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Do Joe Rogan and Alex Jones Still Believe in Monsters?

Why would grown men still believe in monsters?


JLB 20159 – Do Joe Rogan and Alex Jones Still Believe in Monsters? (29-Oct-2020)

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4 thoughts on “Do Joe Rogan and Alex Jones Still Believe in Monsters?

  • Negentropic

    Your old buddy from the Australian Round Table days Ethan Nash was the featured guest on Romola D Reports a couple of weeks ago talking about the lockdowns in Victoria:

    It’s a pretty good channel with close to 14K subs. I found Ethan’s video while checking out another video she did with Christopher James (Canadian expert on Common Law)

    that was linked through a comment on Chiron Last’s amazing “Commerce – Law of the Sea” video which is hands-down the most comprehensive analysis of the phonetic links of where “Maritime Law” and all the terms related to it come from:

    For example: every word in English (angle-leash, ink-leash, leash made of ink and angles of sorrow rather than joy, such as the four walls/square-shape of your room) that has the suffix “ship” attached to it (913 of them in the following search) is directly related to the law of the sea, but, of course, there are many more words far less phonetically obvious that are just as attached to maritime law and activities:

  • Just to say thanks for the chiron last recommendation Neg, it is excellent.

    I had bumped into this last year but hadn’t understood it. This time round it’s more meaningful to me.

    • Negentropic

      One of the things Chiron Last says is that 20 is two X’s or (say)-tens in roman numerals, also the sign of Christianity in the cross, which, contrary to what Christians believe, is the sign of the double cross. So 2020 is the double-cross doubled, and of course there are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet or the alphabet of the owners of the vast majority of banks and media platforms.

      All aspects of phonetics, no matter how seemingly ridiculous eventually put you on the right path, since languages can only be hoaxed by making you ignorant of the phonetic roots of what you express and how they came about. In other words, you can only create fake languages that support your agendas and trickery through understanding the natural ways and tendencies of expression, through common properties and metaphors imagined and formed as ideas and concepts in the head. Then you take these concepts and you put a spell on them or obscure their real meanings and connections as far as possible. Once you do that, you have your linguistic prison.

      Autumn = Adam = Atom = the fall from grace

      Winter = Winder = Win-terra (earth) = Wind-of-Thor = very loud Farts (thunder and lightning)

      Wednesday = Wotans-day

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