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Legal Solution to the Coronavirus Face Mask Problem

It is one thing to identify a problem, and another thing to search for a potential solution…


JLB 20087 | Legal Solution to the Coronavirus Face Mask Problem (29-May-2020)

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One thought on “Legal Solution to the Coronavirus Face Mask Problem

  • Wearing a mask does not lower the risk of death.

    the only thing it does is help to not smell your breath.

    Its the biggest scam in human history.

    But maybe not, because our history is a that is a thought.

    Emotionally triggered when presenting good facts.

    Cynical thinking is what the world Lacks.

    I ate a bat for breakfast and then I had one more.

    It got a little dirty when it fell on the floor.

    The meal gave me energy I even ran to the store.

    I only fell ill from the sight of the line at the door.

    I got a fever and Queasy and even questioned my thoughts.

    Is this Black Friday in March? my stomach turned into knots.

    Viva clownvirus ! And the free EDD money!

    Like a Bee that doesn’t work for his honey .

    I love fruit and I also love bats.

    But what I love more is fruit with fruit bats .

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