 100% Jewish medical propaganda, but let’s not worry about that, let’s worry about military charades in Afghanistan and Iraq and wherever else that are just controlled (and un-controlled) demolition and strategic relocation.

      By that induced falsely foundationed logical trap, all psychological maiming becomes acceptable, but slap another person in the face and go to jail for assault. Spank your kids for doing wrong and you’re a child abuser. Making the physical primary because the psychological cannot be seen directly is one of the biggest PsyOp tricks (PyOps: because physical wounds heal, was a well-known meme from a few years ago). And then feeding the PsyOped who need psychological knowledge to heal themselves (pretty much everybody who has ever watched TV or gone to the movies or read newspapers and books or even interacted with people who do those things through habit in a society strung-out on endless and unrelenting media fear-porn; a society where the adrenaline rush of fear-porn is demanded to justify its counter of castrated, sedated, “voluntarily” maimed living) to Psychiatrists who give them only the advice of their indoctrinators and licensers: consume these drugs to mask your symptoms and the cause of the symptoms will magically disappear. This I like saying shoot yourself with morphine and your broken leg will heal itself or reduce the swelling in the broken area and it will heal, ignoring the obvious visual that swelling is both nature’s cast and nature’s pain-reliever on your leg, to prevent movement in that area long enough so that you will naturally heal (as long as you set your bones), and to gradually decrease the pain and the swelling to let you know when it’s ok to walk on it again.

      A psychological assault that maims is far worse than physical assault because it is almost always harder to identify the damage, the cause of the damage and how to heal it. How many people examine their own ideas and where they came from? Then also where the symbols that formed the building blocks of those logical, verbally expressed ideas came from? Only honest philosophers and “truthers” which means probably less than one-one-thousandth of 1 percent of any humans that ever lived.

      So a military “war” might be mostly a charade of macho nonsense but PsyOps are not. PsyOps will physically eliminate millions of people by gradual maiming and reduction of both the amount of pleasure derived from living and the length of that living.

      I’d like to recommend an excellent podcast I recently found by a “woke” lawyer (they’re in well-scripted 20 minute doses full of information; I listened to all 15 episodes in one day and they’re all great):

      The Quash / Legalman

      Forget left v right. This is the truth about the system from a man who knows. The Quash, is hosted by a lawyer with 30 years of experience. He unmasks the absurd false narratives we’ve been immersed in 24/7 since birth and laughs at them. There’s a reason nothing about the system ever makes any sense. You’ve been lied to your whole life. But that ends now. The Quash comes out every Thursday. And there is a bonus episode released many weeks. After Hours (AH) episodes are a bit more free wheeling and explicit. It’s available on Spotify and Apple and most others. Subscribe. Listen to them all. Here‚Äôs the RSS LINK



      • Just to say, having listened to the first 15 minute show, I think its excellent. Great to hear the coronavirus framed in legal terms – he suggests that the lockdown measures are a de facto injunction, but that no evidence is provided. Great stuff.

        • I agree!
          These podcasts are informative and easy to listen to.
          They would be good to share with friends/family who are open minded, but not necessarily into conspiracy stuff.

          Thanks for the link, Neg.

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