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JLB1579 | Chickenpox Vaccines Research (Excerpt)

Did you know that they are now routinely injecting perfectly healthy infants with chicken pox vaccines in Australia? On my backup channel (JohnleBonEXTRA) I recently uploaded a 50-minute video detailing my research into chickenpox vaccines and the media/science fakery used to justify their routine administration.

My hope is that the video will illustrate not only what my preliminary research into this matter revealed to me, but also the method by which I typically conduct my independent research into media/science fakery. The following is a short excerpt from the later part of that video whereby I summarise the basic gist of the research presented. The link to the full video is available below.


JLBE1578 | Chickenpox Vaccines and Media/Science Fakery (Research) (14-Dec-2015):

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