One thought on “New Lockdowns! What Happened to ‘Flatten the Curve’?

  • 05-July-2020 at 5:10 am

    So IPS has put the idea out there that the COVID-19 pandemic is essentially World War III. I noticed some curious wording in the above video which I pointed out in a comment:

    Did you catch that at 0:46? Suburban testing blitz. And what were people (allegedly) ordered to do during the Blitz in WWII? Take shelter and wear a mask. We also have the V for Victoria in the background when the Premier is speaking which recalls Churchill’s “V for victory.” For more eerie parallels, check out the “Blitz Spirit” section of the Blitz wiki entry which starts out “Although the intensity of the bombing was not as great as pre-war expectations…”

    Blitz spirit

    Stoicism and determination in a difficult or dangerous situation, especially as displayed by a group of people.

    I posted that comment four days ago and today I see this at the top of Yahoo.

    Here’s the linked article:

    There are a number of sections in the article that seem to sneakily refer to war and specifically WWII:

    From Trump promising that “the problem goes away in April” and predicting “packed churches all over our country” on Easter Sunday to Vice President Mike Pence’s claim that “by Memorial Day weekend we will have this coronavirus epidemic behind us”…

    The message then morphed to the idea that the virus would be swiftly crushed by a robust federal response. “WE WILL WIN THIS WAR,” Trump tweeted in March.

    “We have to get back to business. We have to get back to living our lives. Can’t do this any longer,” Trump said in an interview with Axios last month before his campaign rally in Tulsa, where almost no one socially distanced and few wore masks.

    That’s not the message senior administration officials said they’re preparing, and some of the president’s allies have cringed when he’s talked in the past about the virus disappearing, only to then see it further spread.

    Some of Trump’s allies had lamented that he was hurting himself politically by spending sometimes two hours at the podium sparring with reporters and often veering off topic, rather than conveying a specific message about the pandemic.

    Axios and allies???

    Hmmm… it appears so-called “blitz tests” are a thing now.

    =====BONUS SYNCS=====

    Searching the word “blitz” immediately led to this 2011 cop action movie starring Jason Statham:

    Released in the month of May, nine years and five days before the George Floyd incident. The plot involves a serial killer going around killing cops. From the synopsis:

    To his surprise he finds an unlikely ally in the hot-headed, gruff Detective Sergeant Tom Brant (Jason Statham), who has a history of violent incidents.

    Here’s the trailer:

    And a publicized still shot from the movie:

    Looks like someone was already thinking what I was thinking!

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