4 thoughts on “2019: Time to Turn Your Skills into a Side Hustle (Digital Nomad)

  • Take No Gnosis

    I have to say JLB you are an inspiration. I have no aspirations of being a digital nomad as I am responsible for two young children and am tied to the UK, however starting an online business could lead to the freedom and control of my own time that would make life so much easier than having to report to a corporate boss.
    So I am taking the plunge and recording my first podcast on Wednesday evening with a guest (A flat Earth lady) and we are going to explore alternative topics. I will initially release the podcasts free through Youtube and Twitter, but if and when it starts to get traction then a paywall and a website is my goal. I am so glad I discovered this website and your work, the whole experience has given me a positive lift in my life one that I will be ever grateful.

    • This is a lovely comment, thank you very much.

      I’m looking forward to listening to your podcast. If you get the same sense of satisfaction out of content creation as I do from my own work, then it may be something of a life-changing move for you. In the FE field there is a dearth of sensible, intelligent conversation. Based on your appearances on the MDC’s I am certain that you could fill that void should you choose to do so. Before long, a hobby podcast could develop into a legitimate and growing side-hustle. And what better hobbies are there than ones which involve: learning, discussing things you care about, and the potential for revenue generation?

      I am no longer angry or resentful that I live among complete lemmings. This is in fact a wonderful opportunity. There are so many avenues for generating income, including avenues which involve pursuing personal interests and passions. These opportunities exist because the Kosmos has somehow placed us here among creatures which are effectively NPCs. These entities will never ‘create’ anything, because that is not in their nature. Hence the opportunities for creation (i.e. content creation) remain open to the few of us who are able and willing to take some chances and put in some effort.

      The world remains as it was, but my interaction with the world is completely different, because of a change in perspective. It sounds so simple because it is so simple. The ACT realm is a toxic place. Those of us who survive it deserve to thrive!

  • Permaculturehill

    Indeed, do you think they will include JLB in the next Time’s 100 most influential people? I too have been thinking about a side hustle all summer and now this extra motivation should be plenty of motivation to get started. I am going to start with growing mushrooms and bees this summer. I am going to record steps along the way and produce some YouTube videos on the process as well as related topics. I’d really like to produce food, but if I can get some media stuff going that would be pretty kool too. My brother did a podcast on the UrbanFarm podcast which he emphasizes that “showing up” is really what it’s all about. It’s a pretty good short interview if I do say so myself, also very inspiring. https://www.urbanfarm.org/2016/01/26/jd-hill/

    • lol @ time’s 100 most influential people. If you pursue the mushrooms/bees plan then I am certain that a worthwhile side-hustle awaits you should you want to go down that path. We live in a time of boundless opportunity.

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