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JLBE1678 | Terran Downvale Busts the Lie System?

In this video I take a look at some recent research by one of the few people in this scene who do original work and provide links/documentation, Terran Downvale. I also spend a little bit of time discussing the relevance/significance of Baby Hoaxes.


Terran’s G+ post: Link
JLBE1615 | Hoax Hierarchy of the Lie System (Intro) (2-Feb-2016): Link



18 thoughts on “JLBE1678 | Terran Downvale Busts the Lie System?

  • Jordon Rains

    I believe that AI are writing these hoax scripts.. Computer algorithms; advanced software programs ‘scrape’ past news stories using dates, addresses, names, situations, etc… and re-bundle them into new fake stories that the police and crisis actors can ‘act out.’ I believe they’re doing this with AI because it’s easier and quicker than hiring a staff of writers.

    I say this because I remember about 3 years ago I read an article is Business Insider (I think) that said something like, ‘Robots will soon be writing the news.’ I couldn’t find that exact article but there are lots of information on this topic. Here’s an example:

    Knowing that the Jesuits/Freemasons are running the show, it’s not surprising that they would program these algorithms to match up with numbers and dates to align with the Hebrew Calendar.

    Great job on the new website John.

    • Maxwell Smart

      Jews are not Hebrews. Forget the Hebrew Calendar. The only calendar you need worry about is the Satanic Calendar.

      And what are ‘Jesuits’ if not Jew Suits? The same Marranos (the English translation is ‘pig’ – and how very apt), or Converso-Jews, who converted to Christianity; or at least pretended to. This was the reason why Queen Isabella booted these charlatans out of Spain, and have been booted out of Europe on 108 other occasions.

      Jews spread Sodom and Gomorrah no matter where they go; and no matter where they go, they inevitably encounter ‘anti-Semitism’ (such a ridiculous term if you know who and what jews are) and a burning desire to free one’s self from these parasites.

      It’s the Jews who own practically everything that is and isn’t nailed down. The greatest wealth transfer in the history of the human race (jews excluded) has been, and is, taking place, and it is flowing from the pockets of goyim into the pockets of jews.

      The only ‘robots’ that are writing the news are the jews, and it all emanates out of the gutter press – with its starting point being the Rothschild owned Reuters and Associated Press.

      So the main reason why all these false flags and hoaxes are taking place, at least lately, is to have whites and blacks at each others throats, and to pit Muslim against Christian as jews watch from the sidelines. Black Lives Matter is in fact sponsored by the criminally insane jew, George Soros. NAACP, and most of these black organizations were all created and operated by hook nosed jews.

      Miscegenation, pluralism, ecumenism – all leading to multiculturalism – are all jewish initiatives, and their implementation is designed to breed the white race out of existence. For only the white race stands in the way of ‘Globalism’ (code for Jew World Order), and only the white race, when you CAREFULLY read the Bible, are the lost tribes of Israel. The Bible is a Christian book from beginning to end, and that’s why the Bible has been taken out of schools, prayer has been taken out of schools, and Christianity has been reduced to Judaism for the Christian zombie masses. If the Bible were a truly jewish book, then it would also reflect jewish values and the jews would have kept the Bible in schools.

      And so the white race must be the first to be destroyed, along with Christianity (which kept jews in check for about 1000 years after which jews bought the best Christianity jewish shekels could buy). If the white race ever discovered their true identities, and therefore the truth about jews, then it would be game over for these LITERAL children of Satan.

      That day is coming. And that is the reason why the devil’s offspring has been going for broke. For to even the most foolish, it should be clear that the more it unravels, the sicker, more divisive, and more impoverished our once great nations become. We can’t do much about the lie system into which we are all born, but we can sure as hell fight back by unveiling Satan, restoring our belief in an Almighty Creator and returning our lands to some semblance of homogeneity and a prosperity free from jewish parasites.

      Is that too much to ask?

      • @MAXWELL: You know I am no fan of the usual suspects but can I ask you, when you talk about ‘1000 years’, or being ‘kicked out of 100 countries’, have you ever wondered about the veracity of these claims? You must know by now that I am not sure we have ANY real history going back more than a couple hundred years…

    • Thanks for the kind words about the website and for taking the time to register and post. I don’t personally think these stories (or others) are written by bots/AI but if I found evidence this were the case, it would not surprise me one bit. This is one crazy world.

  • matthew brust

    i swear, people are dumber than a box of rocks. Totally not 100% busted. 100% confirmation bias

    • Do you believe this event as reported by the mainstream media? If so, why?

  • obviously fake. I will not be giving my list of reasons precisely because that would mean giving this time and as heidegger rightly said, time is everything when you are a being such as ours who knows not how much he has to spend……so this answers the why and to what end as well….the demons who put this out may just want to suck your being and time and they wont get it here. I’ve got a cat to play with and a wife to care for/spend time with…..the larger mega hoaxes however do deserve ‘some’ attention due to their implications…these baby’s do not

    jordan makes solid points, this stuff smells like a gematria algorythm made it up.

    [Edited by JLB 13-Jul-016 to condense two posts into one]

    • Fair points about the importance/preciousness of time and how we may be wasting it by giving attention to the Baby Hoaxes. That said, I felt Terran’s analysis deserved attention because of the implications of his conclusion.

  • Scott Mccallum

    I think in the vid with the first responders treating the golden boy, there were no cops. When a bomb is involved, especially a bomb with a flash new name, you would imagine the cops would be all over the place to make sure it is DR ABC compliant, at least the D part.

    • It would be interesting to know what the police (and emergency response teams) standard operating procedure is for events involving bombs.

  • Scott Mccallum

    HA i just noticed that the bird in the header clip has its foot backwards, What a comical shit show.

  • Interesting that you chose to highlight this video and its content JLB.. and I’ll tell you why I think, it is interesting.

    For people that are skeptically analyzing the external world, through the lens of the ‘media’, this particular piece of work from Terran, illustrates the layers of deception we are dealing with here, and ultimately.. the mind-manipulation en masse. And what does this mean??

    This event, its details, and the connections Terran made, confirm to hoax-busters, that the chances of it being coincidental are extremely unlikely, almost impossible.. and from this perspective, has the character signature marks that ‘tell us’ it is part of some deep ‘plot’ we have all been indoctrinated in to.. the ‘lie-system’ as it is aptly called.

    As I watched this video play out, ‘my’ instant impressions, I thought significant, was the use of the word “cannon” (?) in the story headline, that the sound of the explosion was likened to. It is not clear to me, ‘who’ actually described it as such, as the two friends who witnessed it, state it was of “the caliber of fireworks”.. I find this an odd and out-of-place simile for anyone to use, given that no-one ever hears ‘cannons’ explode, especially young men of today as they are not a part of ‘modern’ culture.. Next was the 4th of July connection, and the ‘Virginia’ location, of Fairfax, where the central character was from. Just these three things alone, were enough to evoke, in ‘my mind’ a few images and thoughts, that then triggered other thoughts.

    I wrote a comment, on the ‘About’ section of this website that – strangely – makes my point:

    In ‘1787’ Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence wrote – “..were it left to me to decide, whether we should have a government without ‘newspapers’, or ‘newspapers’ without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter..”

    I then followed this with a further comment in response to JLB saying he liked this quote:

    “And, I thought, quite an apt one, for more than one reason. As far as I can see, it’s deemed credible, according to the research of ‘Founders Online’ – a collaboration of the National Archives and the ‘University of Virginia’. Interestingly, this Jefferson quote was apparently taken from a letter he wrote, as the ‘Minister of France’ (?) to an Edward Carrington, his delegate representing the ‘State of Virginia’ at the Continental Congress.. AND would you believe, written the very day before the outbreak of the ‘French Revolution’?

    Did you know that ‘one’ of the outcomes of this revolt that abolished its monarchy, was the decriminalization of homosexuality, in 1791! This plot as deep as it goes, is becoming increasingly clearer.. ”

    So, where I am going with this, is.. if we can detect certain ‘clues’ in these events, as Terran has done, that indicate to a select few, that this is indeed, one of many well crafted and faked incidents, that is the modus-operandi of the current mainstream-media, then how ‘deep’ is this manipulation of our ‘thoughts’, how far back does it go and what purpose does it serve?

    I have given my own personal take on this, in relation to how the overall impression of it, was able to trigger certain images and thoughts in my mind that expanded in to a story, that just so happens to be a ‘version’ of history, that has been programmed in to humanity on such a large scale. Now this is where it goes on to esoteric levels, as JLB alluded to.

    Are we persistently subjected to certain “words”, and not just the typical ‘terrorism’ etc, that literally activate our minds in such a way, as to animate and more importantly ‘reanimate’ powerful mental imagery, to ensure their fake reality is maintained in the consciousness of the masses? And for those of us that appear to be on to their evil chicanery? Well, it seems that ‘one’ of their intentions is to simultaneously confess to their mind-manipulation, which takes this on to another level entirely and in to the metaphysical realm, that JLB refers to in his ‘Comment Response: Do You Think Evil Exists’ video.

    This entire ‘mainstream media’ phenomena is the current phase of a long-term agenda of evil, that these ‘hoax-events’ are just scratching the surface of! I give credit to Terran, for the work he puts in, and his intentions to wake-up the masses to the lie-system.. however, and no offence intended, but as he expresses in his comment on the YouTube version of this video, unraveling this agenda in the way that he does, can become a ‘fun pass time’! Just reading his words gave me goosebumps..

    • Excellent comment. As I intimated in the video, I am certain that this event was a hoax (or, at least, the evidence provided does not convince me that it must have been a hoax). If the event were real, then it shows how far intelligent people will look into coincidences; if the event were fake, then I can’t even begin to detail the many implications which follow from it.

      We already know that the production values of larger Baby Hoaxes are piss-poor, to the point of demanding we ponder why they don’t put more effort into their productions. It would not be hard to find better actors, so why do they persist with clowns like Carlos Arredondo? Obviously they don’t ‘need’ to put more effort into their made-for-tv movies to convince the masses – the masses believe this nonsense as though they were there at the event and saw it for themselves. But why make their hoaxes so obvious for those with eyes to see?

      Is it to take the piss? Is it to wake up those who are not yet completely programmed? Is it some other reason? To this day I don’t have any strong answer.

      This event as analysed by Terran is a different kettle of fish. Rather than poor actors and silly props, this one involves an elaborate backstory which centres on the modern-day circus of professional football (or in this case college football). Symbols, names, and gladiators. There is no need whatsoever for the addition of this kind of backstory so if indeed the event is fake, what are we left to conclude? This wouldn’t be about poor production values, it would be about something else altogether…

      As for your final stanza: ‘I always feel like… somebody’s watching me – and I have no privacy’.

  • Charles B "Flat Earth Math"

    John, thank you for so eloquently proving my point about how not a single event, no matter how small, will be considered to be true from the so-called “truther” movement.

    Here’s what’s clear: Terran wasn’t there, didn’t speak to the victim or his friends, didn’t speak to the witness with the Miami t-shirt. He didn’t talk to the cops who responded to the event, nor to the paramedics who treated the injury on the scene. He also didn’t talk to the hospital staff or the doctors and surgeons there who treated the wound.

    What he did do was connect a bunch of random dots like a Dan Brown novel. It is fascinating (and sad) to me that someone like Terran will allege that the incident is a hoax by the fact that he can pull together random details and make connections where there are none. Is he suggesting that they’d take a football injury from years ago, take the last name of the coach, put a t-shirt on some woman, and then have all the paramedics and cops in on the hoax, all for a story that the vast majority of folks outside of New York City never heard of? Really, that’s the MORE plausible story, other than the incident simply happened?

    Your video includes the phrase “out of respect for Terran” yet indicates no respect for the victim. As I’ve said before, there are two possibilities: this Central Park incident actually happened, or it didn’t. The story continues with the young man getting his leg amputated below the knee.

    What exactly is the motive of hoaxers? People say Sandy Hook was a hoax to implement gun control, Boston was a hoax to gin up support for anti-Terrorism, so what’s the potential motive here? Crickets.

    • It seems like your framework is that these events are real until proven false. Can I ask you, why do you trust a single thing you are told by the mainstream media?

      • Charles B "Flat Earth Math"

        Are you calling “The Gothamist” mainstream? I think I understand your skepticism: mainstream media is corporate, they have advertisers they must please, they’re part of a bigger picture, etc. But the fallacy is that this necessarily means that ALL they tell us is fake! Is it possible that there are people working in media who actually chase stories, rather than make them up?

        I used to work for a small newspaper, and the reporters (and photographers) were always trying to capture stuff before the other guy. I was a photographer, and I carried almost my complete photo kit with me everywhere, all my lenses, my flash, with homemade reflector, a bandolier of film canisters, and my filters. It was the real deal: black and white film and a chemical darkroom. I ended up getting more front-page photos than any other photographer in the department, and I had a lot of competition from a lot of folks much senior to me. And I wasn’t above opening unlocked doors and windows to get the shot that no one else got. 🙂

        My point is that there are people like that all throughout media, in every city and town in the U.S. and probably the rest of Western nations with a free press. This applies to newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, and all sorts of Internet sites both professional and amateur. To suggest that an incident like Mr. Golden getting his foot blown off is just some staged event (with a cast of at least dozens… none of which ever tell) is to say that there are NO people in ANY media outlet interested in the truth. I refuse to believe that.

        People can smell a rat, and there are more than a few reporters to whom the smell of rat is like catnip… they’ll chase that story with the dogged determination of a private detective (and some investigative reporters use a lot of the tricks of the trade of PIs). Nothing will stand in their way of uncovering the truth, because once they find it, it’s a cover story, and a possible Pulitzer. Ever hear of Watergate? 🙂

        John, the mistake I think you make regularly is to assume that there is NO story outside Mainstream Media. The “no planes” theory is predicated on the notion that exactly three networks had cameras on the WTC before the second plane hit, and that 99% of the people interviewed on camera about planes hitting the buildings were actually employees of those same networks. Ok, if that were the truth, then I could see possibly, maybe the potential for someone to dig deeper to find the truth. If you distrust the Mainstream Media, then there’s a good example of them being the boogyman.

        Unfortunately, the “no planes” theory is 99% deliberate deception, and 1% shades of truth, if you care to actually research it with an eye for uncovering the truth, rather than confirming the theory. You think that the world was sold a BS story from The Government And Media with regards to 9-11, but I think you have it backwards. You’ve been sold a bill of goods by some very dishonest people, just like Simon Shack and Terran Downvale.

        Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t go around licking the boots of my local congressman, and worshipping my local news anchors. I get my news through the grapevine and a hundred different sources, only a tiny fraction are “mainstream.” But I certainly don’t lick the boots of Truthers either. 🙂 I go where the truth is, and I’ve yet to meet an honest Truther, which is sadly ironic.

        P.S. I was so worked up by your video on Terran Downvale that I sent Mr. Golden $100. I hope he recovers soon, heart and soul.

  • Promethesis

    JLB, This may be further proof we are living The Matrix…

    • Hi Promethesis, good to see you registered at the site. As for The Matrix, I plan to do a proper review of that film sooner rather than later. Stay tuned!

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