2 thoughts on “JLBE1652 | Nikola Tesla a Scientism Priest?

  • Thanks for sharing your excellent research regarding Tesla. It makes me think that so much of our history is like a game of Chinese whispers where information is just passed from person to person and ends up with a distorted story because nobody in the chain checked any facts along the way. Now that you have successfully burst the mythology bubble surrounding Tesla, there is another mythology bubble waiting to be burst surrounding Carroll Quigley’s magnum opus “Tragedy and Hope – A History of the World in Our Time”. His book is promoted on various alternative media shows as the greatest history book ever written. After listening to many discussions regarding this hidden history book, that apparently few people have actually read, I decided to buy a copy and was surprised to discover that the book contains no footnotes. This brought a question to mind: How can any reader distinguish fact from fiction without access to the primary sources used to write the book? Also, is it plausible for the ruling elite’s historian to be able to publish anything from their secret archives without their approval? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Thanks for this John. Great example of how to investigate which should not be beyond anyone here.
    Your point is – get stuck in and look at everything closely for yourself/oneself= crystal clear.
    Would have taken hours and it’s a great resource to follow. Tx for posting it.

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