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Bitcoin Crashing Due To Crowd Psychology?

The Bitcoin spot-price appears to be crashing, and many pundits have attempted to offer their reasons as to why. In this video we look at the power of crowd psychology, a phenomenon which few people even know about, let alone understand…


JLB1811 – Bitcoin Crashing Due To Crowd Psychology? (1-Feb-2018)

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One thought on “Bitcoin Crashing Due To Crowd Psychology?

  • Negentropic

    Pragmatism or the principle of “do whatever works” and “the ends justify the means” is no different from having no principles at all, since even at its most streamlined and recklessly triggered pitch of wheeling-&-dealing and weaseling intensity, it is like trying to rebuild a rotted structure from the top or upper portions down, one or a few crutches at a time, one or a few handicapped and superficial “infiltrations” at a time, baited by the hope that they will grow their own healthy legs and foundation at the last minute despite having already forgotten what walking or structural integrity really means.

    Pragmatism gains its very efficiency or narrow-minded “effectiveness” through the false energy economy or “short-cuts” of only surface or superficial swimming having compromised the more primary principle of all natural movement, the deeper “cosmic choreography” of all elegant spiritual and physical economies: movement-through-balance and ONLY through balance and no other navigational leveraging of succession or “speed.”

    To paraphrase Shissai, without the “in-stru-ment,” (the inner and outer structure which transfers and carries the forms and integrities of mind, the posture that gives form, flow and function, i.e., practicability and practicality to all levels of energy retention and relay), the “principle” has no form and function and is therefore unrecognizable and undetected, and vice versa: without the correct principle, the instrument will no longer have the correct metaphorical filters to be recognized and identified as a valid “tool,” since it merges once again into the territory it was abstracted from and, no longer a mapped-out category or “tool” of leverage, loses the proportional integrities that made it a navigational “tool” or “instrument” in physical and spiritual space in the first place.

    What constitutes “principled” movement is what is calibrated and mapped and found to be effective in reality through the temperance-found-without-compromise within an event, the warmth that is no worse off but better for no longer risking burn or frost; without compromise to the principles outside the clear focus of which the event itself would no longer be recognizable, since it would no longer have access to the right ritual or train of metaphors or filters to be really “seen” as it was before; as THAT territory of event, to be navigated only with the synergy of the senses appropriate to the subtle leverages without which that “event” would have no essence defined as its “identity” and the symbolically weighed, sin-tax-ed and gram-matized mold of energy-retention or grace which gives it its “power.”

    Pragmatism means hoping that a craftsmanship or craftiness that forgets what creativity means can somehow remember the totally anti-pragmatic principles of creativity, AFTER having already set all its molds and habits to the vulgarity of lazy want and hot-blooded intemperance and impatience.

    Real creativity is the ultimate c-lever-aging force that illuminates and eliminates farce or the “bragmatic and prig-mate-ic” mating of “prigs” and “braggarts,” the egos of the foolish and woolish, sheeps to be shorn “praying” and “be-leafing” prey by the structural integrity and unerring predatory (pre-date-ory) instinct of wool-off or wolf. It is the constant alignment of maps to ever-shifting territories through refinement of the metaphorical pathways or proportional integrities that get you thru (true) without being up-t-rooted from the healthy, stealthy and wealthy conceptual chains without which “deep focus thinking” thins out its very “thinging.”

    Pragmatism de-sieves itself that a foundation which supposedly “worked well” within old realities will prove “eternal” enough to eventually also fit the new requirements of today at the very last minute, after “do whatever works” has already molded habits to unbalanced opportunism, to the very opposite of what is eternal and unchanging in reality, that which, to paraphrase Dick, when you stop believing in it, does not go away.

    Pragmatism is the retarded conceptual gamble betting that before a structure-erected-on-air suspects that no one and nothing is there to catch its fall but the empty and flaccid hot air and impotence of “whatever works,” it can regain the foundations it no longer is metaphorically habituated or molded to even see, fast enough to slide it under and prevent disaster.

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