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Bitcoin’s Tether Problem Getting SERIOUS

Bitcoin has a Tether Problem, and it is getting very serious, very quickly. The mainstream media and blogosphere are both full of pundits now predicting that Tether will bring the entire cryptocurrency economy crashing down — but is this just the tip of the iceberg?


JLB1809 – Bitcoin’s Tether Problem Getting SERIOUS (29-Jan-2018)

November 29 video here.
Podcast (interview) discussing Tether here.
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CyptoInvestor’s video here.
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3 thoughts on “Bitcoin’s Tether Problem Getting SERIOUS

  • Chad628

    JLB you are freaking me out. Three of your recent uploads were posted at 9:11 P.M. What is up with that synchronicity?

    • I wondered if anybody would ever notice this. When I backdate a post I usually timestamp it as either 21:11 or 23:09 ūüôā

      • Chad628

        More Ariana Grande humor :). I have also noticed you using 11:11 often.

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