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Muh Corona Stranger Dangers

Remember how we were supposed to be worried about ‘close contacts’?

Well there’s a new boogieman on the loose, and you might remember him from school.

Muh dreaded coronas keeps finding new ways to strike when we least expect it…


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In 2020, Melburnians suffered through the
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The obvious question is ‘Why Melbourne?’

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John le Bon YouTube Review

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John le Bon YouTube Review


JLB 21023. Recorded 1-Jun-2021, uploaded 2-Jun-2021.

6 thoughts on “Muh Corona Stranger Dangers

  • Reminds me of the Chappelle Show with Lil John when he asked “Have you ever given yourself a “stranger”???? First thing that came to mind and it’s a strange sync… From where I’m sitting everything is open next month with the “Sand Box Opening”…. Little do people know that if you come to Phuket next month you can’t stay in just any hotel you have to stay in a 5 Star resort for the first 7 days and then ask permission to move to another hotel, that of course has to be of the same level as they are the only hotels that are accredited by the government. All the poor Thai’s that have been lining up day after day to get “their jabs” in the hope that people will come are shot and they don’t even know it. Add to that the fact that airlines don’t want to carry passengers that have been vaccinated as they pose a risk of thrombosis due to the “vaccine” it’ll make for a full fun and actioned packed next few month.
    That last one even though it has been checked by “fact checkers” has been stamped “false” has been gaining some ground as I had a booking for a room for a month and they cancelled his flight from Germany because he’d been vaccinated in the last 90 days and posed an unacceptable risk to the airline. His flight was cancelled yet he received no refund as it will be credited at “a later date”.
    I had really hoped many would’ve woken up to where we are at 12 months ago, the fear has gone, the worry has gone and even the pity I had for the ill informed has gone. The difference I have now is that a few months ago I would look at a “news story” and say “you lying sack of shit”, now I just laugh, I find it amusing. Guess it’s one of the last stages of grieving for a life we will never have again, but in the true vein of Tyler Durden “would you really want it back”!!!

    • The Verbal Gambit

      I feel the same about reacting to the news stories.
      I would get angry-ish on how corrupt and inhumane those characters are that they are doing these things. But now if I see any article or any politician, or whatever, I instead just laugh and say in mind “you probably don’t even exist, and if you do it really sucks to be you”

    • I am so sorry to hear that Matty, they are a bunch of cunts!!! I have been trying to worm my way into local government to see how far I can go, you would be very surprised (or not) that an every-day-local kinda person has a lot of power and can make their own decisons on little things that really make a difference. I think this might be one way to help your community be more relaxed, rather than stressing out like the media wants us to. I have noticed alot of people will just go with it, no matter what, however there are some that are really pissed off but don’t know enough.

      Interesting age group! 20 – 39 would that be the most fertile? This was part of the agenda all along, I can’t believe they are actually doing this.

  • Negentropic

    If anyone here wants to join a Telegram channel started by former “Fakeologists” who don’t beat around the bush about Chicken Swinger power by derailing to “Venetians” (lol) and “off chessboard entities,” and who are not pro-cultural-Marxism or anti-White, today is your lucky day:

    Finally a man with his testicles still attached:

  • TheMerovingian

    Pretty sure the guy at 9:47 works at the local Target now nearby me.

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