Cafe Season

There’s a new episode of Bonversations coming shortly.

I was sitting in the cafe not long before close and a song came over the radio which I happen to quite like.

So I thought I’d make a short video using my crappy phone to capture a few seconds.

More for my own memory in the future than anything else.

I guess in years to come I’ll look back on this period as ‘the good old days’.

That tends to be how things go…

Anyhow, I’ve finished editing Part 1, I’ll take care of Part 2 and publish the whole thing tomorrow.


By the way, if you’re not familiar with Oliver Tree, here’s the track.


Please do not interpret this post as some kind of implicit or subtle complaint on my part.

I feel blessed that my ‘job’ (lol) involves chatting with people like Hando and then spending a few hours tidying up the audio.

Truly, blessed.

Even when craigbot (the recording system) doesn’t work properly and I have to go back and fix things manually.

My life is far from perfect but some elements of it are pretty sweet, ngl fam.

Thank you everybody.

New Bonversation coming soon, stay tuned!



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