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Ep #17: ‘Summer Daze’

John le Bon and friends return to discuss the summer daze.

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In Part 2 we discuss questions such as:

*Is there a relationship between moving schools (or countries) as a child, and winding up in the ACT realm later in life?

*Things seem like they are going back to ‘normal’ now, but are we weeks away from the next series of worldwide lockdowns?

*There are many reasons given for why a person ‘should’ have children: do any of them hold up to logical scrutiny and skepticism?

Part 2 available to Members HERE.

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John le Bon and General Lee Maddox

How does a regular suburban guy one day find himself tumbling down the rabbit hole?

Is parenting made more easy or more difficult with knowledge of what is really going on?

Can those of us who have ‘worked for the beast’ in our normie lives ever be forgiven?

Listen to the full two-hour call HERE.

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