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Ariana Grande Terror Attack 100% REAL! Proof #ManchesterStrong

I found evidence which is going to blow this case wide open!

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JLB1745 – Ariana Grande Terror Attack 100% REAL! Proof #ManchesterStrong (23-May-2017)

As of 25-May-2017, this is by far the most popular of any piece of content I have ever published, with ~110,000 YouTube views and climbing. The previous record was held by Bill Burr Disses Moon Landings, Neill deGrasse Tyson Flips Joe Rogan, currently sitting at just over 43,000 YouTube views.

Funnily enough, this is also apparently among the least-understood of pieces I have published to date. Just look at the comments below the video on YouTube and tell me that the typical YouTube commenter is not completely and utterly retarded. Go on, I dare you. It is amazing stuff to behold.

One last tidbit: I found out about the ‘crisis actors’ video used in this sketch at reddit/r/conspiracy, shortly before my bedtime. I had just brushed my teeth and was moment away from hitting the hay. As soon as I saw this video, I clicked my own YouTube subscription list to see if anybody else had yet covered it. So far as I could tell, the answer was no. Something told me that I should stay up, despite being very tired, to make a quick video about it – on the off chance that it may get some traction. I really do need to sleep better and was close to saying to myself, ‘no, need sleep, look very tired’. Boy am I glad I went against my better judgement!

Finally, after two years of making videos, I get one that goes (semi) viral. A video which was almost never made. One of the shortest and easiest-to-produce videos I have ever created. Perhaps there is a lesson in this.

In the meantime, as I explain in Full Member Video Update #03, I have gotten a certain satisfaction out of knowing that tens of thousands of people have seen a sketch of mine – even if I realise that most of them don’t ‘get it’. In a way, that actually makes it even funnier to me. This is a crazy world. Sometimes it seems as though nothing makes any sense whatsoever.

Here’s to you, crazy world. Here’s to you!

Vimeo uploaded 30-May-2022


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