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Corona Stormtroopers in Melbourne Arrest Protesters?

Stormtrooper style police shutting down a protest in a Melbourne fruit market. Is this for real?


JLB 20141 – Corona Stormtroopers in Melbourne Arrest Protesters? (13-Sep-2020)

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One thought on “Corona Stormtroopers in Melbourne Arrest Protesters?

  • Negentropic

    This morning when I ordered my weekly 10 bottles of Raw Kefir and 10 bottles of Raw milk to be delivered, for the second week in a row, the last message on my phone (from instacart, the online order processor for the Sprouts Farmers Market in my area, not the shopper/delivery dude) before delivery was: “For safety, we ask all shoppers and customers to wear masks at the time of delivery.”

    After six months of absolutely nothing, not a single person dead anywhere anyone can see, no one even with a heavy cough that I’ve seen, they’re still trying to ramp up the BS-19 hysteria and face-diaper and symbolically humiliate even more of the populace through the power of suggestion. The driver arrived with no slave-diaper and received an extra tip as a result. Cool guy. Forgot to ask him if he could do a bit of black market uber driving for me for cash when I need it. That’s the kind of guy to get on the team. Once cash is banned, we won’t have that option either and will have to use weed and cigarettes and whatever other medium of exchange just like in prison: “I’ll give you two cases of beer if you drive me to hollywood and back.”

    It’s time you had Peekay, Tom Barnett and Amandha Vollmer on. If Uncle (t)-Odd, one of your subscribers can do it, you should have done it ages ago. Well, Peekay was on with Fakeologist who does a sideline gig as Uncle Odd’s sidekick. Abirato went on one of his live-streams where he called you John le Con, lol. I’m sure you’ve seen it already cuz you mentioned it in a video. You should go around on a bicycle and and wake random Indonesians up on the streets. Maybe they’ll deport you straight back to Oz-trail-ia (or hopefully to the Eastern European country of your choice) and you can finally get out of the infinite plane of that giant pool.

    Australia = Oz-Trail-ia = the land of the Vice-hard-ened Wizard of Oz-trail-ia = follow the yellow brick road (Chinese imports) – A bit of back-to-the-cave-before-the-PsyOp-of-written-aka-coded-&-loaded-language phonetic decodes and you’ll see what I mean:

    Belief = Be-Leaf = Of the Branches and not of the T-root = Be-leave = Be Leaven = A little B-(pregnant on top as well as bottom unlike P, shaped like a penis which when turned up and erect becomes a pregnant stomach – every letter of the alphabet is esoterically coded to what words it will be the first letter of)- lieve = Be- leave-n = a little leaven leavens the whole lump for better or worse = for better only when it can be validated to the t-root of its tree (three, the fork in the road aka the “crossroads”) by the troot, the true being what gets you thru the problems of life consistently.

    Pleasure = Play-sure = When you can play with surety you have pleasure, certainly not when you are unsure of yourself and anxious. Without strength, ability and confidence (born of the natural human diet of Raw animal foods), there is no such thing as sure-play or pleasure only temporary escape from anxiety. Most people live their whole lives in anxiety which means they never even experience true pleasure, not even once. That’s why they wear the slave-diaper: to virtue signal their state of anxiety to big brother to resuce them, the same one who has screwed them endlessly in the past. But this time it will be different, if they just kiss-up the right way they might be spared their 200 different types of junk food and international travel to other regions of the Prison Planet.

    Suffer = So-Far = When you are so-far from the goals you have set for yourself or things that you think you should have such as health, healing, wisdom and wealth, what do you do? You say I’m so friggin’ far from where I should be and then you play the role of the so-far-ing surfer in suffragete city = Oh, don’t lean on me, man, ’cause you can’t afford the ticket back from So-ffara-gette City

    Sneer = so-near = so near to your goals that you can sneer at the so-faring of others from their goals as being self-made and due to their own lack of wisdom

    Lies = Lie-eyes = lying or sleeping eyes = led eyes = low-eyes = low and restricted vision

    Highs = Hi-eyes = Far vision

    Wise = Two V’s to form W = He who can give add-Vice to a no-Vice = a Wise person = he who can learn from Vices in 2 tries, putting the two V’s together to become a W (a double V as well as a double You in vice-dom = wisdom, you did something wrong twice and learned your lesson not to do it again or you saw it done twice by some other sucker and you learned your lesson ahead of time) or Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me or taken to its logical conclusion = Once is happenstance, Two is coincidence, Three times is enemy action (by yourself or others, if it’s yourself then the propaganda you soaked up is fooling you into enemy action on yourself; original quote by Ian Fleming) and yet how many times have the people been screwed and they still assume it’s just endless “coincidences”? They certainly do not show their wisdom by acting that way but their na-eve-ete, their lack of experience with eve or eve-il, the e-will or electric will, the automatic will of animalistic intuition separated from more-all-ity

    As Lysander Spooner wrote over 150 years ago in “Vices are not Crimes,”

    it is not any particular “vice” that is the problem, since without mistakes in your pursuit of happiness, you will never discover what is “happiness” to you, but the taking of it beyond a certain point or degree of indulgence. The wise man knows HIS OWN levels of indulgence of all the vices that cross his path, but he does not presume it for anyone else outside more general forms of add-vice out of goodwill, since the navigation and balance of each person’s vices into the “wise” grip is a highly individually oriented mental activity. Most people spend their whole lives trying to become “wise” and end up becoming merely overly “nice” (no-ice = nice) and dye-ing the color green in the stew-pit zone.

    “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom…You never know what is enough until you know what is more than enough.” — William Blake

    Hopefully, you survive vices that are “more than enough” in order to double that “v” in front of vice (vagina on ice, lol, no I’m only partly kidding), hook the “c” and mirror it backwards on top symmetrically into an “s” and become W-ise Reaching one of the many plateaus of relative wisdom in your 400 year existence on this earth (when you eat the amount of Himalayan sea salt that Frank-the-Salt-Guy recommends you will live at least 400 years) is that level of know-ledge which dooms vice or can take almost any vice grip and re-configure it into the “wise” grip or wisdom = the doom of vice and the shiny Tom-Barnettian/Gurdjieffian dome of the wise,

    Being familiar with shaded grays means never judging people too harshly and certainly not until you have enough in-form-ation (Post-Judice as opposed to Pre-Judice), although it DOES NOT mean that there are no more-all (a more-all-ity is codified when it proves efficient at giving more-for-all & more-from-all simultaneously; all more-all-ities that don’t temper without compromise but preach “compromise,” and confusion of compromise with temperance, are frauds) blacks and whites, since without the extreme ends of total black and total white which only the most perfect hue-man being or the most damaged one could ever reach, there is no such thing as a “grey” middle zone to shade anything “this much into the white” or “that much into the black.”

    In general, those people whose bee-hive-iors are shaded into white are worth dealing with and those shaded too much into the black, a waste of time and often harmful to interact with. However, a person that is shaded-in-the-black according to the values of one person, might have much whiter-shades of grey when looked at through the value-prism of another. It is both an individual judgment and an objective one, but no one person can determine who is being “objective” when it comes to values, only re-SALTs in the spiritual and material realm which bring benefit can determine the “objectivity” of a value system based on a symbolic and metaphorical relationship to reality, which is all humans have ever possessed even when they mathematic (mad-thematics / material-thematics) their psy-essence to get science.

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