JLB1612 | Truthers vs Skeptics

In this video I illustrate what I see as the difference between two related but distinct groups of people: ‘truthers’ on the one side, and ‘skeptics’ on the other. There exists no simple binary between the two, but instead a diverse spectrum; however, the distinction between trutherism and skepticism can be very useful, as can an understanding of where the two types of people (or methods of thinking) overlap. And, to be sure, there is an overlap, which is why the distinction between truthers and skeptics may not yet be obvious to some people involved in this scene.


JLBExtra: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCferX7EIOAruDeHycMvMCYQ

Page updated 18-Jul-2019 with reuploaded video.

2 thoughts on “JLB1612 | Truthers vs Skeptics

  • 06-February-2019 at 6:54 pm

    You know I was very close to a truther. Upon reflection, it’s a tad embarrassing when it’s pointed out, that the truther, is getting his truth from the same pool that he choses to say is untrue. Example, 9/11 is inside job but the planes are real, or mass shootings really happened, but they were committed by manic depressive mind controlled puppets. It is really a case of selective choosing if there ever was one .

    I smelt a rat a few years back. It was just a scent I got from the Alex Jones, David Wilcock, David Icke and the others exposing the truth of our reality. There seemed to be too much of it. Every second person was exposing something. It just didn’t sit with me. I believe there work is infused with some truth, but there is an undercurrent of victimhood and paranoia. There is always an enemy to push back against. I did read that some guy called The Budda (if he existed) said “A man and his world are composed of his thoughts, the wise man controls his thoughts”. I can’t help but feel the world view that a lot of these guys are painting is pretty scary. So I choose not to view my world from their perspective. Cheers Buddha.

    I looks like there is a type of invisible ceiling or perhaps a moral sticking point with the average truther. They will seem to question a story up to a point. Then they are asked to drop the belief that nobody was harmed or nobody died. This is a bit of a quantum leap in my opinion. Once this line is crossed the game is over and paranoia may evaporate. This is a massive step for a person who has spend years of their life looking into, how deep the tyranny of the government reaches into our world. Its like a little voice creeps in, “There’s no way, they would lie about that, think of all the victims family members”. I feel it’s a really hump to get over for the average person. I guess that’s why there average…………………

    • 15-February-2019 at 1:08 pm

      I was basically a truther for a while. It was a phase I grew out of relatively quickly, looking back. Some people seem to get stuck there and never ascend. Others seem to hit that speed bump and disappear from the scene altogether. Those who can get sucked into trutherism and find their way out, mentally and spiritually intact, may have passed a significant test. This is how I look at it, sometimes: like a test.

      Can you get entangled in a web of trutherism deceit, and then make your way back out? Or once you get stuck, are you doomed forever? Seen this way, it is a test I am glad I took (albeit unwittingly), and even more glad I soon passed. Now I provide the cheat sheet for others to expedite the process, but of course, most people would prefer to keep failing the same test over and over again, rather than admit that they were (are) wrong. Such is human nature.

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