Bonversations | Ep #23 | Mark Tokarski (14-Jun-2022) [Public Release]

How many different actors were simultaneously playing the part of Elvis Presley?

Who is Miles Mathis and why does he have such a loyal following?

Is the ‘truth’ really as beneficial as some people seem to want us to believe?


Episode #23 – Mark Tokarski

Recorded and published: 14-Jun-2022




In the second hour of the call, Mark and I discussed a range of topics including:

*Mark’s reflections on his attendance of a Miles Mathis conference

*The medical industrial complex (including some ultrasound blackpills)

*The History Hoax and potential connections to the curious world’s fairs circa 1850s – 1930s.

*Whether or not learning the truth about how the world works leads to increased happiness

*The difficulties facing young parents today and the pros / cons of raising a family vs ‘childfree’ life

And much, much more.

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